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Group Managing Director at Country Wing Group Of Companies um Accurate Weighing Scales (U) Limited
10. Oct 2016

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auto garage country wing profile catalog

  1. Country Wing Automobile Garage, is an indigenous company, operates a privately owned and well-equipped Motor Vehicle repair workshop and genuine spare parts at Kubiiri opposite Makerere university primary school, yellow stage. Since 1984, we have been maintaining and repairing a wide range of vehicles including Land Rovers/ Range Rovers, the 4-wheel drive category in Nissan, Toyota and Mitsubishi brands for several corporate, institutions. Our specialty is in the light trucks fitted with diesel engines. We carry out fleet evaluation, routine Engine service, body repairs, electrical wiring, engine overhauling and recovery services. We have established ourselves in the market as the affordable alternative to specialized manufacturers’ agents owing to the competitive prices of our genuine spare parts and services. The Workshop is highly rated among the best-equipped workshops in Kampala with modern tools and equipment. The Mobile workshop with several service vans is sufficiently equipped to handle out of station repairs. In our 30 Years of importing stocking and supplying Original Spare Parts we are renowned for: 1 WHO WE ARE
  2. • Servicing and supplying parts to Bank of Uganda up to date now 20 years • Servicing and supplying spares to KEC international for now 2 years • Supplying Uganda Electricity Board (Now Transmission Generation and Umeme) 10 Years • Supplying parts and servicing the Uganda Telecom Fleet 4 Years • Supplying parts and Servicing The Uganda Railway Fleet until it changed to RVR • Supplying ORIGINAL TOYOTA spare parts to LONRHO for 3 Years • Supplying Customised Tyres to UNAMIS – DAFUR – SUDAN • Supplying Toyota Spare Parts to Uganda Police Force Country Wing Automobile Garage adheres to a strict set of guidelines that have enabled us to favourably compete and stay in the market and we take great Conditioner concern to ensure that quality is our principal priority. 2 OUR CLIENTS
  3. Technical Staff: Our technical staff have vast experience and skills to meet the varying customer requirements that is galvanized to handle challenging jobs. This has made us a preferred partner. Our field staff have been specifically trained to operate out of station without compromising quality of output Lean operations: Our Lean operations translate into lower operation costs and overheads. Our Customers’ benefit from low prices as a result. The Simplicity of our operations eliminates any bureaucracies and guarantees prompt response and especially deliveries of expedited orders for spare parts not in stock and unavailable in the country. 3 OUR ESTEEMED STAFF
  4. Genuine Parts: Country Wing Automobile Garage has been the leading crusader nationally on fitting of genuine parts. All our spare parts are genuine Japanese auto and carry the manufactures warranty. Our prices remain below the market average. Transparency: At Country Wing Automobile Garage, we promote transparency. We prefer sharing details of parts and scope of services rendered to our customers. Our Invoice details the scope of job done; at what mileage and the parts fitted with their part numbers to facilitate easy comparison of prices the same parts elsewhere on the market. The invoice is captured on our system for easy tracking of repair history which information may be handy to the customer. 4 OUR CORE BUSINESS
  5. At Country Wing Automobile Garage, we carry out extraordinary repairs and maintenance that facilitate robust vehicle performance including routine engine/body servicing and electrical repairs. We also give routine expert reports regarding vehicle performance and evaluation as per customer standards. Our technicians and mechanics carry out periodic conditions assessment of all motor vehicles and make recommendations for immediate repairs or reply Country Wing Automobile Garage comments. The company also operates a spare parts shop that only deals in genuine European and Japanese parts for brands like Land Rover and Range Rover, Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi with specialty in the 4WD diesel engines. However, Country Wing Automobile Garage furthermore provides ancillary services as may be required by the customer. 5 OUR CORE BUSINESS
  6. Co u n tr y W i n g Servicing upcountry fleet During our long service to several organizations we have noted the following common fleet management setbacks; • Outstation motor Vehicles driven long distances to come for service in Kampala with cost implications in terms of fuel, wear and tear, driver allowances and time lost. • Motor vehicles serviced / repaired in multiple garages by unqualified mechanics and fitted with non-genuine spares affecting performance and vehicle lifespan. • Limited user knowledge on cost implications of non-genuine parts and delayed service. • Poor record keeping due to shifting motor vehicles from garage to garage resulting into botched diagnosis due to limited historical data. • Interruptions of core organization activities as cars are driven to Kampala for service and repairs. • To arrest the above situation Country Wing Automobile Garage has been doing the following to its existing customers; Schedule harmonization: Harmonise service schedule for upcountry motor vehicles in each region and thereafter service all vehicles at same time with negligible / tolerable service mileage difference. Customer tailored package: Dedicate service vans, mechanics, technicians and an account manager for the customers’ upcountry operations. Mechanics and technicians to receive further custom-tailored training specific to customers’ requirements. Fleet management: Country Wing Automobile Garage fleet management electronic database captures maintenance cost and individual vehicle performance for all customers. For easy access we also keep Up-to-date manual repair logbooks in each vehicle detailing on spot repair history. Our invoice format is a one stop information source detailing vehicle model, part number, odometer reading and other details enabling customer to verify / justify job done. Sharing experiences: 6
