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Final Beaucraft Presentation July 2015

  1. Monday 31st Aug 2009 1All rights reserved Executive Profile July 2015
  2. Monday 31st Aug 2009 2All rights reserved Introduction Beaucraft W.L.L. (“Beaucraft” or the “Company:”) was launched in April 2009 by Vanguard W.L.L. as the first national company specializing in providing complete marine leisure services such as managing and operating marinas; importing, exporting, selling and leasing boats, yachts and jet skis; providing internal maintenance for ships; and provision of advisory and development services as well as logistical support to waterfront real-estate developments. Furthermore, the Company’s focus is to provide turn-key marina and leisure solutions that adhere to the most rigorous of international standards; with primary focus on safety, professionalism and high-quality of services. Beaucraft aims at providing the services of marina and leisure design and development, marina and leisure operations and management, marina maintenance, brokerage, import, sales as well as leasing and financing. Moreover, during the first year of operations, the Company assessed market requirements and progressively developed more sophisticated marina and leisure products and services such as water sports management, a scuba diving, dolphin watching and charter tours as well as marine leisure training services.
  3. Monday 31st Aug 2009 3All rights reserved Background Beaucraft started its operations in April 2009 in the Kingdom of Bahrain be being established as a limited liability company. It was initially developed to supply a much needed Middle Eastern requirement for quality result-driven Marina facility management. The operation of not only the marine aspects of the project but also the facilities within the project such as the harbour, vessel docking facilities, corporate offices and maintenance departments. A marina is not only a harbour but also a total leisure experience. Beaucraft has many relationships and projects throughout the regional leisure industry that allow it to stand alone, as a maritime leader, in the ability to supply experienced professionals from every area of the leisure industry. Our experience does not only fall upon the teams we have within Beaucraft but also in our equipment suppliers, corporate relationships and above all the trust and guarantee all of our clients receive. We are proud to offer our services to the Middle Eastern region and look forward to providing further success to our respected clients.
  4. Monday 31st Aug 2009 4All rights reserved Our Mission Beaucraft’s mission is to create and operate a Middle Eastern network of yachting lifestyle destinations in prime locations while including the delivery of superior service to vessel owners, marina facilities, their visitors and the ownership of these facilities by skilled, empowered and caring team members. • To provide the GCC region with a much needed water based service for the local population, and tourists by a skilled, qualified and caring team. • To commit our services in an organised and structured manner allowing for correct product market demand and value for money. Thus, placing great attention to develop Bahrain as a tourism water sports destination. • To take great care of the ecological sea culture surrounding the Kingdom of Bahrain by providing navigational waters and designated tourist regions. • To provide excellent quality of service to each and every client. Beaucraft Senior Management Beaucraft’s CR
  5. Monday 31st Aug 2009 5All rights reserved Our Competitive Advantage The following are the pillars upon which Beaucraft’s competitive advantage over its rivals rest on: • Multi-disciplinary Expertise: Beaucraft has been successfully built upon the combined knowledge of specialist industry experts. • Effective Organizational Management: All our team of trade-experienced consultants have successfully worked in the Middle East and other parts of the world in positions of senior operational management and above. We fully understand that cultural and environmental changes must be considered when selecting suitable personnel. • Global Coverage: Beaucraft is a global company covering the marine and leisure sectors of support services management, facility design, jetty sales, marina development and operation, yacht sales and services including marine events management and water sports management. • Excellent Services: Our Company’s policy is to supply an honest, precise and guaranteed marine service to all of our clients. • Substantial Client Base: Our client base covers the private and public sector throughout the Middle East. Our clients range from the 5- star hotel groups to large marina companies as well as real estate development & marine leisure operating companies. • Sound Reputation: Beaucraft prides itself on an established reputation for a value-for- money and high quality service that our clients can rely on.
