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  1. 1. Date of Birth : 6/5/1982 Sex : Male Nationality : Egyptian Phone : 01210556639 E Mail : Ahmaher963@gmail.com Career Objective Looking forward for the next step on my career ladder, with luxury 5star hotels advanced management positions in housekeeping thatinternational chain in one of has more responsibilities, challenge and availability to grow 10years experience of Housekeeping :Education License of law Banha University GradeGood May 2003 :Training Spirit to serve Passportto success First aid training Fire fighting Diversy chemicals Ecolab chemicals Housekeeping Essentials training Opening team in Sun International Marsa Alam Hotel Opening team in Crown Plaza Marsa Alam Hotel
  2. 2. Opening team in Fairmont Nile city Hotel Opening team in Kempinski Royal Maxim Hotel Hobbies : Football /Reading/Turning moments into Mummeries for every one PersonalSkills: Very good communication skills Ability to work under pressure Self-motivated, dependable and goal oriented Good presentation skills Ability to work individually and team member Language : Native fluency in Arabic language. Good command of written and spokenEnglish language. Good spokenand written French. Employment History: Hk Senior Supervisor245 Room(opening)Royal Maxim Kempinski From May2015 till Now opening Team Member, Involvement in handover process, Assisting-Pre Selection,in Uniform Establishing SOP's , Selecting of Cleaning & Laundry Companies, Recruitment &Training My understanding and knowledgefor the hospitality techniques came from:  People  Product  Profit
  3. 3. If wemaintain to have the samelevel of service consistentwhich is usually comes frompeople, then we will create a huge impact on our guests which will lead to stable and consistent high profit. I am currently responsiblefor the day to day rooms operation with insuring to deliver service as to reflect our culture and exceed guest expectations, insuring a proper communication cannel between guestand hotel management. My opinion is that managing expenses is the safestkey for a stable departmental organization. Hk SupervisorFairmont Nile city (opening) 550 room From 9/2009 till April 2014 ) 650RoomCrown Plaza Sahara port Ghalib Marsa Alam (opening Hk Supervisor From 8/2008 till 9/2009 650RoomSun International port Ghalib Marsa Alam (opening) Order Taker From 10/2007 till8/2008 RoomAttendantJw Marriot Cairo
  4. 4. From 11/2005 till 8/2007 Computer Skills: Windows, Opera system, Microsoft office works (excel, word, PowerPoint). Internet functions References: Director of HousekeepingName: Mr. Mohamed Lotfy Fairmont Nile city Hotel Phone Number: 01228248989 Years Known: 9 years ManagerHousekeepingName: Mr. Ibrahim Hafez Jw Marriot Cairo Hotel /01124622869Phone Number: 01273883891 Years Known: 9 years Assistant Executive HousekeeperAbdel Rahman: Mr. AmrName Royal MaximPalace Kempinski Cairo Hotel Phone Number: 01026003871