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Tool & Strategies for Transforming Government Experience

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User experience is a growing concern for state and local government leaders. Annual benchmark surveys conducted by the Center for Digital Government show that improving the interactions citizens and other stakeholders have with public agencies has become both a policy and investment priority for government officials.

But what’s the right approach to creating user-centric government services and transactions? Our panel of experts from the Center for Digital Government and Acquia, a leader in digital experience technology, will break down the components of a superior user experience and explain how agencies can deliver them.

Join us for this dynamic Q&A-style webcast, where you’ll learn how:

- Evolving user preferences impact technology and policy architecture
- Cloud and open source technologies can support transformation
- Agencies like New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority are putting these tools to work

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Tool & Strategies for Transforming Government Experience

  1. 1. 1.Big Picture Trends 2.Industry Perspectives - Fireside Chat 3.Government Perspectives - Fireside Chat 4.Ask Us Anything LIVE
  2. 2. Big Picture Trends
  3. 3. A Disconnect In Expectations & Reality
  4. 4. Data Source: Accenture 2019 Exchanging Data For Experience
  5. 5. Policymakers Jump Into Government Experience With New Mandates & Experience-Centered Priorities
  6. 6. The Government Experience Evolves
  7. 7. What Does A Transformed Experience Look Like?
  9. 9. Acquia Customers
  10. 10. Communications with constituents are inconsistent across different channels Decisions and data are disjointed, siloed and aren’t real-time Citizens and constituents are frustrated by slow and belabored interactions No single view of the citizen and the journey they’re on Common challenges in the Government Sector: