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Definition and Scope of Change Management

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Introduction to apcore's Change Management services and its common scope.

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Definition and Scope of Change Management

  1. 1. Definition and Scope of Change Management @aparuschke It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. ― Charles Darwin
  2. 2. Management methods to motivate people are changing… @aparuschke The world yesterday… The world today… Carrot and Stick Esteem, values and beliefs
  3. 3. …due to changes in peoples’ behavior over decades! @aparuschke The coexistence of different generations implies natural frictions and lead to cultural changes and changes in behavior while shifting from an analog to a digital world Challenges of a bridging-the-gap-generation
  4. 4. @aparuschke Several generations working side by side in 2020 Bridging-the-generation-gap: Different client approaches require different work processes, behavior and cultural change
  5. 5. (1) Clients’ preferences (2) Employees (3) Shareholder and Investor Relations Transformation of work processes and behavior requires cultural changes within companies Internal Factors (1) Regulation (2) Competitors (3) Technology (4) Change in Demand Market changes urges companies towards partial/complete business model adaption or disruption External Factors From analog to digital… New business models require Change Management processes, methods and expertise to conceive organizational, employees’ and cultural@aparuschke …gives place to new business models and… …oblige employees to change behavior
  6. 6. A definition of Change Management Change ahead Change Management is the application of processes, methods, expertise, skills and experience to concentrate on the human facet of a change strategy or process, and therefore empower and enhance people to change their behavior and optimize the benefits of a transformation initiative. @aparuschke
  7. 7. Differences between Project Management and Change Management Getting it done  Technology  Process  People Making it stick  People  Culture  Structure Technical side of the project Bringing people from the „current state“ to the „future state“ Deliver results on- time, within-budget and goal-based @aparuschke Project Management Change Management People side of the project
  8. 8. Tactical Change vs. Strategic Change A pure technical change that requires no people change at all. One impacting a relative small number of stakeholders. Usually within one department or division. With short implementation timeframes and lower risk of failure. A project where the entire benefits come from people changing their ways of working. One affecting a large number of stakeholders. Requiring coordination over many departments which increases risk of failure. Tactical Change Management Strategic Change Management @aparuschke
  9. 9. @aparuschke Drivers of Change Ready = User adoption of change Willing = Utilization Able = Skills and proficiency
  10. 10. @aparuschke Change in Employees’ behavior as a key factor to success Today: Companies from all branches pass through change cycles every 3-5 years!! Vision Sketch an ideal enterprise situation and perspective for employees and clients, in order to provide guidance and orientation Mission Clients, employees and shareholders understand the company’s added values, be there authorization and scope. Values Company‘s essence: Employees identify themselves with the enterprise’s values and build up an emotional bond. STRATEGY PLANTop-Down and Bottom-Up methods are crucial to set up a strategic enterprise vision
  11. 11. Contact Details apcore is an international firm with projects all over Europe, but formally based in Germany and Spain. You can contact us at our offices in Munich and Madrid, or via phone, email or social media. Our wide and versatile network of professionals adds value to our clients’ portfolios across various markets and industries. We at apcore are proud to be associated with dedicated, highly skilled and gifted professionals from numerous countries capable of working flexibly on any project. “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” ― Albert Einstein “It’s tough when markets change and your people within the company don’t.” ― Harvard Business Review Alexander Paruschke ap@ap-core.com @aparuschke D +49 171 93 00 528 ESP +34 619 110 400