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AlShareef Hazza Alabdali

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AlShareef Hazza Alabdali

  1. 1. AlShareefHazza Alabdali PERSONAL SUMMARY A quick learner who can absorb new ideas and can communicate clearly and effectively. Currently looking for an opportunity to join a dynamic, ambitious and growing company that helps me in enhancing my capabilities and talents to contribute effectively to the company's growth and to my career path. PERSONAL SKILLS SDLC (softwaredevelopment life cycle) Mobile App.(Android) Android SqlLite Sql server Java Oracle Forms and Reports KEY SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES  Java skills with knowledge of the Android SDK.  Ability to produce clear documented and commented code.  Experienced in Java,SQL, PL/SQL.  Experienced in MS Project, SmartDraw and Microsoft Visio.  Experienced in Android Studio.  Oracle SQL, PL/SQL,database design and tuning.  Knowledge of object orientated analysis and design techniques. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS BSc Computer Information Systems Amman Al-Ahliyya University 2009 – 2013 Achievement:  King Abdulla II Found for Development (KAFD) grant on graduation project.  Participation in sixth National Technology Parade 2013.  Participation in the 9th Information Tech. Students Activity Fair (ITSAF) 2013.  Trained for 60 hours on android development at Pencilo.  Trained for 110 hours on Mobile Applications development at Pioneers. PERSONAL DETAILS AlShareef Hazza Alabdali Amman - Jordan M: 00962 7 9013 0588 E: Hazza.alabdali@gmail.com DOB: 21/02/1991 Driving license: Yes Nationality: Jordanian REFERENCES – Available upon request