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  1. 1. Ahmed Abdel Salam Abdel Haleem Ali Address: Elssufi Mosque, Sakkara, Badrasheen, Giza-Egypt MOB. 01110131395 - 01009000150 MAIL: a.abdelsalam82@gmail.com, ahmed_11_83@yahoo.com OBJECTIVE Searching for a good opportunity where I can utilize and enhance my experience education Background Training and interpersonal skills Education Institute Name : Cairo Wireless Institute (Supervised by the National Telecommunication Institute) Department of electronics & wireless communication Graduation Year : 2004 Grade percentage: 70% Training Courses English course from ASIB Academy Business Administration from Cairo university Successfully Completed The Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST) Successfully Completed The )A+( skills Language skills a) Arabic "Mother Tongue" b) English "Good" Computer skills Self-study A+ : Maintenance of Computer (Hardware & Software) Self-study: Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 Writing speed on computer: English & Arabic " very good " Personal skills: • Excel at interfacing with others at all levels to ensure organizational goals are attained. • Flexible in timing and able to work under pressure. • Keen on troubleshooting and problem solving skills. • Interactive and fast enough to learn new technologies and sciences. • Ability to work in a group or individually according to the job requirements. • Ambitious and hard worker. Interests Computer, Work, learning more skills, playing football Experience • Future Generation Center : Network Communication, Maintenance, Internet Search ,Computer maintenance "S.W..H.W" CorelDraw. Corel Photo-Paint. Microsoft Word.excel.power point.AdobePhotoshop Partition magic program.Fdisk.Windows 98.windows XP.windows me&Dos.etc. (Still Working On Parttime basis) * IBC. company telephone maintenance, Computer maintenance
  2. 2.  Daltex for Information Technology (Daltex I.T), Egypt April 2008-Present Daltex is the Unisys Sole Agent in Egypt, Oracle Partner, Cisco Partner And IBM Partner. • I am working as a customer support support & maintenance department, performing all the activities required like: o Service and Support Jobs for Computers and Peripherals. o Working on Improving Performance through Directing and Training of Support and Maintenance Services. o Installation And operation and operating And Maintenance of Computers Peripherals. o Understanding Installing and operating Systems and office Programs. o Executing Maintenance requests and preparing the necessary Reports. o Performing Maintenance operations (Preventive and Regular). o Understanding Design and Installation of Information Network. o Being able to take the necessary Decisions under Work Pressure. o Being able to Work as a team. o Understanding Basics of Network Like (TCP/IP,SMTP.DNS) o Working with "Printers and Unisys Document Processing Machines [Dp30, Dp60, Dp110 and SNDP, Smart Source]". o Hardware installation and configuration [PC, Printers]. o Operating systems installation and configuration [Windows 2000/XP]. o Network installation and configuration. o Install desktop applications and troubleshooting PCs and network problems. • Sites that I work in : o Central Bank of Egypt [CBE]. O HSBC Bank. o Bloom Bank. o Piraeus Bank. O BNP Bank. o City Bank. o Calyon Bank O Housing and Development o Orix company o Barclays Bank o Scotia bank o United Pharmacists o Military Research Area. o The Security Center of the Interior Ministry o Information Department of the Interior Ministry. o Clearing Room for More Than 27 Banks.
  3. 3. Computer Experience: • Working with" Windows XP/2000 on IBM, Dell, HP and Unisys PCs". • BPCS (Bulk Payment Clearing System). This package is installed in the Clearing Room in the CBE (Central Bank of Egypt). It analysis and calculates all the cheques' transactions between all the banks in Egypt. It works based on Oracle Database 8i. • BankClear. It is a clearing package installed in most banks in Egypt. It works based on Access XP database. • Bancom. It is a communication package installed in most banks in Egypt to communicate, send and receive secure file to and from the Clearing Room in the Central Bank of Egypt. • Image links and ASIS. It is an archiving system package installed in Piraeus Bank and The Jordan Embassy, this package works based on SQL Server 2000. • Experience in Microsoft Access. • Many ready made packages (Archiving systems , clearing software , … ) Personal information Birth date 11/11/1982 Military state Exempted Social state Married JOb Name