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Scaling Agile with KanBan

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On behalf of Lean and Agile Middle East (Dubai Chapter), we are excited to welcome you to a new Meetup session.

The votes are in (https://agileindubai.com/agile-meetup-dubai/) and there is no doubt about the result - you want to hear more about SCALING WITH AGILE, so that will be the topic of this session.

Let's have breakfast with us during Ramadan and have agile session after.

In this session we will discus general concept of scaling and discuss some famous approaches. Following are the topics will be covered.

Intro to Scaling with Agile
LeSS, Spotify, DAD, Scaling with Kanban, SAFe and Nexus
Closing Note and Question and Answers

Speakers: Rasmus Runberg, Wajih Aslam, Swarn Singhvi, Basharat Ahmed and Zayne.

We will make sure the session will be equally benefit to new as well as experts.

Veröffentlicht in: Leadership & Management
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Scaling Agile with KanBan

  1. 1. Scaling with KanBan
  2. 2. Who am I? Zayne Nair Digital Consultant Cape Town, SM, PM, Agile Coach 10 years in ICT
  3. 3. Introducing Living the Engineering awesome life Digital Strategy & Transformation App Development Web & Sitecore IT Solutions Architecture Design & User Experience Quality Assurance & Maintenance
  4. 4. 27 Offices 17 Countries 1200 Employees
  5. 5. 看板 (KanBan) 看(Kan) - Signal/Visual 板(Ban) - Card Imperial Palace Gardens in Tokyo uses a kanban system Limiting flow
  6. 6. Agile vs Agility
  7. 7. The ultimate aim for your organization is to improve. The outcomes you want are: Reduced cycle time Reduced defects Increased predictability The ability to adopt and maintain an attitude of compliance The ability to determine and manage software delivery risks effectively Reduced costs
  8. 8. Cross-functional Teams Create teams with varied skill sets in order to reduce the external dependencies Scrum or ? Work with each team to decide on a method that works for them. Agile Coach Agile coaches are needed to support and facilitate the ongoing transformation Agile Transformation Project Basic Agile training Create X- functional teams Implement an agile framework or method Have agile coaches Agile Mindset Agile training for all employees in order to better understand the agile mindset.
  9. 9. Did we improve?
  10. 10. Backlog To do Develop Done Simplified Team Board External waiting
  11. 11. Backlog To do Develop Done Multiple Teams External waiting Backlog To do Develop Done External waiting Backlog To do Develop Done External waiting
  12. 12. Simplified Team Board Backlog To do Develop Done External waiting
  13. 13. This bit is “Agile”
  14. 14. What can we do about it?
  15. 15. DoneBacklog To do Team 1 Team 2 Product Team Board (flight level 2) External waiting Team 3
  16. 16. Simplify E2E Process
  17. 17. How to ensure success Limit WIP where you want achieve the benefit Stop starting, Start finishing Short feedback loops Keep improving
  18. 18. Thank You