  7. Sharing experiences: Fleet acquisition and management recommendations drawn from experiences of a wider Country Wing Automobile Garage customer base enables our staff to volunteer unbiased information regarding types of vehicles ideal for certain tasks. We have always been invited by our other customers to contribute appraisals and or observations on suitability of certain models for certain tasks. Most recently we provided similar service to Hima Cement and Tilton Investments (U) limited. Out of station servicing: Our experienced staff is capable of responding to emergencies in case of break downs or accidents. Post service support: Provide post service / repair support to users and customer head office in form of reports, information sharing and follow-up. To add the customer on the Country Wing Automobile Garage database for tracking the individual vehicle performance and shall offer vehicle specific technical support. User education: Sensitizing motor vehicle users on best practices (including handling skills) and provide assistive materials. Condition assessments: Carry out periodic and random assessments on vehicles to determine condition and effect remedial / safety actions well in time. 7
  8. Country Wing Automobile Garage takes great precautions to ensure that only quality output is realized from the auto workshop and of such, not only have we employed the best technicians but also put in controls that ensure clients are contented. Country Wing Automobile Garage fleet management electronic database captures maintenance cost and individual vehicle performance for all customers. For easy access we also keep Up-to-date manual repair logbooks in each vehicle detailing on spot repair history. We also ensure that only genuine, patented parts are used on clients' vehicles and of such we offer warranties on all jobs that are done in our workshop. Cars are tested by our quality control personnel before they are returned and full diagnosis carried out, in case of any other discrepancies beyond what the vehicle was brought in for, the owner is notified and advised accordingly. Our work is guaranteed and therefore clients are encouraged to return the vehicle for further scrutiny, should they feel a problem still persists. 8 QUALITY ASSURANCE & SECURITY
  9. Country Wing Automobile Garage offers periodic car condition assessment and reports for its client and make recommendations for immediate repairs or reply Country Wing Automobile Garage comments. Since one may never know when or how a vehicle may break down, Country Wing Automobile Garage offers a mobile workshop with several service vans and sufficiently manned and equipped to handle out of station repairs. The auto workshop and administration block are fully insured should there be any unexpected occurrence. Fire extinguishers are also available in the service bays as well as a high pressure hydrant in case of fire. Security is further boosted with 24hour security guards who are rotated after every 12 hours. This ensures that customers' vehicles are returned not only in better condition than they were brought, but with all personal effects intact. With over thirty years of experience in the motor vehicle industry, we can only make every effort to reach greater heights and we shall strive to ensure our customers get only the best service at Country Wing Automobile Garage. 9
  10. Since 1984 Country Wing Automobile Garage has been meeting the day to day needs of vehicle owners for quality service at an affordable rate. We understand the importance of a reliable and well maintained fleet of vehicles. To ensure this whilst Conditioner controlling costs, we procure genuine spare parts and make strict supervision of workmanship. Today Country Wing Automobile Garage boasts of a big and established well trained staff of over fifty mechanics, panel beaters, welders, engineers, and experts. We have a moderate clientele of individuals, Corporate, Government and NGOs who enjoy a host of our high quality 10 WE SPECIALISE IN; WE SPECIALISE IN;
  11. We have established client relations section that helps in providing customers with responses through follow-up calls, visits and Email. Country Wing Automobile Garage has over 30 years of experience in Distribution, repair and maintenance of the Vehicles in Uganda. Equipment and Facilities The company is strategically located on Bombo Rd, providing easy to reach facilities and services. Due to the medium size of the company, a personalised service is provided to our customers – the majority of which we have developed a long term relationship with, and are their first choice for service needs. With the continuous improvement in vehicles and products, we have the latest up to date Subaru computerised diagnostic equipment, special tools and trained personnel in Country Wing Automobile Garage to handle the increasing levels of design and technology found on vehicles today. Accident repairs and vehicle respraying services are carried out on a regular basis as part of the normal aftermarket support. Parts support is a key part to the long term product efficiency and life, at Country Wing Automobile Garage we import, distribute and fit only genuine spare parts with the re-assurance of a parts warranty, Stock orders are Country Wing Automobile Garaged on a regular basis with the support from our group company regional stock in cases of necessity or emergency. A computerized management information system is in place in Country Wing Automobile Garage and provides the necessary basis for effective and efficient business management. 11 WHY COUNTRY WING AUTO MOBILE GARAGE? Our Vision: "To provide total satisfaction through products and services of highest quality and reliability" Our Mission: "To create superior value for our customers, employees and shareholders through the importation and sale of brand new motor vehicles, related parts and accessories that fulfil customer needs and wants at the right price, sustaining a motivated workforce and consistently increasing shareholders returns" In line with our vision and Mission statements, we are interest- ed in ensuring that the voice of the customer is heard and reacted to as it’s the feedback you provide to us that we measure how satisfied you are with our range of products and