  6. Monday 31st Aug 2009 6All rights reserved Our People Captain Robert Montfort Jones General Manager Captain Robert has successfully worked within the leisure and marine industry for over 25 years for a multitude of royal, government and big business operations with the mission to create practical solutions while building successful long term relationships with clients world-wide, resulting in significant network development. As an MSc. graduate of Marine Science, Captain Robert is skilled and focused in flexible multicultural senior management, to enhance operations and develop achievable results. As the General Manager of Beaucraft, Captain Montfort Jones is, without question, the Middle East regions leading marine specialist. Beaucraft involves a full fledged team of specialized personnel including the following: • Fully trained mechanics; • Training qualified divers; • Valeters; • Drivers Beaucraft’s Team Members
  7. Monday 31st Aug 2009 7All rights reserved Our Services Beaucraft is Bahrain’s first Total Marine Solutions company. Not only providing much needed marine leisure services but also water tourism activities. The following table demonstrates Beaucraft’s services: Category Up-Stream Services • Marina & Leisure Design & Development • Marina & Leisure Operations & Management • Marine & Leisure Recruitment • Training Academy •Ferry Services Design, & Management. Down-Stream Services • Events Management • Vessel Brokerage & Import • Vessel Sales • • Vessel Leasing • Vessel Maintenance • Jetty sales and installation Tourism • Extreme Watersports • Organized fishing trips • Dolphin viewing tours • Scuba diving •Pearl diving tours • Kitesurfing Courses and rental • Parsail management courses • Parasail trips
  8. Monday 31st Aug 2009 8All rights reserved Marina Facility Design Beaucraft provides fully integrated luxury yacht marina and coastal resort design capabilities. Beaucraft proprietary design standards are based on the real needs of captains, yacht owners, their guests, crew and the general public, offering a level of service and quality unrivalled in the marina industry. Our design expertise includes: • Fixed and floating piers, appropriate layouts, turning radii and navigational channels. • Regionally appropriate materials and standards. • Full fuelling and utilities systems suitable for an international range of yachts and mega-yachts. • State-of-the-art communications and technological infrastructure. • Physical, electronic, and operational security systems and operations. Our Services: Up-Stream Services Marina & Leisure Design & Development
  9. Monday 31st Aug 2009 9All rights reserved Leisure Facility Design Beaucraft provides fully integrated marina facilities program of design and conceptual development capabilities that include leisure facilities. Beaucraft provides designs that take into consideration the needs and requirements of all marina facility users, be it food and beverage, leisure and spa services offering a quality unrivalled in the marina industry. Our design expertise includes: • Fitness and/or spa developments • Food and beverage • Water and activity parks • Private clubs • Specialist activities for events and marketing Our Services: Up-Stream Services Marina & Leisure Design & Development
  10. Monday 31st Aug 2009 10All rights reserved Key Projects undertaken by Beaucraft since formation regarding the Marina & Leisure Design & Development Services: Beaucraft undertook consultancy work to design and install the Marina facilities in Marina West, Kingdom of Bahrain. Marine West Project Prospective Beaucraft was hired to consult on a Pier Network Project proposed to be established around the coastal regions of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our Services: Up-Stream Services Marina & Leisure Design & Development The Pier Network Routes
  11. Monday 31st Aug 2009 11All rights reserved Key Projects undertaken by Beaucraft since formation regarding the Marina & Leisure Design & Development Services: Beaucraft was the consultant for the marina element of the Durrat Marina project, where it is responsible for the design, operations, and regional suppliers assessment for the project. Durrat Marina Project Prospective Our Services: Up-Stream Services Marina & Leisure Design & Development Beaucraft’s higher management signing the agreement with Durrat Marina officials
  12. Monday 31st Aug 2009 12All rights reserved Key Projects undertaken by Beaucraft since formation regarding the Marina & Leisure Design & Development Services: Our Services: Up-Stream Services Marina & Leisure Design & Development In November 2011, Beaucraft has completed the installation of a complete 24 berths marina in Hawar islands. In November 2010, Beaucraft has also installed a jetty system for the Royal Court.
  13. Monday 31st Aug 2009 13All rights reserved Key Projects undertaken by Beaucraft since formation regarding the Marina & Leisure Design & Development Services: Our Services: Up-Stream Services Marina & Leisure Design & Development Beaucraft has been contracted under a long-term Marina Upgrade contract by the Saudi Publically trading company Tourism Development Company “SHAMS” to design, re-develop, supply equipment and provide operational services for the Marina and Watersports facilities located at Palm Beach Resort, Half Moon Bay.
