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Textual analysis of a music magazine 3

Textual analysis of a music magazine called Billboard

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Textual analysis of a music magazine 3

  1. 1. Textual Analysis of a
  2. 2. • Digital • ‘Billboard’ aims their magazines at ages between 30 to 40; the average age that reads their magazines is 37. • 43% of digital readers are male and 57% are female. ABOUT THE MAGAZINE – TARGET AUDIENCE • Print • ‘Billboard’ aims their print magazines at ages between 40 to 50; the average age that reads their magazines is 47. This shows that the older generation read print magazines and and the younger generation read digital texts. • 77% of digital readers are male and 23% are female.
  3. 3. FRONT COVER Masthead - The latest ‘Billboard’ logo is used; it’s seen on every edition of their magazines so it’s easily recognisable. On each issue the colour is different so that it blends in with the colour palette to keep it to a minimum - giving it a more professional look. Also the word ‘Billboard’ is the name of an advertising sign which tells us the magazine content is a form of media.
  4. 4. FRONT COVER Main image - Kim Kardashians pose could be considered quite provocative (the way she’s looking at the reader and playing with her lips), which will appeal to the male gaze. The pose could also appeal to women as they admire her and aspire to be her. Kim is making direct mode of address with the reader as she looks directly at the camera lens. What Kim is wearing represents her as being quite chilled and relaxed as she’s wearing an oversized denim jacket that could be Kanye Wests. This relates to the main article as its about Kim and Kanye.
  5. 5. FRONT COVER Pug - This is the issue date and web address in this case. This is a common convention of all magazines, it allows the reader to look out for when the next issue may be and the web address allows the reader to look online to maybe purchase a subscription of the magazine.
  6. 6. FRONT COVER The feature headline - ‘He’s with her’, this refers to Kim and Kanye which supports the reason why it looks like she's wearing his denim jacket. We can tell it’s referring to Kim as she is the main image on the page. It’s in a completely different colour to the rest of the text so that it stands out and engages the reader. Cover lines - These are placed on the right hand side of the cover around Kim Kardashian. There are very little cover lines which suggest not a great deal is needed to persuade their target audience to read the magazine.
  7. 7. FRONT COVER Colour Palette - There are four main colours used on the front cover; yellow, black, white and light brown. This keeps the colour palette to a minimum making it look more professional. House Style - The magazine clearly has a house style as the same colour palette is used throughout and the same font also, apart from the famous ‘Billboard’ logo which is in another font.
  8. 8. FRONT COVER Genre - ‘Billboard’ magazine is a chart magazine that doesn't focus on any particular genre. Kim is a socialite, actress and a model - she is extremely well known so featuring in ‘Billboard’ will entice consumers to buy it whether they see her as a role model or for the male gaze. ‘TV + Music’ - this tells the reader what genre of magazine ‘Billboard’ is if for the consumers if they were unsure.
  9. 9. CONTENTS PAGE Headline - ‘Contents’ is the headline of the page. It is smaller than the masthead on the front cover but it’s vertical like it. This suggests that the main focus is more the articles and what is featured in the magazine rather than trying to sell it.
  10. 10. CONTENTS PAGE Main image - This is a long shot of ‘Kim’ which tells the reader that the main article is going to be about her. ‘Kim’ is giving direct mode of address which engages the reader. It also keeps in with the rule of thirds as she is central on the page. To the left of ‘Kim’ there is text referring to what she is wearing in that main image so that readers are able to see what labels she is wearing and then maybe purchase from them - this is also a way of promoting designers. To the right of ‘Kim’ this has been done again but referring to what she is wearing on the front cover and whom her photographer is.
  11. 11. CONTENTS PAGE House Style - this is continued onto the contents page as the two fonts used on the front cover are also used on this page; one for the headline and one for the rest of the text on the page. The same colour palette is continued onto this page also. Colour Palette - This consists of white and a light brown shade which is the same as the front cover. Keeping the colour palette to a minimum makes it look more professional and it allows the reader to focus on the main image.
  12. 12. CONTENTS PAGE Structure - It’s fairly impractical as the text is quite small and the page numbers with the names of the articles are all over the place and under numerous headings which some people may find hard. Codes and conventions - it follows these as it contains a main image and then columns that fit around ‘Kim’ which consist of page numbers and article names.
  13. 13. CONTENTS PAGE Purpose - this is to inform the readers where certain articles are throughout the magazine. This is done by using page numbers next to the name of the articles. Genre - ‘Billboard’ doesn’t follow any genre in particular which is supported by what ‘Kim’ is wearing as she represents it in a variety of ways; indie, relaxed, rock n roll.
  14. 14. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD Main image - On the left page of the double page spread is the main image; this is of ‘Kim Kardashian’ wearing a fairly unique outfit. In this image she isn’t making direct mode of address which tells us that she doesn’t need to be making eye contact with the readers to engage them. Pull quote - On the main image theres a small amount of text in a small font; this is a pull quote as it’s been taken from the main article.
  15. 15. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD Smaller images - in the bottom left hand corner of the double page spread there are four smaller pictures. These refer to the timeline just above the photos, this allows the reader to relate the timeline to the pictures to get a better understanding. Masthead - there isn’t one on this page because this is taken from a 6 page article which means it’s on a previous page. The largest/boldest text on this page is ‘Kim reps hard for Kanye’.
  16. 16. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD Drop cap - This is used every time a new paragraph starts, its used for emphasis and to inform where the new paragraph starts to the reader. Narrative - The feature article shows that the narrative is an article regarding Kim and Kanye’s life; this is due to the use of pull quotes and also the images from the timeline of their life together.
  17. 17. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD Main feature article - the reader will know that this is the main feature article as its over a double page spread with an extremely large image. Sub-heading - ‘Kim reps hard for Kanye’ ; this is below a small cartoon image which stands out to the reader because it’s in a bigger, bolder and different font to the rest of the page. Below this sub-heading there is a small texts that summarises Kim and Kanye’s relationship together.
  18. 18. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD House style/colour palette - The house style has mostly been kept the same. This is because the same font has been used throughout as well as the same colour palette; giving it a professional look.