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  1. 1. Alan Buchanan Mob: 07854 602941/alan.b.buchanan@btinternet.com PROFILE A highly experienced and self-motivated Business/Systems Analyst used to supporting and improvingcritical applicationsforBlue ChipclientsinUtilities. Dedicated to principle of continuous service improvementandhighlycustomerfocused. Excellenttechnicalanalysisskillsandexperience of gathering requirements and documenting functional and technical specifications. Excellent leadership skills in a global environment and capable of managing multiple work streams. Experience of Project Delivery and Management across multiple environments: Utilities, Manufacturing and Construction, Finance and Retail. KEY STRENGTHS/AREAS OF EXPERTISE  STRONG SYSTEM AND DATA ANALYSISSKILLS;GATHERING REQUIREMENTS; DATA QUALITY IMPROVEMENT; REPORT DEVELOPMENT ANDMAINTENANCE  PROJECTDELIVERY/MANAGEMENT: PLANNINGANDORGANISINGPEOPLEAND RESOURCES; ADHERING TO DEADLINES  SERVICEIMPROVEMENTS: ADEPTAT PROBLEM SOLVINGANDUSING ROOTCAUSE ANALYSISTODELIVER SOLUTION OR WORKAROUNDPENDINGNEWDEVELOPMENT; ABLE TO JUSTIFY BUSINESSBENEFITS OR VALUE ADD OFCHANGES USING ROI  EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION ANDINFLUENCINGSKILLS – ABLE TO ADJUST STYLE TO SUIT DIFFERENT LEVELS OF AUDIENCE  LEADERSHIP IN A GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT:STRONGCOACHINGANDMENTORING STYLE, SELF MOTIVATED WITH INITIATIVE,HIGHLYORGANISEDAND COMMITTED TO MAKING DECISIONSANDGETTING JOB DONE;ABLE TO ADAPTBEHAVIOUROR ACCEPTCHANGES AS REQUIRED BY JOB/SITUATION;FLEXIBLE  TEAM WORKING, COLLABORATINGANDBUILDINGEFFECTIVERELATIONSHIPSWITH OTHER TEAMS ANDINDIVIDUALSIN WIDER ORGANISATION  INCIDENTMANAGEMENT; CHANGEMANAGEMENT  STRONG STAKEHOLDERMANAGEMENT (ALL LEVELS);CUSTOMER FOCUSED; CLIENT FACING  TECHNICAL:ORACLE & SQL SERVER DBASES;PL/SQL; SQL; UNIX;WINDOWSSERVERS CAREER HISTORY Seekingnextposition andcurrentlytraininginPrince2 Nov 2015 - Present Caringfor elderlyrelativewithdementia Feb2015 – Oct 2015 HP ENTERPRISE SERVICES Oct 2014 - Jan 2015 IT Operations Svc Level III Supportingvariousinternalapplications(Saas)inEMEA dealingwith incident/problemmanagement. Supportand configurationof Biztalk,updating customerprofiles, tuningSQLqueries, etc.
