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A Charles presentation

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A Charles presentation

  1. 1. Your guide to life with A Charles IFM Alex Irving service@acharles.co.uk www.acharles.co.uk
  2. 2. Who we are?  There’s a lot to know about us, so lets start with the facts. We provide facilities, property and energy management for a wide range of private and public sector businesses.  We work with a vast number of clients, in every industry, delivering a broad range of services that can be found in one place: from integrated facilities management, to property services, to energy management and much more.  A Charles Ltd is operated by director Alex Irving, who has spent the past 10 years working within the ever changing FM industry. He is supported by a well enthused and qualified team of engineers from multiple back grounds.
  3. 3.  One of the biggest assets that has helped us grow so organically is our people. They are the life blood of our business and are what makes us different from our peers. Every year we make significant investment in attracting, retaining and developing the best people in the industry at all levels  Started in 2013 by Alex Irving  Achieved supply chain sustainability silver award in 2014  2014 Avon cosmetics UK appoint A Charles facilities management service provider on an annual contract  2014 Ayrshire metal products appoint A Charles Ltd for total facilities management of their steel manufacturing site as well as the installation of new distribution services.  2015 A Charles win major contract with Northampton Science Park for FM services, electrical installation and electrical testing services.
  4. 4. Why outsource? 7 Reasons to outsource to A Charles Ltd.
  5. 5. 1. Focus – focus on your core activity by allowing us to manage your facilities and properties for you. 2. Save money – We can typically save a client 25% of its FM budget through economies scales, efficiency savings and reliability. 3. Save energy – We can typically help you reduce up to 15% of your energy budget. 4. Innovation – Use our expertise to share best practices across industry. 5. Transfer of risk – Transfer the risk of running you FM to us. We can deliver and manage your services for you and assume all responsibility. 6. Compliance – We can help you keep up to date with all compliance aspects relating to legislation and regulation. 7. Motivation – We encourage our employees to be the best they can, learn all they can and share their insight as a team. We encourage personal development and support our team as much as possible to allow them to achieve their goals.
  6. 6. Hard and Soft Services. Hard  Electrical installation and testing  Air conditioning installation and servicing  Mechanical installation and maintenance  Fabric maintenance  Fire alarm installations and servicing  Planned maintenance routines Soft  Waste management  Cleaning services  Security services  Asset management  Front of house  Hospitality  Compliance auditing  Hygiene services
  7. 7. “ ” To be industry leaders, work with industry leaders alike. Alex Irving – A Charles IFM.