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Alexis Chateau PR, LLC – Portfolio

Alexis Chateau PR is an independent public relations firm, specializing in working with lifestyle brands. We want to take you from small fish to big kahuna.

Check out some of the work we've done so far, in our business portfolio.

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Alexis Chateau PR, LLC – Portfolio

  1. 1. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 1 Alexis Chateau PR Business Portfolio EMAIL | WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
  2. 2. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS CONTENT PAGE NO. OVERVIEW 5 WHO WE ARE 6 - 7 WHAT WE DO 8 - 9 HIGHLIGHTS 10 - 19 Featured on Recruiter.Com 11 Featured in the Jamaica Observer 13 Editors’ Pick on WordPress 15 WordPress Experts According to BuzzSumo 17 Over 1 Million Quora Views 19
  3. 3. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS CONTENT PAGE NO. BRANDING 20 - 40 Graphic Design 21 Websites 27 Social Media 31 Memes 36 Cohesion 38 WRITING & EDITING 41 - 56 Blogging & Article Writing 42 Fiction 46 Website Copy 51 Press Releases 53 Editing 55
  4. 4. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS CONTENT PAGE NO. Goodwill 57 - 63 College Mate 58 Shadow the PR Cat 60 Social Justice 63 Client Roster 64 Lifestyle & Entertainment 65 Food & Restaurants 68 Technology 70 Health & Fitness 72 Animal Rescues 73
  5. 5. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 5 Overview Alexis Chateau PR, LLC is an independent public relations firm located in Atlanta, GA. We specialize in working with small and start-up lifestyle brands looking to grow from small fish to big kahuna. Together, our team of five brings more than 60 years of industry experience to the table; and plant roots in Atlanta, Jamaica, and New York. We are also the only PR firm featuring a kitten on our executive board. His name is Shadow the PR Cat, and he is our Goodwill Ambassador. Yes. Really.
  6. 6. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 6 Who We Are At Alexis Chateau PR, we are all artists and entrepreneurs. Every team member has owned their own start-up or professional freelance practice – sometimes both. And we all have a creative background ranging from painting to music.
  7. 7. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 7 This helps us form strong connections with our clients, and to relate on a level big PR agencies cannot. We know all the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, and we understand the difficulties of getting your art before the right audience. Our diverse team is made up of five core members. We are:  Alexis Chateau, Founder & Managing Director  Johnson Sainvil, Senior Business Consultant  Randi Minetor, Key Adviser  Shadow Chateau, Goodwill Ambassador  Alyssa Williams, Senior Designer To view our full profiles, including our credentials, visit the Who We Are Page on our website.
  8. 8. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 8 What We Do As an independent firm in the digital age, Alexis Chateau PR focuses primarily on content strategy, content management, and content marketing. Whether you need us to produce speeches, blog posts, memes, infographics, or a whole book – we’ve got you covered.
  9. 9. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 9 Over the past decade, we’ve worked with inventors, students, self-published authors, musicians, bloggers, start-ups, and even other media and PR agencies around the world, to help them reach their audience. Our team has worked on projects for popular lifestyle brands like EliteDaily, Red Stripe, JetSmarter, and Honey Colony.
  10. 10. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 10 HIGHLIGHTS From being cited in the media to watching our social media pages explode, we’ve had an amazing decade of doing business.
  11. 11. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 11 Featured on Recruiter.Com On Monday, March 2nd 2017, we were honored with a feature on Recruiter.com, in the piece 9 Ways to Find your Career Path When you’re Feeling Lost.
  12. 12. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 12 In the article, our Founder & Managing Director, Alexis Chateau, says: Bills wait for no man’s (or woman’s) success, so it’s a good idea to pick a career path that also pays the bills. For instance, my dream job is to live off revenue from my novels. My actual dream job is to make a living writing website copy, blog posts, and social media statuses for clients. I thoroughly enjoy both.
  13. 13. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 13 Featured in the Jamaica Observer
  14. 14. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 14 Recognize our artsy Senior Designer? Alyssa Williams was featured in the Jamaica Observer on March 26, 2016 to debut her carnival look. Jamaica Observer is the fourth national publication in Jamaica, and is second only to the Jamaica Gleaner in size, on the island.
  15. 15. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 15 Editors’ Pick on WordPress
  16. 16. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 16 Halfway through an 18-hour long road trip, we learned that the article our founder penned the night before, had become an Editor’s Pick on WordPress. This opportunity doubled the following on her blog in a month. The article is still her most successful piece to date. It was later chosen as one of the Best Articles of 2016 by WordPress Editors.
  17. 17. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 17 WordPress Experts According to BuzzSumo
  18. 18. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 18 Zooming in: BuzzSumo helps content marketers find the the most shared content and the key influencers creating them. The site ranked Alexis Chateau’s post A Year of Blogging on WordPress: What I Learned as the 4th most shared article online on “learning wordpress” - for 2016.
  19. 19. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 19 Over 1 Million Views on Quora In 2016, one of Alexis Chateau’s answers went viral on Quora. Alexis opened the account in 2013, but didn’t start using it until late October of 2015. At the time, she had zero views. She now has more than 1 million views, and gets at least 40,000 hits monthly.
  20. 20. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 20 Branding When it comes to public relations, branding is at the core of everything we do. From words to images, we work together to create that complete picture clients can be proud of.
  21. 21. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 21 Graphic Design
  22. 22. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 22 Most of our design work is completed by our in-house Senior Designer, Alyssa Williams. She holds a bachelor’s in graphic design, and has been doing design work and illustrations for ten years. You can view her full portfolio here. Business Cards
  23. 23. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 23 Posters Web Design
  24. 24. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 24 App Design
  25. 25. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 25 Ads Logos
  26. 26. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 26 Food Menus
  27. 27. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 27 Websites All websites are built by, Founder & Managing Director Alexis Chateau, and and hosted on the WordPress platform. www.mywanderwhy.com
  28. 28. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 28 www.collegemate.org
  29. 29. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 29 www.godigioblog.com
  30. 30. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 30 www.isenterpriseconstruction.com
  31. 31. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 31 Social Media Founder & Managing Director Alexis Chateau, oversees the handling of all social media accounts managed by the Alexis Chateau PR brand. We take on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Appearance
  32. 32. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 32 Views 1.1 million views. You can view the Quora page here.
  33. 33. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 33 Ads
  34. 34. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 34 Unique Posts
  35. 35. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 35 Engagement
  36. 36. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 36 Memes As you’ve probably guessed by now, we love memes. Here are some original ones we made for the firm, and our clients.
  37. 37. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 37
  38. 38. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 38 Cohesion After all the fun and jokes though, the main components of branding for us are uniqueness and uniformity, as this creates cohesion. Here’s how we created that with lifestyle coaching brand, My Wander Why. My Wander Why Website
  39. 39. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 39 My Wander Why Facebook
  40. 40. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 40 My Wander Why Twitter
  41. 41. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 41 Writing & Editing There was a time when words were the only content we produced. Though that’s no longer the case, we are still wordsmiths at heart.
  42. 42. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 42 Blogging & Article Writing Blogging
  43. 43. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 43 Read the published blog post here.
  44. 44. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 44 Article Writing
  45. 45. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 45 Read the full article here.
  46. 46. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 46 Fiction Short Story
  47. 47. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 47
  48. 48. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 48 Read The Man in the Closet here.
  49. 49. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 49 Blurbs Read Keeping Secrets at Gravestone Hill here.
  50. 50. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 50 Start reading The Moreau Witches series here.
  51. 51. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 51 Website Copy
  52. 52. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 52 View the page page here.
  53. 53. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 53 Press Releases
  54. 54. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 54 Read the full press release here.
  55. 55. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 55 Editing Before
  56. 56. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 56 After Read the full post here.
  57. 57. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 57 Goodwill Making money is great! Making a positive change in the world is even better.
  58. 58. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 58 College Mate
  59. 59. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 59 College Mate was our first goodwill project. College Mate advocates on behalf of education, especially at the tertiary level. The blog provides free advice to students in all areas of college: from choosing majors, to navigating dating and relationships, to travel advice. College Mate also provides public relations services to students at highly discounted rates. Some of these services include resume writing, creating portfolios, and coaching for interviews. In addition to this, we run a monthly contest with a small prize. Through the contest, we have reached writers we can provide paid assignments to in the future, and have also provided mentoring to aspiring writers. We share information on how to fact-check, find images, and maximize formatting options on WordPress.
  60. 60. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 60 Shadow the PR Cat
  61. 61. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 61
  62. 62. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 62 Shadow Chateau, also known as “Shadow the PR Cat” was adopted by Alexis Chateau on behalf of Alexis Chateau PR, on December 13, 2016. Prior to his adoption, Shadow was rescued from a feral colony, by Meow & Purr Rescue. He was semi-feral on arrival at the firm, but within three weeks, Alexis Chateau shaped him into a happy, well-adjusted, lap cat. Shadow’s role as Goodwill Ambassador at the firm includes advocating on behalf of causes close to the firm’s core values. At the heart of this is animal rights, which is dearest to Shadow, a former neglected kitten. Shadow also advocates on behalf of:  Gender equality  Race relations  Sustainable living  Immigration He runs his own LinkedIn and Twitter pages, where he brags about tweeting without opposable thumbs. He is a published puss on College Mate; and is in charge of the Alexis Chateau PR Instagram page. He is also very good at napping.
  63. 63. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 63 Social Justice: Immigration Alexis Chateau PR is an immigrant-owned firm. So, it was only natural that we support the A Day Without Immigrants movement by shutting down all operations from midnight to midnight on 02.16.2017. The backlash from conservatives was heavy, but the support from our readers and clients far surpassed the threats and racist remarks.
  64. 64. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 64 Client Roster We’ve worked with some impressive clients over the years - both as individuals and as a team. Check out some of the brands we’ve worked with!
  65. 65. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 65 Lifestyle & Entertainment
  66. 66. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 66
  67. 67. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 67
  68. 68. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 68 Food & Restaurants
  69. 69. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 69
  70. 70. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 70 Technology
  71. 71. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 71
  72. 72. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 72 Health & Fitness
  73. 73. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 73 Animal Rescues Meow & Purr Rescue
  74. 74. ALEXIS CHATEAU PR 74 Thank You! Thank you for taking the time to read our portfolio. Please submit all business queries to: Alexis Chateau alexischateaullc@gmail.com 404-519-0245 Shadow the PR Cat shadowtheprcat@gmail.com View our design portfolio here.