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Does agile mean having even less time for testing?!

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Talk provided at ASQF meetup "Fachgruppentreffen" in Braunschweig, 18th August 2016

In the last decade, the speed of our industry has increased greatly. Agile Development, DevOps and Continuous Delivery are the main drivers for this paradigm shift which has now become widely accepted.

Ten years ago, it was common to only release a couple of new versions a year. Today, there are companies delivering hundreds of software deployments per day. This isn't only true in IT, but also e.g. for Tesla-Automobile, which delivers its software updates a few times a week.

Where does quality happen when we're releasing this often? Is it possible to have proper quality management and is there enough time for testing? How can we reduce what could be weeks of testing to deliver new features to our clients on a daily basis?

Alex is a long-term enthusiast for this topic. Based on his experiences with various products and companies, he'll share his insights into the mystery of "faster testing". The key questions are:

How can we guarantee quality
When do we test?
How do we test?
How often do we test and what don't we test?
and finallyt: Who does the testing?
Together we will discuss our common problems, approaches and best practices.

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