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Proof of Concept: Web Copy for Perennial Bookkeeping

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This project is considered a 'spec work'. That's a speculative project which was not commissioned by the client.

I came across this website as I browsed for BNI chapter members in California. I admire the work of the bookkeeper in helping professionals and small businesses take charge of their financial records. The tagline, "turn your blues into green" is very apt. I took upon myself to help Perennial Bookkeeping Services. I sent the file over earlier today which the owner may use for free.

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Proof of Concept: Web Copy for Perennial Bookkeeping

  1. 1. © 2019. Advert Writer (ROB No. 002689595). All rights reserved. PRENNIAL BOOKKEEPING SERVICE Proposed new copy for your website. PROOF OF CONCEPT:
  2. 2. © 2019. Advert Writer (ROB No. 002689595). All rights reserved. BACKGROUND What’s This? This is a proof of concept for my copywriting services. Unlike other copywriting projects, here I take a look at websites of BNI members worldwide. My goal is to offer a revised or refined copy for free. Why am I doing it for free? Between 2006 and 2019, I served Malaysian clients: advertising agencies, religious organisations, small businesses. From 2019, I am expanding my market to overseas clients. As a firm believer of the philosophy of Givers Gain, I believe that by giving to other business first, the effort will be reciprocated. Limits to this Deck: Unlike typical copywriting projects, this was done without being commissioned by the client. I actively went through sites that could benefit from this. The revised copy is based on what I can access in the public domain.
  3. 3. © 2019. Advert Writer (ROB No. 002689595). All rights reserved. HOME Current: Suggested: WELCOME TO PERENNIAL BOOKKEEPING SERVICE! Dear professionals & business owners, Do you… • …have the “accounting blues”? • …struggle with crunching the numbers? • …rather focus your time making more money? • …prefer to free up your time for your loved ones? • …catch yourself dragging your feet each time you need to balance the books? Whom do we help? 1. Entrepreneurs and professionals with financial transactions! 2. Small businesses with under 50 employees Let us handle your bookkeeping. Our professional services include: • Paying your vendors • Bill your clients • Prepare the payroll • Track your assets • Reconcile and audit your accounts • Provide financial reports It’s our passion! We love it all! Work with us to turn your blues to greens! Book your complimentary consultation at 626-241-6096 today! You’ll receive a tailor-made estimate based on your requirements. Perennial Bookkeeping is a bonded and insured member of the Association of Professional Bookkeepers.
  4. 4. © 2019. Advert Writer (ROB No. 002689595). All rights reserved. ABOUT US Current: Suggested: About Us • Are you feeling overwhelmed as you stare at the stacks of bills, invoices, and reports? • Unsure about where you stand financially? Yes, you know you need to get your financial records in order, but it’s just “your thing”. Plus, running your business already takes up your time! Turn to Perennial Bookkeeping. Let us lighten your load so you can do what you do best and grow your business. Behind Perennial Bookkeeping Kellie Cowles started managing the books for small insurance agencies in the 1980s. She did not plan it to be that way. (Who plans to be a bookkeeper?) Yet Kellie discovered she had a knack for spotting errors, balancing accounts, and streamlining and organizing paper and digital records. Along the way, she realized that creating an easily managed structure from the chaos gave great satisfaction. Maybe that’s why she’s also an avid jigsaw puzzle builder? Kellie expanded her expertise to include the accounting needs of: • Professionals; • Artisan contractors; • Personal trainers; • Veterinary services; • Retail; and more! She built two freelance bookkeeping businesses and co-owned and managed a thriving fitness gym. Bottom line, Kellie loves making financial records as easily understood and organized as possible… and keeping them that way. Ready to dump your accounting blues and focus on increasing your green? Let’s get started! Call 626-241-6096 now.
  5. 5. © 2019. Advert Writer (ROB No. 002689595). All rights reserved. SERVICES Current: Suggested: Services Using Quickbooks Online, we provide the following primary services: • From Scratch: Formal record keeping often starts with a new year. Our clients receive monthly or quarterly services based on the volume. • On-Boarding: Sometimes it is necessary to backload records for previous months or years. We match new records to older accounting record preferences. This is generally a dedicated project done before or in conjunction with monthly bookkeeping. • Monthly Bookkeeping: Our on-going services are tailored to your style. If you want to be “hands-off”, we’ll take care of everything from paying the bills to handling collections. You will receive regular reports. If you prefer to be “hands-on”, we will do the parts you don’t want to do. You will still receive monthly or quarterly financial reports. Either way, you are in control of the process and we implement to your specifications. • Periodic and Projects: Whether it’s quarterly expense reports, the annual compilation of tax records, or transferring accounting records to Quickbooks and teaching you to maintain them, we have the experience to help. • Audit Research: Every now and then our clients may need us to go through existing records to verify their accuracy. This is to trace or correct distorted records. Depending on the specifics, our findings may or may not be turned over to a designated CPA or Auditor for further review. We do NOT make any determinations of cause. We simply perform first level research (at a greatly reduced price) that can be formally audited by the appropriate licensed professionals. Our rates are very competitive and developed either by the hour, month, quarter, or project. Contact us for a complimentary consultation and estimate at 626-241-6096.
  6. 6. © 2019. Advert Writer (ROB No. 002689595). All rights reserved. TESTIMONIALS Current: Suggested: Testimonials It’s a pleasure to work with various professionals and businesses. Here are what they have to say about our services:- “I have a very busy mobile veterinary practice and it was a struggle to manage the financial aspects of my practice while focusing on my patients. Kellie has been an invaluable addition- she keeps my financials accurate and up to date, my vendors happy, and my office well organized. Many thanks to Perennial Bookkeeping for your excellent work.” – Dr. Robin Holmes, Gifts of Peace … “Being a successful independent realtor, I rely on the professionals around me to also do excellent work. Perennial Bookkeeping Service keeps my accounts in order and provides me with quarterly financial reports perfect for keeping track of my business without inundating me in paperwork. Reliable, accurate and personable, Kellie’s the best.” – Sybil Stevenson Be among the ranks of our satisfied clients today. Contact us for your complimentary consultation. Call 626-241-6096.
  7. 7. © 2019. Advert Writer (ROB No. 002689595). All rights reserved. CONTACT US Current: Suggested: We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us today. Speak to Kellie Cowles. Call or text: 626-241-6096 Email: Kellie@PerenniaBookkeeping.net You can also reach us using this contact form:
  8. 8. © 2019. Advert Writer (ROB No. 002689595). All rights reserved. FACEBOOK PAGE Current: Suggested: About: A fully charged Bookkeeping Services for Professionals and Small Businesses. Let us help you with our online or onsite services.
  9. 9. © 2019. Advert Writer (ROB No. 002689595). All rights reserved. Thank you. Get in touch today: • WhatsApp: https://wa.me/60198831326 • Telegram: http://t.me/aldrictoyad • Email: aldric@advertwriter.com