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My Cover letter

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My Cover letter

  1. 1. Dear manager I am eager to have this interview willing to be a part of your staff as Electrical Power Engineer for your leadingindustryforce andamenclosingmyresume inapplicationtothe position advertised. I’m a graduate of the faculty of engineering ,Benha university, with B.sc in Electrical power and machines, Ican tell youthat I’m greatlyinterestedinelectrical engineering withall its branches,I alwaysreadinpowerdistribution,automation,robotics etc. .AlsoIhave agoodknowledge includes practical training in the field of construction .I did my graduation project in it ,This helped me to know about keeping down time low and customer satisfaction high in order to improve the performance and achieve profits. Very goodcommand of Englishlanguage, verygood communicationskillsamongdiverse peopleat all levelsin work society in order to gain success, and strong teams of professionals in superior engineeringtechnologies.My researchand basicknowledgeinengineeringtechnologies, computer, andmathematicshave preparedme wellfordevelopment,design,andotheraspectsof engineering technologies and systems. My qualificationswilladdafresheyetowardinnovation,costsavings,andexcellence inengineering solutions to you as a leading company in engineering products and services. Through hard work and continued training, I pledge to devote into my work to contribute well to your profits,streamline processesandreduce waste,designnew andbetterproducts andservices, and add to your high reputation in the field of engineering in the 21st century. Sincerely, Ahmed Abd Elsamea Abd Elhay