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p.p.t. on X INTERNET describing the x internet with comparing to domestic internet and all necessary related works and problems too and with their solution

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  2. 2. The term “X Internet” dubbed in October, 2000 by a Forrester Research’s CEO, George F. Colony ‘X’ in X-Internet stands for: 1) EXecutable Internet 2) EXtended Internet X-internet brings a new era in the field of information technology .. It give new power and sophication in delivering the services to the users INTRODUCTION
  3. 3. Executable Internet X – internet is known for executable internet because it execute the user’s program and analysis in a fluent way Smart code, such as Java and a distributed infrastructure Reduce latency and enhance online users’ experience Minimalize unnecessary data exchanges Executable-Internet
  4. 4. “X- internet is also known as extended internet because it provide services over the wide area or we can say limitless internet” Driven by ever cheaper sensors, smart tagging, and tracing technologies Bridge the gap between the physical and online worlds Internet connectivity reaches beyond the traditional PC Extended Internet
  5. 5. X Internet incorporates Internet’s advantage with C/S’s advantage X Internet advantages
  6. 6. X Internet reduces data transfer Downloaded executable applications are tiny as the size of a graphic file (approximately 15 Kilobytes) X Internet can overcome these bandwidth limits Processing logic is distributed between the server and client, and this smart client device can process code locally X Internet advantages
  7. 7. Connects physical objects to the Internet via RFID, sensors and wireless networks Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are used to identify product location Wireless sensors detect and send condition information of the surroundings X Internet advantages
  8. 8. George Colony, Navi Radjou, Eroica Howard, “The X Internet: Leveling the Playing Field for Businesses in Developing Nations” The X Internet connects digital to physical
  9. 9. Standards : X internet does not have established standards yet (2007) Built-in intelligence : Rapid deployment, self- management and easy reconfiguration Advanced data interpretation : Data distribution and aggregation, data filtering and fusion, intelligence gathering, etc. Related work & problems to be solved
  10. 10. Security and privacy : full control of what information is shared and when Exception-based control : Provide users with meaningful and seamless experience Related work & problems to be solved
  11. 11. Web has some problems: It does not best utilize limited telecommunications capacity. Web is neither interactive nor real-world-aware enough for sophisticated interaction. With its executable and extended properties, X Internet sounds promising. Conclusion
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