  14. Monday 31st Aug 2009 14All rights reserved As shown on the chart below, the predominate majority of marina users are non-vessels-owners, as such Beaucraft views marinas as a total entertainment environment. Beaucraft can offer the full operational set up and management of marina facilities to ensure the maximized use of the water front retail outlets, entertainment centers and marine services is achieved. Beaucraft Marine & Leisure Operations & Management puts emphasis on both corporate management and support as well as maximized operational efficiency. Our Services: Up-Stream Services Marina & Leisure Operations & Management Marine Usage Distributions
  15. Monday 31st Aug 2009 15All rights reserved Our Services: Up-Stream Services Marine & Leisure Recruitment Beaucraft can assist marina developers and/or owners to structure and put in place the most suitable and qualified marina and marine services management and staffing teams through its widespread network of industry experts and professionals. Beaucraft undertakes an extensive recruitment process whereby candidates are assessed according to their abilities, experience and skills to ensure the selection and the recruitment of only the elite value adding individuals.
  16. Monday 31st Aug 2009 16All rights reserved Beaucraft is able to consult on water-borne taxi services between areas set up within all the local marinas and coastal places of interest within a country. Why a Water-Borne Taxi Service? • Coastal pick up and collection would lower the time from work to home for all persons living and working at waterfront developments. • Each vessel would be operated by fully qualified captains and crew operating to a schedule from waterfront developments, thus; allowing passengers to avoid delays due to ground traffic congestions. • Increased foot traffic for the marina facilities, leisure facilities, restaurants, residential estates and office premises of water front developments. • An ideal corporate light relief for meeting venues. Beaucraft would ensure that such a transportation service would be set up and operated according to the most stringent of rules and regulations of the relevant authorities. Our Services: Up-Stream Services Ferry Services Design, Development & Management
  17. Monday 31st Aug 2009 17All rights reserved Beaucraft is in the process of developing a GCC training academy for leisure and marine. At present, the entire multi-million industry is run from one company in the UK, however; in developing the idea in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Training Academy will be able to cater for the GCC and local market. Substantial interest has been shown for Beaucraft’s proposed training services from various parties including commercial entities, five-star hotels, the general public and governmental authorities. Beaucraft is intending to provide various Training Programs including: 1. Motorized vessels 2. Scuba diving 3. Sail vessels 4. Marina maintenance 5. Water sports 6. Specialized navigation 7. Extreme water sports Beaucraft is intending to launch the Training Academy in mid 2014 by initially offering the Training Programs 1 & 2 above, which then would be followed by the other Programs in the near future. Our Services: Up-Stream Services Training Academy
  18. Monday 31st Aug 2009 18All rights reserved Beaucraft realizes that marine facilities can be utilized for marketing and promotion activities. As such, Beaucraft offers a superb Events Management service to place a company in the minds of its target market. Our events management can include services to arrange for: • Regattas and special vessel events • VIP private parties • Country wide public promotions events • Formula 1 Power Boating • Music concerts • Festive specialised celebrations • Corporate parties • Business development events Our Services: Down-Stream Services Events Management
  19. Monday 31st Aug 2009 19All rights reserved Our Services: Down-Stream Services Vessel Brokerage & Import Beaucraft provides services ranging from brokerage and deliveries to turnkey imports. Beaucraft’s activities centers around the brokerage of all types of commercial and recreational vessels. Brokerage agreements are available through Beaucraft allowing the supply of new and used vessels within the Middle East, with stock held at the Beaucraft Bahrain offices for immediate sale and satisfaction. As to vessels imports, customers privately importing a vessel from overseas can sometimes achieve a higher value for the money spent. However, somewhat daunting as a prospect for those who have considered doing it without the experience or expertise, the temptation still exists especially with fluctuating exchange rates. Beaucraft can offer piece of mind by providing a full import and export logistical and regulatory support service, thus taking care of all the burdensome complications.
