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Flocking to digital: The future of poultry technology

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It is estimated that the world poultry production will increase 120 percent from 2010 to 2050. In order to meet this demand, feed conversion ratios and other production efficiencies must continue to improve. The incorporation of digital technologies, such as those listed herein, will greatly aid in these efficiencies and help poultry producers to rise to the demands and meet the increasing needs of a global population.

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Flocking to digital: The future of poultry technology

  1. 1. 3-D PRINTING It fixed Foghorn’s frostbitten feet… couldn’t it help maintain the genetic potential of your flock? 1 ImageCourtesyRileyBrandt/Universityof Calgary
  2. 2. ROBOTS From cleaning the floors to picking up eggs, they are designed to do the dirty work! 2
  3. 3. DRONES Could they protect your outdoor flock from predators? 3
  4. 4. SENSORS Imagine real-time individual information on each bird: temperature, feed & water intake, stress level, you name it! 4 ImagefromWired.com
  5. 5. AI makes this robot capable of deboning a chicken in under 3 seconds. 5 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ImageSINTEFF
  6. 6. Providing security in food safety with early bacterial detection. 6 AUGMENTED REALITY ImagefromCHOICE
  7. 7. Is it possible to give chickens get a visual “free-range” experience? 7 VIRTUAL REALITY ImagecourtesyofSecondLivestock
  8. 8. BLOCKCHAIN Better supply chain traceability is on its way monitoring every step of the food production process. 8
  9. 9. INTERNET OF THINGS All of these technologies rely on IoT for connectivity!
  10. 10. Read the full article here!