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Are you paying attention?

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Individual Assignment by Ajay Tyagi Team:11770

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Are you paying attention?

  1. 1. Are you paying attention Name: AJAY TYAGI Team: 11770
  2. 2. Assignment outlineStores visitedKey observationsBenefitsOpportunity
  3. 3. Stores VisitedShopper’s Stop: IndirapuramEasy Day: Vaishali Food SectionVishal Mega Mart: Kaushambi Kids SectionDelhi Bazar
  4. 4. Shoppers Stop Key Observations: • Specific Fragrance of perfumes • English music in background • Specific stalls for festive season sale • vigilant sales girls in each section • Polite communication by staff • Branded Outlets • Appealing Brand logo
  5. 5. Easy Day: Vaishali Key Observations: 1- Strolly size is relatively bigger compared to space available, which was causing problems among customers2- Local brands in garments unlike Shoppers stop3- There was lound music in background, making atmosphere bit noisy.4- Noodles, juices, biscuites, were at eye level suitable for impulsive buying5- Papad, pulses, rice etc are below eye level6- Chocolates, chewing gums, candies at billing counter, well lighted area.
  6. 6. Vishal Mega MartKey Observations:1- Loud film music creating postitve vibrations2- Customer range middle-upper middle class unlike Shoppers stop3- Not much brands available in garments in kids section4- staff memebers inadequate as per no. of customers5- long queue at the billing counter6- Food vouchers with additional discount
  7. 7. Delhi Bazar: Local storeKey Observations:1- Variable pricing with bargaining2- More handmade items in toyssection3- Mixed customers group rangingfrom lower to upper class4- No music5- Very less staff to managecustomers6- Less Lights & homely atmosphere
  8. 8. BenefitsWhile visiting local market (Delhi Bazar) I saw All out mosquito repellant refill, which was not planned in that visit but was my requirementI noticed products at eye level are more in demand (most of the customers had in their strolly)Music plays an important role in background making it more comfortableNow I have better idea about which product is at what placeI could see that Vishal Mega mart & Easy day require communication skills training for their staff
  9. 9. OpportunityTraining for staff of few stores can be a good business opportunityProper branding i.e Shoppers stop, Easy day can attract different customer segmentsStrolly size can be changed as per space requirementProper training of staff will result in more customers