  20. Monday 31st Aug 2009 20All rights reserved We at Beaucraft understand the complex situations that arise whether you are a yacht owner or a Marine Director. Beaucraft is recognized for its complete mobile support solution whenever you require: •Qualified marine engineers •Fully equipped company vehicles •Fully equipped centrally based workshop •Vessel maintenance at your residence or mooring •Marina workshop support •Transport management of large yachts •Vessel management of launch, salvage & recovery •Large vessel underwater maintenance •Onsite refit of minor vessel tasks •Mobile valet service •Monthly service contracts Our Services: Down-Stream Services Vessel Maintenance
  21. Monday 31st Aug 2009 21All rights reserved Beaucraft Sales Beaucraft holds a dealership facility with vessel manufacture Sunseeker to supply the Middle East with quality boats and yachts of all sizes and budgets. Moreover, the Company is seeking to further expand its portfolio of dealerships. Beaucraft prides itself with the highest level of VIP after- sales and aftercare quality. A requirement in an ever- changing industry that Beaucraft is second to none. Our Services: Down-Stream Services Vessel Sales & Leasing Vessel sales are planned to be financed at reasonable rates though our envisioned financing arm Beaulease to supply a service available to all who dream of owning a boat of yacht.
  22. Monday 31st Aug 2009 22All rights reserved Vessels Inventory To support Sales & Leasing activities, Beaucraft is considering building an inventory of new and used American boats and vessels imported directly from manufacturers and suppliers for significant cost savings. The vessels available for sale would then be packaged with full maintenance package options. Essentially, the client vessel would be ready to go at the turn of a key for a monthly fixed fee. Example of a full maintenance package: The GOLD STANDARD. One monthly payment includes the following: •Boat to requested specification •Insurance and licenses •Full service and maintenance contract (excludes refueling) •Full valet service •Help line Other standard package contracts are available from Beaucraft. Price structure and packages depend upon the size of the vessel, facilities required and type of services combinations.. Our Services: Down-Stream Services Vessel Sales & Leasing
  23. Monday 31st Aug 2009 23All rights reserved Beaucraft Boat & Yacht Share We are potentially going to offer the beauty of Beaucraft larger vessels to a full range of clients. The option of boat and yacht share allows the wonderful experience of ownership to the Middle East. Beaucraft boat and yacht share is to be made available to groups of three to eight individuals, for a monthly fixed fee, allowing each member to pre order the vessel usage for personal use. Each member is issued with dates available on a similar basis to property time share. We would supply the requested vessel with full maintenance and valet service for ease of use and a truly exciting experience. Beaucraft intends to provide the vessels for this exciting service upon demand and available for use throughout the year. Our Services: Down-Stream Services Vessel Sales & Leasing
  24. Monday 31st Aug 2009 24All rights reserved Saudi Coast Guard Vessels Generators Installs Bahrain Yacht Club Complete Restoration Yas Marina- Abu Dhabi Jetties Installation Our Services: Samples of Completed Upstream & Downstream Jobs Yas Marina- Abu Dhabi Jetties Installation
  25. Monday 31st Aug 2009 25All rights reserved Our Services: Samples of Completed Upstream & Downstream Jobs Complete Vessel Restoration - Before Complete Vessel Restoration - After Saudi Coast Guard Jetties Installation
  26. Monday 31st Aug 2009 26All rights reserved Fishing Trips Bahrain has a long and celebrated history of fishing with abundant seas. Presently, very few public fishing vessels are available with most vessels either privately owned or commercially used. Beaucraft is set to operate tourism fishing trips charged by the day revitalising the availability of organized and safety orientated sea fishing trips in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Dolphin Tours In previous years, the Bahrain Yacht Club and the Marina Club have both operated dolphin viewing tours in the eastern region on the Kingdom of Bahrain. Presently, these tours have stopped due to various rules and regulations and the current ability of the Bahrain Coastguard to implement safety at sea. Beaucraft’s qualified vessel captains understand the delicate ecological balance in which these mammals require and their habits so can create safe, eco friendly trips for the enjoyment of Bahrain's tourist industry, whilst undertaking the rules and regulations enforced by the Kingdom of Bahrain. Bahrain’s rich fishing culture Our Services: Tourism Services In December 2009, Beaucraft secured a Marine Tours Passenger carriage license form the relevant authorities in the Kingdom of Bahrain. As such, the Company is planning to launch a slew of Tourism Services in 2010 by utilizing this license to operate both its own as well as managed vessels for commercial leisure purposes. Marine Tours License
