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Tv series quiz IIT BOMBAY (Alan John and Krishan Mittal)

  2. 1)This is the minimal poster of which show?
  3. • Prison Break
  4. 2) Identify this minimal poster?
  5. • Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur... • Big Bang Theory
  6. • 3)Give the funda of the coloured dots in friends logo
  7. 4)CONNECT
  8. • Connect=SPARTACUS • Spartacus: Blood and Sand • Vengeance • Gods of the Arena
  9. • 5) X also known as an outtake, gag reel, or boner, is a short sequence of a film. The term X was popularized in the 1950s in a series of record albums entitled Pardon My X, in which the definition of a X is thus given by the record series' narrator: "Unintended indiscretions before microphone and camera.“ • ID X.
  10. • Blooper
  11. • 6)Convert this binary number to decimal form. The decimal number is an indicator to a location in a very famous TV show. Identify the show and give the funda. • 100010101010
  12. • 100010101010=2218 or 221B – Sherlock’s address.
  13. • 7)The X is a dark brown oddity with button eyes and sausage-shaped limbs, invariably ending up broken in half or in various other states of destruction and disfiguration. Although X is inanimate, Y often pretends it is alive. Y behaves as if Xi is real, buying it a Christmas present or trying not to wake it in the mornings. X is often privy to Y’s various schemes and doubles as a dish cloth or paint brush in an emergency; it has been decapitated and shrunk in the wash. X is also Y’s “pet” and has even won a pet show. ID X and Y. 100010101010
  14. • X-Teddy • Y-Mr.Bean
  15. Identify X and Y • 8)At the time of the casting session X was in Namibia filming the movie Flight of the Phoenix. He assembled an audition tape in a hotel bathroom, the only place with enough light, and apologized for its appearance. In the tape X improvised, using an umbrella for a cane. The director was very impressed by his performance and commented on how well the "American actor" was able to grasp the character. Singer was not aware that X was English, due to his convincing American accent. Later X was cast as Y.
  16. • X- Hugh Laurie • Y- House
  17. • 9)X is presented as a charming, sophisticated gentleman and womanizer with a wide range of knowledge, from art to foreign languages, most of which seems to be self taught; though he hasn’t even graduated from high school. He is described as a romantic and rarely shows himself vulnerable, hiding behind a facade of indifference or cheerfulness when he is upset. • ID X?
  18. Neal Caffrey
  19. • 10)Days of our lives is one of the longest running scripted television programmes in the world, airing nearly every weekday since MMDDYYYY. It has 12280 (as of February 21, 2014). Guesstimate the number of seasons it has within +/-1.
  20. • 49
  21. 11)Connect them?
  22. 12)Identify the theme music
  23. • Theme music of Greys Anatomy
  24. 13)What are these? 1. Never get caught 2. Never kill an innocent 3. Never make a scene 4. Fake emotion and normality to fit in 5. When taking a psychology personality test, always answer the question with the opposite of what you feel.
  25. • HARRY’s code for Dexter
  26. • 14)X is one of the earliest shows on Indian Television to adopt the Western model of appearing in seasons. • X is widely considered by audiences and television critics to be one of the finest example of true situational comedy in India. It does not use a laugh track like many Indian comedy shows, but instead relies on its deadpan humor and its witty one lines to become its selling point. • It became the first Indian television series to be adapted into a film.
  28. • 15)When first shown on TV nobody took this genre of TV series seriously. But few companies like Proctor and Gamble, Colgate-palmolive, and Lever brothers took a risk in sponsoring them. Later it became a great hit and the genre got its name from its sponsors, which is used even today. Identify the name?
  29. • Soap operas
  30. • 16)This particular video is shown in the beginning of only four episodes of BB season 2. What is the funda behind showing it in these 4.
  31. • The four episodes are “737” “down” “over” “ABQ”. • If you read the 4 episode names, there is a foreshadowing of the season finale.(Spoiler alert).
  32. • 17)X is a God and is a subject in many works of fiction. X vary widely in appearance, and their bodies are built in ways that would seem impossible by human standards. Though X possess senses of taste similar to those of humans, they do not require food or nutrients to live, and many choose not to. In addition X do not need to sleep and will not die from a lack of sleep; X view sleeping as "evidence of laziness.“ • ID X.
  33. • Shinigami
  34. • 17)X are a power pop band from Middletown, Connecticut. X first became popular for their song "The Future Is Now," which was the theme song for the Fox television program Oliver Beene. A clip from one of their other song is the theme song for another show, which was created by the band's founding members. • ID X and the show
  35. • X – The Solids • Show - How I Met Your Mother
  36. • 18)X was the brainchild of Y. It was initially rejected due to concerns that such a television series would invoke communalism in the country. However it was approved and went on to become the ‘most watched television series of that genre’. • It eventually lost its title to series Z, that was aired after X’s original run. When aired in the UK by the BBC, Z achieved audience figures of 5 million, unheard of for a subtitle series being aired in the afternoon. • ID X,Y and Z
  37. • X Ramayan • Y Ramanand Sagar • Z Mahabharat
  38. • 19)Which TV series is referred here:
  39. 20)Connect!!
  40. Friends primary cast Palaeontologist Days of our lives Chef(Monica) Massaging BING Ralph Lauren
  41. • 21)“Over the years, CBS executives have been very generous when it comes to sharing their ideas as to how I might better do my job.” IT reads. “I have never returned the favor regarding how they might run their network. Until now.” The message went on to offer the network several facetious suggestions, among them “Tell the world that CBS only airs the coolest and most honest commercials.” • What is this IT
  42. • Chuck Lorre Vanity Cards
  43. 22)Connect • Connect • Perks and Recreation • The office • Modern Family • Trailer Park Boys • Reno 911!
  44. • Shows with MOCKUMENTARIES