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Payroll Integration

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Payroll Integration

  1. 1. Plane Handling and Aviance Integration of Access Database Presentation completed by Ahmed Usman
  2. 2. Contents  Synopsis  Current Position  Problems with running two separate databases  Proposed Integration-Solution 1  Proposed Integration-Solution 2  Timetable  Appendix  Risks and commentary on the Integration of the databases  Summary of technical Issues arising on the Integration of databases  Manning/contact details
  3. 3. Synopsis  Current position  2 Separate databases with separate T & C s in each database [Plane Handling Limited [PHL] and Aviance T3 and T4[AVA]]  Problems with running two separate databases  Accuracy  Transfer of employees  Confusion with T & C  Proposed Integration  Single Platform i.e. single Integrated database  Proposed Solution 1  One Integrated database incorporating the terms and conditions of Plane Handling Limited [PHL] and Aviance [AVA] (if bandwidth allows it)  Proposed solution 2  Separate database for Cargo and Ramp both incorporating the terms and condition of the PHL and AVA  Timetable:-Pilot Version 31 March 2010, implementation date 6 May 2010  Problem and Issues Arising  Bandwidth  Odd contracts  Fields with monetary values as compared to hours  Delay in rollout
  4. 4. Current Position PHL Database Radius Park Grampian Payroll System PHL T & C’s Newcastle Backend AVA T & C’s AVA Database T3 and T4 TRN T3 T4 T3 CP SP RP MANB549
  5. 5. Proposed Solution 1 PHL Database Radius Park Grampian Payroll System Newcastle TRN T4 Pay-26 Data extraction Pay-31 Data extraction T3 CP SP RP MAN B549 Common rostering in Ramp and PAX
  6. 6. Proposed Solution 2 PHL Database Radius Park Grampian Payroll System PHL T & C’s + AVA T & C’s Newcastle Backend AVA Database T3 and T4 TRN T3 T4 T3 CP SP RP MANB549 PHL T & C’s + AVA T & C’s The databases are identical with same (combined T & C’s) Common rostering in Ramp and PAX
  7. 7. Timetable Date Phase Action Plan 31 March 2010 First Pilot Version First version of Integrated database would be installed at Ahmed and Peter’s terminal at Radius Park for assessment and testing. The results of the Pilot version would be discussed with PG in early April and fedback to Jim 20 April 2010 First Completed version ready for full testing [This version would incorporate feedback from PG/AU and PD] Full version to be installed at few selected sites for testing and assessment 5 May 2010 Cut-off date To be managed by AU and PD i.e. Ensure all 15 stations are fully aware of it and have completed all final postings 6 May 2010 Implementation date to all the 15 stations JS to install to all stations This process is expected to take around 2-3 days 6 May 2010-1 June 2010 Training/Support AU and JS to train and support all the users of the New integrated database
  8. 8. Risks and commentary on the integration  Bandwidth  Transfer of people from payroll 26 to 31  Delay in rollout  2 Extraction Payroll 31 Payroll 26  Fields with Monetary Values as compared to hours on PHL database
  9. 9. Summary of technical Issues Arising on the Integration of databases  Odd contracts  Integration of different contract types and associated shift patterns  Programming the weekly/monthly payroll routines  Importing current data correctly into the new integrated database  Current Reports Airline Staff No Database fields United 2 6 Eithad 22 4 Air India 48 Complications regarding the shift patterns
  10. 10. Manning Contact details Phone/Fax/email Jim Slatter Programme designer/Support Mobile:-07770 987152 Ahmed Usman Financial Controller Mobile:-0754 5275991 Phone mainline:-020 8890 3708 Peter Daglish Payroll Administrator Phone mainline:- 020 8890 3708 Fax:-020 8931629 Kay Payroll Assistant/Support Phone mainline:-020 8890 3708 Fax:- 020 8931629