  27. Monday 31st Aug 2009 27All rights reserved Scuba Diving The Kingdom of Bahrain is an ideal place for scuba diving with shallow warm waters and flat sea beds, ideal for beginners and recreation divers. Beaucraft's internationally qualified master dive instructors have been diving in the Kingdom of Bahrain for over ten years and successfully qualified over one hundred students. Beaucraft master dive instructors understand the region and the benefits of diving in the Kingdom of Bahrain so the aim is to develop the dive tourism within the Kingdom. Heritage Pearl Diving With the long historical reputation of Bahrain and its pearls, Beaucraft will soon start to run diving and viewing tours of the great Bahrain pearl beds. History shows the excitement of the Bahrain pearl beds with many Bahraini pearls adorning European and Middle Eastern royalty for over 200 years. Presently, Beaucraft's market research shows a great tourism interest in viewing these areas and enjoying the scuba dive at the same time. Beaucraft will look to operate with assistance of the Kingdom of Bahrain Heritage Trust Pearl Diving tours rejuvenating the history of Bahrain's great Pearl Diving culture. Our Services: Tourism Services
  28. Monday 31st Aug 2009 28All rights reserved Water Skiing More popular than other water sports, waterskiing is restricted in the Kingdom of Bahrain due to the lack of public tow boats. With most vessels privately owned, the opportunity for tourist waterskiing is very restricted. Beaucraft has the expertise to teach and operate a safe and organized water ski operation for local marine users. Beaucraft also wishes to offer this attracction to the tourist industry. Parasailing A low level short flight operated from present marina facilities within the Kingdom of Bahrain, Beaucraft has the experienced staff to teach, operate and run Parasailing within designated, safe regions on Bahrain’s coast line. Charters Hourly, daily and even weekly charters will be arranged by Beaucraft. Charters will be provided with Beaucraft’s own trained and qualified captains. Furthermore, charters can be supplied with catering and on-board entertainment as requested by clients to suit their specific requirements. Our Services: Tourism Services
  29. Monday 31st Aug 2009 29All rights reserved Flyboarding Jet Ski operated equipment capable of offering flights up to 10 meters above the waves and 4 meters below. Placed on the feet in the same manor as a wake board Flyboarding offers the client the next stage in adrenalin based activities Jetovation A motor cycle version of the fly board. Allows the customer to cruise effortless above the waves at heights of 8 meters and speeds of 25 miles per hour. Xpack The latest addition to our extreme sport package. The X-Jetpack offers the ability to fly like a jet, With equipment strapped to the back the operator can be lifted vertical up to 10 meters and stay there for hours. Our Services: Extreme Sports
  30. Monday 31st Aug 2009 30All rights reserved Our Locations The following illustration demonstrates Beaucraft’s current operational locations: Current Locations: • Sarr: Main Office • Hamad Town: Workshop • Saar: Land Scuba Diving Training Centre • Bahrain Marina Club • Palm Beach Resort, Half Moon Bay, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia • Bahrain Sailing Club • Marina West • Durrat Marina • Amwaj Marina • Reef Island Amwaj Marina Marina West Sitra Durrat Marina Hamad Town Shira Club Saar
  31. Monday 31st Aug 2009 31All rights reserved Our Clients Beaucraft has a wide range of clients; locally, regionally and internationally. Beaucraft caters for both corporate clients and retails clients whereby it provides extraordinary marina services to a wide and diverse client base. The following are some of Beaucraft’s main corporate clients: Local Corporate Clients- Kingdom of Bahrain • Vanguard W.L.L. • Marina Club Bahrain. • Systems Technology W.L.L. • Bahrain Marine Centre W.L.L. • Al-Sharfaa Holdings Group W.L.L. • Amwaj Marina Co. SPC • Bahrain Yacht Club • Vmotion W.L.L. • Al Khaleeji Development Company B.S.C. (c), Durrat Marina Local Authorities- Kingdom of Bahrain • Bahrain Defense Force • Bahrain Coast Guard • The Bahraini Royal Court Regional Corporate Clients • Saudi Coast Guard (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) • Gosi Marine Survey Department (State of Qatar) • Kvichak Coastguard and military equipment (Seattle USA.) • Trinity Yachts (United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi – U.S.A.) Survey and Environmental Studies • Durrat AlBahrain Marina • Durrat AlBahrain Beach and Watersport • Seychelles Four Season Hotel • Marina West Hotel and Resort • Reef Island Marina Breakwater • Bahrain to Qatar bridge survey
  32. Monday 31st Aug 2009 32All rights reserved The following are Beaucraft’s main Affiliations and Associations: Our Affiliations and Associations Vanguard W.L.L. is an innovative business advisory boutique. Incorporated in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the firm positions itself as an advisory boutique specializing in providing professional advice to start-up, emerging, growing and stagnant businesses. Vanguard assists its clients in realizing their aspirations and visionary business concepts into attractive business opportunities to interested venture capitalists, private equity investors and other institutional investors. Rolec is firmly recognized as the world's leading specialist in the design and installation of electrical services on marinas and waterfront locations. As the first name in marina services, the Rolec mission continues to be "the providing of imaginative and cost effective service solutions for worldwide marinas". Beaucraft has the regional full Extreme Watersports Equipment and Training Dealerships.
