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Business Model Exercise Series : nr.1 - ideation

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Exercises by business model innovation coach, Dr. Alex Osterwalder, to achieve a competitive advantage.

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Business Model Exercise Series : nr.1 - ideation

  1. by business model innovation coach Dr. Alex Osterwalder ! Ideation Business Model Innovation Exercise Series: nr.1
  2. how do you get…
  3. this group…
  4. … to come up with creative/crazy business model ideas?
  5. silly with a exercise
  6. the cow exercise!
  7. Muuuuhhhh
  8. how does it work?
  9. sketch out 3 business models..
  10. …in which I, the cow, play the main act!
  11. you don’t get it?
  12. … then let’s look at some examples
  13. … then let’s look at some examples that’s not me by the way
  14. cows-for-advertising
  15. rent-a-cow-for-the-weekend
  16. got it?
  17. you got 3 minutes!
  18. you got 3 minutes! GO!
  19. and make sure you send me your sketches alex@businessmodeldesign.com
  20. now get real and sketch out good ideas for your own organization!
  21. check out my blog for more: http://business-model-design.blogspot.com
  22. and don’t miss the…
  23. thank you for your attention! alex@businessmodeldesign.com