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Link Building Unique Or Advanced Fresh Backlinking Methodology

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Link Building Unique Or Advanced Fresh Backlinking Methodology

  1. 1. Link Building: Unique Or Advanced Fresh Backlinking Methodology By: Akshay Mangla
  2. 2. Link Building Is One Another Great Method To Do Online Business Promotion. • Implied Linking • Non-Implied Linking But Before Doing Link Building, Choose A Right Business/Allied Business Related Platform/Website To Comment Or From Where Want A Unique/Fresh Backlink. For Example, If You Have A Internet Marketing Business, Then Internet Marketing Websites Are The Great Platform To Do Link Building Except Any Other Websites.
  3. 3. These Are Two Categories Of Link Building Under Which All Techniques Are Categorized Like Parent Child Relationship In HTML Programming Or In Any Other Programming Languages.
  4. 4. Implied Linking I’ll Give You An Example To Clear The Meaning Of Implied Linking. For Example: • You Go To YouTube.Com • Watching A Video On “ How To Boost Web Traffic ” • After Watching Whole Video, You Decide On Comment On That Video • & You Wrote Like This: “ This Is The Great Video To Help Increasing Web Traffic. Thanks! Regards, Akshay Mangla akshaymangla.branded.me ”
  5. 5. Implied Linking Now, Here You See The Link “akshaymangla.branded.me ” Below My Name ” Akshay Mangla ” Benefit: • When Anyone Read The Previous Comments On The Video I Already Watched & Wrote My Comment On It, Comes Get To Know URL Address & Redirect To My Website After Once They Clicked. Hierarchy Becomes Like This…… YouTube.Com -> akshaymangla.branded.me Here YouTube.Com Is The Source From Which I Got A Backlink & Visitors Got Redirects To My Website.
  6. 6. Implied Linking To Do Implied Linking, Lots Of Techniques Are Introduced: • Web Submission Directories • Blog Submission Directories • Commenting/Writing Like I Mentioned/Explained Above • Skyscraper • Broken Link Building • Link Reclamation • Business Listings
  7. 7. Non-Implied Linking You Can Took The Same Example, I’ll Gave In Implied Linking. But, In Non-Implied Linking You Wrote/Comment Like This: “ This Is The Great Video To Help Increasing Web Traffic. Thanks! Regards, Akshay Mangla Now, Here You Didn’t See Any Link, & This Is Actual Non-Implied Linking All About. There Is No Need To Write Or Mentioned Any Link In Your Comments.
  8. 8. Great Websites To Do Implied Linking & Non-Implied Linking Are: • Quora • HARO To Create Unique Or Fresh Backlink More & More New Concepts/Techniques/Methodologies Are Introduced By The Internet Marketing World To Do Implied & Non- Implied Linking, You Will Find These Entire Techniques During SEO Process Link Building Step As Per Your Daily Research.
  9. 9. Contact Me Akshay Mangla Mobile No: 9654950798 E-mail ID: mangla.akshay786@gmail.com Website: http://akshaymangla.branded.me/
  10. 10. Thank You By: Akshay Mangla