  12. AUTO BODY PAINTING country wing automobile garage offers superb paint finishes in our country wing automobile garage that is equipped with computerized paint mixing system which provides precision and accuracy to match the original manufacturers colour code. we use the best paints and paint matching systems. sikkens is the world’s leader in automotive finishes with a comprehensive colour library which makes our technicians able to mix any colour for all vehicle models in the world. our paint system uses the latest in precision and advanced technology to deliver the highest quality paint finishes available that continue to exceed our customer’s expectations. our process guarantees a beautiful finish and a perfect match. 12
  13. • This is a full computerized electronic wheel alignment machine capable of checking 3 dimen- sion angles of a wheel i.e. tow in/tow-out angles, camber angles and cast angles • It can firm Chassis alignment after repairs and it is installed with all vehicle manufactures’ date. 13 COMPUTERIZED WHEEL ALIGNMENT
  14. COMPUTERIZED DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE This is a stand-alone machine that does electronic diagnosis of the vehicle systems. It can do emission analysis for diesel and gasoline vehicle systems which is necessary for tuneups. It has an engine analyser capable of doing engine system tests i.e compression test without opening the engine, and also deeper error analysis after the common diagnosis. 14
  15. BODY STRAIGHTENING AND RE- FURBISHMENT At Country Wing Automobile Garage, we believe that accident vehicles need not show any signs of repair upon leaving the garage and that is why we have invested in tools and equip- ment which ensure that vehicles maintain the symmetry and original specifications required by their manufacturers, after repair. The Country Wing Automobile Garage is equipped with a heavy-duty dozer jack as well as a variety of body jacks, which will restore even the most crumpled vehicle to its original shape, thereby maintaining the recommended body gaps and settings which ensure that all the fittings fall in place as required, giving a vehicle the accident-free look. 15
  16. Country Wing Automobile Garage treasures long term relationships with its customers thus the unwavering commitment to meeting our customers' needs. The division is fully equipped with state of the art equipment and trained personnel thus offering high quality service. Our Country Wing Automobile Garage is able to turn over 30 vehicles per month on major accident repairs. In addition, our turn-around period on any major accident vehicle is two weeks, a factor which has made most insurance companies and other clients prefer our workshop. The services offered in the accident section are: • Minor and major accident repairs • Panel beating • Spray painting and buffing • Jigging (chassis repair) We deal with all makes of vehicles, taking care of the entire vehicle from its body to the interior. The technicians we have are competent and experienced to handle all natures of damages on both the body and mechanicals. We restore vehicles to their original manufacturers’ specifications. Our repair systems are enhanced by the use of modern equipment. This makes us repair the vehicle to the satisfaction of the customers. Accident Repairs: With emphasis on quality and good lead time, the company has an edge over their competitors Our staff can comfortably repair 4WDs, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV), luxury saloon cars and light/heavy commercial vehicles. On average we repair 30 accident vehicles per month and service about 60 vehicles per month. BODY REPAIRS/REHABILITATION 16
  17. TYRE CENTRE • A tyre changing machine capable of handling alloy and steel rims. • Wheel balancing machine also capable of balancing alloy, steel rims and rims for light commercial vehicles 17
  18. SERVICE CENTRE In our service division we have invested heavily in modern equipment. We have identified Bosch as a strong and trusted brand and that is why we use their products to make sure our customers are offered the best services with a global standard. Some of the services offered are: • Computerized diagnostic • Tyre centre • Computerized alignment. 18
  19. MECHANICAL REPAIRS The motor world today is characterized by rapidly changing computerized engine controls, airbag systems, anti-lock braking systems and other electronic control systems; at Country Wing Automobile Garage our technicians are fully trained and certified to handle these systems. This gives us real expertise in this area. We provide vehicle maintenance services to both corporate and individuals clients. Our expertise in maintaining all vehicle models has been the cornerstone of our success in this field. Through this programme, we confidently provide Major and minor services Our staffs generate service history of all vehicles, and are able to advice the customer accordingly. After the diagnosis, we inform the customer of the defects we have noted, and we streamline the urgent ones, and as well as those that they require service at the long run. Our clients enjoy our personalized touch, and the professionalism we show in carrying our customer focused service. At Country Wing Automobile Garage, we deal with all of these systems and more every day. Our certified technicians are trained on all aspects of vehicle repair. This even includes replacing window controls and motors as well as cooling systems and cruise control. 19