  33. Monday 31st Aug 2009 33All rights reserved The following are Beaucraft’s main Affiliations and Associations: Our Affiliations and Associations Based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Bahrain Marine Center is a sales center specializing in both new and pre-owned boats and yachts imported from the U.S.A.. Bahrain Marine Center also holds the dealership for vessels manufacturers Baja and Fountain as well as Sunstream Boat Lifts. C-Guard’s experience and expertise in copper antifoul and resin-based repair and protection systems goes back almost 50 years. Over the decades that Sunseeker have been designing and building their distinctive craft, they have evolved from being a brand into a true icon. To possess a Sunseeker has become an aspiration for many, to some an obsession. To own a Sunseeker is to buy into a style and to make the ultimate lifestyle statement. When only the best will do in luxury and performance, Sunseeker provides it - via a worldwide network of approved Sunseeker distributors.
  34. Monday 31st Aug 2009 34All rights reserved The following are Beaucraft’s main Affiliations and Associations: Our Affiliations and Associations Whether our customers are looking for an Azimut yacht, Boston Whaler, Bayliner, Sea Ray or just about any boat, Beaucraft can now provide it through its relationship and dealership agreements with Marine Max - a worldwide boat distributer of new and second hand boat. C-Guard’s experience and expertise in copper antifoul and resin-based repair and protection systems goes back almost 50 years. Beaucraft is Proud to be the agents for Hurricane boats in the region. A stock of the sundeck range is available for customers in Bahrain and the region for sizes ranging from 20ft to 27ft
  35. Monday 31st Aug 2009 35All rights reserved The following are Beaucraft’s main Affiliations and Associations: Our Affiliations and Associations Beaucraft has a wide range of agencies and agreement with jetty manufacturers from the U.S, U.K, and Turkey that suit the needs and requirements of both its individual and corporate customers in the region
  36. Monday 31st Aug 2009 36All rights reserved Our Key Achievements to Date  Upgrade and Operations of Palm Beach Resort, Saudi Arabia Marina and Watersports Facilities and Services;  Laguna Hotel & Resort Watersprots and Gymnasium Centre Operations;  Marine tours license;  Commercial marine operators and passenger carrying licence;  Rolec under water lighting and marina equipment supply agency;  Sunseeker authorized distributorship;  C-Guard liquid copper antifoul agency;  Marine Insurance Referral Agreement signed with Allianz-Takaful;  Fully operational maintenance, diving and valet team of marine professionals;  Office and workshop facilities fully operational;  Bahrain Defence Force vessel painting contract;  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Coast Guard marina installations contract;  First Beaucraft vessel commercially licensed and operational;  Pearl diving and diver training set up ready to go;  Mobile maintenance and valet vehicles operational;  Bahrain Marine Centre exclusive engineering and coppercoat agreement;  Advertising and marketing strategy commencement;  Poraloo marine dock system installation agreement;  System Technology long-term jetty and marina installation agreement;  Marina West marina facilities design, tender and installation contracts with potential for future management.  Maintenance and antifoul schedules fully booked.  Received permission from Bahrain Coast Guard to set-up Training Academy and option for Emergency Marine Services.
  37. Monday 31st Aug 2009 37All rights reserved Our Contact Information Beaucraft W.L.L. P.O. Box 70286522 Shop 24, Building 2931, Road 2251, Block 606 Bar Bar, Kingdom of Bahrain Telephone: +973 13680601 Facsimile: +973 13680602 Email: Website: