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How to Write a Personal Statement

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Tips on How to write a personal statement that get you college admission by UCAS application from personal statement writers.

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How to Write a Personal Statement

  1. 1. A Brief Guide by Personal Statement Folks ( http://www.personalstatementfolks.co.uk ) How To Write a Personal Statement!
  2. 2. A Personal Statement is really very important for students because it gives a best chance to get admission on their favorite college and study a subject in which they are interested. The 47 lines in your Personal Statement is worth enough to specify your career path to further education which you definitely cannot get wrong! What is Personal Statement ?
  3. 3. Factors to considers for Personal Statement writing
  4. 4. Always start personal statement writing with everything that is relevant for course and according to your preference change the language or words to fit it into 4000 characters or 47 lines. Put Everything On Paper
  5. 5. Take sufficient time to write, re-write, edit some more and proofread before you actually have the final document that can be sent to the universities. Take All Your Time And Patience
  6. 6. Divide the Statement •Begin with a fantastic punch line that would hook the admissions tutor into your personal statement right away! First Paragraph •Put your best foot forward and show all your skills and potential! Middle Paragraph •For The ‘personal’ in personal statement comes into picture. Last Paragraph
  7. 7. Take help from your friends, family or people where you part-time and proofread your document before you submit. Proofread Before You Submit
  8. 8. Universities use software to determine whether your personal statement is faithful and unique or not. So don’t of copying someone else’s work otherwise you losing your chance to get admission on your favorite college. Plagiarism
  9. 9.  Still facing problem or need guidance for how to write a personal statement ?  We, the Personal Statement folks have helped students and our professional personal statement writers provide an attractive and effective UCAS personal statement writing services in the UK, which can surely improve your chances of getting admission in your favorite college or university. Personal Statement Folks Can Help
  10. 10. So contact us now for any help with writing a personal statement. We have branches across London and all over UK. Website : http://www.personalstatementfolks.co.uk Email : personalstatementfolks@gmail.com Telephone: 020 3289 7772 Contact us