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VLab — Medical lab for everyone, Tatakoto

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Healthcare revolution in one device

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VLab — Medical lab for everyone, Tatakoto

  1. 1. , „ų „, „V - aa' ' ` sai' ç. ."`*` , FŠ-: F ` _> M _ . „kui“ ä « ~. ,. „ g-«f, «ara š 1 'M â 1,15; 4* "L _ ` H" `__ ›_› ` *', ¡, w? › u _ Ä! ' edic FOR EVERYONE
  2. 2. We all take medical tests for many reasons or even him
  3. 3. Obviously, to live happily ever after
  4. 4. e m m all tests are taken in medical labs
  5. 5. Simple bloodtest In cllmcs 1. Make an appointment 2. Pay $$$ per test 3. Take a test 4. Wait for days for results 5. See a doctor to interpret mi; %__, D
  6. 6. So we. .. take tests seldom 0 rskip it
  7. 7. J disease this leads «x epidemics L untimely death
  8. 8. There is n* : «'-; ií*-'í`: «'-: r:'í`: " s: ".= ,'i. iri: T: to fit Consumer needs
  9. 9. There are only Glucometers Visual self-tests For measuring blood sugar Cheap, easy to access, based on reading by eye
  10. 10. There are F RDÄB LE E SY- - U Š E seif-test devices in every grocery store - Cholesterol - Breast cancer to fOr - Prostate cancer - Heart problems - and many other
  11. 11. ene has feun a l? .rl“íir« ln before TATA KOTO. ..
  12. 12. TATA KOTO LTD And rei Lubalin, CEO and co-founder PhD, vast senior executive experience, including: CEO of ”Trade and Investment Development Agency" and Advisor to the Director General of “Sberbank - Capital", etc. Dr. Yuri Vengerov, head of R&D and co-founder PhD, Doctor of Science (biochemistry), professor, leading specialist in immunochemical and biochemical laboratory diagnostics methods in Russia in Collaboration with Ernst & Young as business adviser Reinhold Cohn as IP strategy adviser BeoMedícaI Strategy as regulation adviser Zer Hitech as a production facilíty R&D Advisory Board
  13. 13. lntroducing VLab Vald" disposable & (lb cartridge 7 . . j 4 The hand-held medical lab for use by anyone
  14. 14. up to L »l tests l TO cover most consumers needs
  15. 15. Quick Accurate results Inexpensive 5-10 min. recorded digitaly from 5$ l Q: . t n: í standalone standalone + PC / cell phone emergency care 'the final design of the product may vary
  16. 16. Patient engagement Digital' Its Collect Smart Data possmmues to build Health Maps
  17. 17. Changmg pauent If patient engagement behawor ¡S the next were a drug, it would be the frontier m healthcare blockbuster drug of the century and malpractice not to use it value McKinsey, 2012 Leonard Kish Principal and Co-Founder, VivaPhi
  18. 18. Health Map Man VLab Health map location, time, result
  19. 19. a. .. luti Healthy nations Nations improve their public health and successfully fight epidemics W Effective Healthcare - Healthcare providers - Health insurance companies - Pharmaceutical industry
  20. 20. A medical lab Real-time for everyone +1 Health Maps x - - - / that will save many lives
  21. 21. Everyone benefits - Epidemiological control worldwide - Governments improve public health - Doctors and labs get new customers - Insurance companies cut losses
  22. 22. We want VLab to be available to every family as widely as a common thermometer Andrei Lubalin l? ” "* ' co-founder _g O
  23. 23. a e (fra 'St '- s ų Šzql ~, we need a str i l l ategic partner
  24. 24. But not like those Consumer Pharma or medical product giants equipment leaders
  25. 25. Such partners will try to sell VLab : lwroailjt and on «l= : rä~l: lf, r:ir*. :r»= ; basis - No wide availability - No Health Maps - No common good
  26. 26. we' re k: n fa r aga strong, lT-experienced, interested in Smart Data
  27. 27. Revenues Markets Goals Caftmges Est. sales $l,7 trillion: 25OM units in 2 years Access to Health Maps „siisä; :e: :;t: ::: .:: ;:°: ;r: s„ ARPU two/ year
  28. 28. And we're serious 2 EY We would like to introduce you to Tatakoto, Y 53 °°'^^l”“" a company that has developed ar. and ä; / markm-„g _or easy to use self Study Ernst & Young LJ Ask For EW“ 5” _ hevxSIVG
  29. 29. VLab is a revolutien in healthcare delivery Medical lab Patient Health for everyone engagement Maps
  30. 30. l us, if you want to make life better Andrei Lubalin l ~^~ Co-founder š . ' / s „ . :;'; ` EL
  31. 31. TATA KOTO LTD Making the Necessary Accessible www. tatakoto. info lubalin@tatakoto. info skype: element_1965 +7 962 995-72-02 +9 725 243-628-59 Presentation created: burba. pro