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M-Agile - Best practices for successful Mobile Agile - Roy Nuriel PerfectoMobile

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The Agile Manifesto was published in 2001 and now nearly every software development team claims to be following Agile practices (to some extent). Client server and web app project teams have reached a level of maturity enabling frequent releases with a predictable velocity and high quality. Agile practices move organizations towards embedding quality throughout the process.

But, these same teams are feeling daily pressure to deliver similar capabilities on mobile devices. Business is shifting to the digital experience and mobility is the central focus. Organizations succeeding to deliver standard web and other technologies are now struggling to achieve the same maturity in the mobile (web & native) world or what we are calling M-Agile (Mobile Agile).

In this session we will explore why the unique aspects of mobile app development are changing SDLC (software development lifecycle) practices. There is no magic to adapt current practices. Rather, we will share a recommended set of practices to achieve predictable velocity and deliver high quality mobile apps. The conversation will specifically address how to implement continuous integration (CI) to achieve the fast feedback / fast correction cycle required to drive mobile app engagement. CI can help teams also achieve Continuous Quality by embedding functional and non-functional verification in every build.

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M-Agile - Best practices for successful Mobile Agile - Roy Nuriel PerfectoMobile

  1. 1. M-Agile Best practices for successful Mobile Agile Agile Israel 2015 Discussion with: Roy Nuriel, Director of Product Management
  2. 2. Introducing Perfecto Mobile Dominant leader & visionary Strong Ecosystem Perfecto @ a glance Enabling Enterprises create better mobile apps faster with continuous quality “Perfecto Mobile marks shift in mobile apps QA with Continuous Quality Lab” Proprietary & Confidential 2 Setting the bar for market success • Founded in late 2006, Business HQ in Boston and R&D in Israel • Proven management team with over 200 employees globally • Funded by leading VCs, Total - $57.8M
  3. 3. Customer Traction 3Proprietary & Confidential Tier 1 (500) Tier 3 (3000) Tier 2 (1500) 2011 2012 2013 2014
  4. 4. Lets talk about… • Market trends • M-Agile challenges • M-Agile best practices
  5. 5. Market trends
  6. 6. Digital channels • Digital experience is the #1 factor for customers satisfaction & churn • Digital channels = Mobile + Web + Social The Future of mobile application development report – Forrester January 28, 2015
  7. 7. The Digital Engagement Journey • Physical experience and interaction gives way to Digital • Budgets are shifting accordingly Web Mobile Apps as hand held web User Centric Mobile Apps/ Services Complete Digital Engagement 1990-2007 2007 - 2013 2013 – 2015+ 2015+
  8. 8. Mobile Strategy at United Airlines User Engagement Centric Design Engagement Driven Innovation Execution Business Outcome 2013 Investor Report Mobile Contributes 20101 2013E ANCILLARY REVENUE VIA DIGITAL CHANNELS +~4x
  9. 9. Why Wearable Technology? “Most people reach for their Smartphone every six minutes ~150 times a day. Wearable Technology may reduce that number by 60%”. Source: Smart Ring
  10. 10. More Frequent & Faster Releases High user engagement requires continuous improvement The Mobile Market is in continuous change Competition is moving continuously and aggressively Rapid Change forces frequent and fast releases to drive engagement 2010 4 per year 2015 36 per year Typical app releases per year IDC
  11. 11. Mobile accelerate the move to Agile
  12. 12. M-Agile Challenges
  13. 13. Velocity Quality
  14. 14. Quality - Users Expectations are High, Feedback is Public “Poor app quality is the primary reason behind the weak adoption, usage and even failure of many mobile apps.” [ Gartner, Sep 2014 ] Starbucks App Store Reviews
  15. 15. Mobile Is Diverse, Complex & Dynamic 20132012201120102009 Windows 8 Oct 2012 Windows 7 Oct 2009 Froyo May 2010 Cupcake Apr 2009 iOS 6 Sep 2012 iOS 5.1 Mar 2012 iOS 5.0 Oct 2011 iOS 4.3 Mar 2011 iOS 4.2 Nov 2010 iOS 3.1 Sep 2009 iOS 3.0 Jun 2009 iOS 6.0.1 Nov2012 iOS 6.1 Jan 2013 iOS 6.1.3 Ma2013 Jelly Bean Jelly Bean June 2012 Jelly Bean Jelly Bean Jelly Bean ICS ICS Oct 2011 ICS ICS ICS Gingerbread Gingerbread Gingerbread Gingerbread Donut Sep 2009 Eclair Oct 2009 Gingerbread Dec 2010 iOS 4.1 Sep 2010 iOS 4.0 Jun 2010 iOS 3.2 Apr 2010
  16. 16. Performance Security Agile Hour-Glass approach UI Integration Unit Testing Target Devices Target Env.OS OS versions Form factors CPU & Memory Manufacturers Wearable Networks Orientation Events Device events Locations Wearable
  17. 17. Performance Security QA Evolution into XA UI Integration Unit Testing Target Devices Target Env. Experience Assurance (XA) DevTest Continuously Integrated
  18. 18. Mobile Continuous Quality Practice … Job Test Duration Test Scope Device Coverage Unit System Smoke Regression Performance Hourly 20-40 Min ±4 3-4 times a day 30-60 Min ±6 Nightly 2-7 Hours ±10 Weekend 10-48 Hours ±20
  19. 19. Meet your users in the app store
  20. 20. Browse Reviews by: 1. Device 2. Version 3. Time, Rating, Helpfulness
  21. 21. But the app isn’t the only one changing…
  22. 22. Manage an industry calendar in your team
  23. 23. Q+A royn@perfectomobile.com