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The Separate Limitations of Abstract & Realism

A presentation looking at the differences of realism and abstract scripts

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The Separate Limitations of Abstract & Realism

  2. 2. Comic Content Surrealism is able to take the audience on a journey almost completely shrouded in nonsense with very few comedic restrictions stopping it from trying anything it wants to.
  3. 3. Comic Content In contrast to surrealism, realism has the much harder task of ensuring everything works contextually in the given setting and with the surrounding characters. Despite this distinct limitation, naturalistic comedy does have a certain asset that is harder to come by in surrealism – relatability.
  4. 4. Character Development With surrealism, there is very rarely genuine character development to be seen – instead, we get an established character early on and they remain the same throughout our time with them. This is not a bad thing – character development perhaps isn’t necessary within surrealism.
  5. 5. Character Development In comparison to this, character development is far more important when it comes to realistic, grounded television – comedic or otherwise. In a more realistic setting, characters are a lot more relatable and human, meaning that if they house bitterness and arrogance, it feels more real. As a result of this, an audience needs to be let in in order to be able to like the character.
  6. 6. Conclusion Both styles of comedy have their own, unique limitations and liberties. To recap: Surrealism has less restrictions though struggles with a ridiculously subjective style that divides an audience. Realism has far more restrictions in terms of what an audience will accept though its relatable style means a wider audience can appreciate it. With surrealism, character development isn’t a necessity, meaning a character can wildly change their attitude/outlook, though audiences will not grow as attached to them. Within realism, character development is a requirement, though it means an audience can more fully get behind the characters and feel rewarded in joining them on their journey.