  2. 2. IBM (GLOBAL BUSINESS SERVICES) UK Ltd (Tupe’dfrom Accenture) 2011 – 2014 ACCENTURE UK LTD (Tupe’dfrom SAIC) 2010 – 2011 SAIC LTD (nowWIPRO) 2000 – 2010 Continuousserviceforsame client,ScottishPower. TookVRpackage fromIBM. SENIOR SYSTEMS ANALYST Deputy Team Leader of a globallydistributedteam (12 –15) providing2nd line supportfor 50+ applicationsof amajor Utility.Technical Lead for a critical billingsystem(£1B p.a.) and several othercritical applications. KEY ACHIEVEMENTS  Technical Leadfor several applications onEnterprise levelprojecttomigrate legacydata fromSQL Serverto archive platformonOracle Apex. I wrote implementationplansforapps undermy remit,defineddatatobe migrated,createdER Diagram, andusedETL to load data intoOracle.  Actedas SubjectMatter Expertformajor projecttomove a critical EnergyBillingApplication fromold IBMplatformtonew 3rd party bespoke systemutilisingOracle FusionMiddleware witha Web Service frontendand10G database. Actedas Technical LeadliaisingwithSenior Stakeholdersfromthe business,PMs/BAsandDevelopersfrom3rd partysuppliertoensure a successful outcome andsmoothimplementationof the new systemwithoutdisruptionto billingcycle.Advised3rd party BA andDevelopersondatatypes, qualityof data,and collaboratedwithclienttoagree how muchdata couldbe archived/droppedwithin RegulatoryandData Protectionguidelines.Re-wrotemanyof original SQLreportsbasedon newdatabase structure. ThirdParty SeniorBusinessAnalystsaidthe productwouldnot have beendeliveredwithoutmyinput.  Actedas Lead Technical Analystforseveral service improvementsconcerningdataquality betweentwogasapplications. LiaisedwithleadBA frombusiness togatherrequirements, collaboratedwithdevelopmentteamandwrote UserGuide to improve datainputquality and validation.Projectwasimplementedsuccessfullyandhada major beneficialimpacton the qualityof data inboth systems.  Migrateda setof critical billingreportswritteninOracle Forms4.5 to 6i. Altereddatatypes and PL/SQLcode where necessarytoensure qualityof reportingwasmaintained. Maintainedanddevelopedreportswhichvalidatedusage datapriortobilling.  SME (SubjectMatterExpert) forGas Pre-paymentProject:attendedworkshopand subsequentlywrote andreviewedseveral sectionsof the finishedfunctional andtechnical specifications. Liaisedwithdeveloper,businessand3rd partiesoverdesign,dataand implementationissues.  Deliveredseveral service improvementstoapplicationsundermyremitwhichstreamlined client’sbusinessprocessesandimproveddata. Receivedcomplimentsfromclientand considerablyreducedthe numberof ticketsraisedtothe Service Desk.  Technical Leadon projecttointroduce SarbanesOxleycontrolsintoamajorbilling application. Liaiseddirectlywithbusiness;spentseveral daysinworkshoponclientsite in Wales,anddocumentedlarge sectionsof the enduringsolution.
  3. 3. BAUER & PARTNER CONSULTING 2000 - 2000 Software Consultant Collaboratedona projectforDKW bank usingASP/HTMLto adapt 3rd party and in-house software relatedtothe processof runninga ‘book’priortoan IPO. GLASGOW UNIVERSITY 1998 - 2000 Employedbythe IT Education Unitbefore andafterdoingSVQthenMSc IT. Carriedout data analysis,demonstratedJavatonextyeargroupand deliveredICTtrainingtoschool teachers. BIG AL’S SANWICHJOINTS LTD 1996 - 1997 Franchisee developingbusinesstosell ‘sub’sandwichesviavendingmachines. CLANCAST PRODUCTS LTD 1994 - 1996 OperationsManager Managed a multi-skilledteam(12staff) producingGRGand GRP mouldingsfor the constructionindustry andcomposite resinspeakerbasesforhi-fiindustry. CarriedoutMRPfor contracts from£10k - £100k. Establishedculture of continuousimprovementandzerodefects. SWANNATIONAL CAR RENTAL LTD 1978 - 1993 Regional Manager (Scotland & N England) Started as Manager thenquicklypromotedtoScottish AreaManager and thento above post. Operated 23 petrol stationsprofitably. Controlledbudgetof £10m. Area of shops: 5000ft². Forecasted,plannedandachievedbudgetedprofitonall sites. Organisedlocal marketing. FullyP&L accountable. Recruited,trainedmotivatedandappraised all ForecourtManagers. Negotiatedleaseswithoil companies. EDUCATION MSc IT (Software &Systems);Dip. ManagementStudies(Distinction);M.A.(Ord) ScottishHistory LANGUAGES Good conversational FrenchandGerman. LEISURE Tennis,golf,skiing,walking.