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Tech Vision 2019: Infographic

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Success in the emerging “post-digital” world will be based on an organization’s ability to deliver personalized “realities” for customers, employees and business partners. Is your business ready? www.accenture.com/techvision

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Tech Vision 2019: Infographic

  1. 1. 89% arealreadyexperimenting withoneormoreDARQ technologies. 83% agreedigitaldemographics givetheirorganizationsa newwaytoidentifymarket opportunitiesforunmet customerneeds. 71% agreetheiremployeesare moredigitallymaturethan theirorganization,resultingin aworkforce“waiting”forthe organizationtocatchup. 29% Only29percentreportthey knowtheirecosystempartners areworkingdiligently,as theyare,tobecompliantand resilientwithregardtosecurity. 85% agreetheintegration ofcustomizationand real/neartimedelivery isthenextbigwaveof competitiveadvantage. TREND4 SECUREUS TOSECUREME Enterprisesarenot victims,they’revectors Ecosystem-driven business connections increase companies’ exposure to risks. Leaders recognize that just as they collaborate with entire ecosystems to deliver best- in-class products, services, and experiences, security must join that effort as well. TREND5 MYMARKETS Meetconsumers’needs atthespeedofnow Technology is creating a world of intensely customized and on demand experiences, and companies must reinvent their organizations to find and capture those opportunities as they come. TREND3 HUMAN+ WORKER Changetheworkplace orhindertheworkforce Workforces are becoming Human+: each worker is empowered by their skills and knowledge plus a new set of tech-driven capabilities. Now, companies must adapt technology strategies to support a new way of working in the post-digital age. TREND2 GETTO KNOWME Unlockuniqueconsumers anduniqueopportunities Tech-driven interactions create a tech identity for every consumer— key to understanding the next generation of consumers, and delivering individualized, experience- based relationships. TREND1 DARQ POWER Understanding theDNAofDARQ Distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence, extended reality, and quantum computing will be the next set of new technologies to spark a step change, letting businesses reimagine entire industries. ThePost-DigitalEraisuponus AREYOU READYFOR WHAT’SNEXT? Accenture Technology Vision 2019 Today, businesses are making significant progress on their digital journeys, while new technologies are rapidly evolving people’s expectations and behavior. Success in this emerging “post-digital” world will be based on an organization’s ability to deliver personalized “realities” for customers, employees and business partners. #TechVision2019