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Move the Market with AI: Using Artificial Intelligence In The New Business Process Era

  2. In dynamic markets, companies with inflexible business processes are at a disadvantage. Unable to adapt, their reliance on rigid, rules-based systems can put them behind competitors.
  3. 3 Organizations with a better grasp of agility are moving toward outcome-driven approaches and dynamic business processes, with the intention of being less reactive. CHALLENGES
  4. BETTER SOLUTIONS Now, AI technologies are available to ensure you thrive in a fluid market. Machines that can sense, comprehend, act and learn can take care of how to improve your business, freeing your people to concentrate on the strategic what and why. It’s one reason 85% of executives say they’ll invest in AI over the next three years.* %
  5. With the potential to boost productivity by up to 40 percent, AI can lead to profound shifts in the way work is done. AI eliminates repetitive tasks and supports people in complex and creative problem-solving. It allows people to operate where they have highest value – decision – making and innovation – to drive business growth. NEW WAYS TO WORK
  6. It frees people and resources to prepare the business for new models. AI helps with the analysis of unstructured data from different sources, including social media. It allows businesses to automate processes & reconfigure them to complement or augment employee skills. It can help generate disruptive advances & game-changing innovations. FREE THE PEOPLE AI IS VITAL FOR THE TRANSITION TO OUTCOME DRIVEN APPROACHES.
  7. Now, AI has moved beyond being a back-end tool to become the primary interface with customers and employees. As such, there’s much at stake in developing & implementing outcome driven AI systems. The retooling of business processes to become more flexible and fluid is just the beginning of that transformation. BRAVE NEW OUTCOME WORLD
  8. Leading companies have deployed AI to make the transition away from rules-based systems. This transformation has been occurring in industry after industry, particularly in the following applications. IN ACTION
  9. PROCUREMENT MARKET INTELLIGENCE Data analysis is crucial for procurement and AI can help gather superior market intelligence. In addition, the technology now allows executives to perform outcome-based analyses to optimize for the whole corporation, not just individual business units.
  10. At a global conglomerate, AI helps compile detailed intelligence reports on suppliers - automating search, extraction, aggregation, and synthesis of unstructured data. – Streamlined the process – Saved 3 days MBA analysis and reporting – Enabled twice the coverage of information INTELLIGENCE PROCUREMENT MARKET IN ACTION
  11. The reports are reviewed and improved upon by procurement analysts Enhancing sourcing insights and increasing capacity by 30 percent. BUT AI HASN’T REPLACED HUMANS – IT’S AUGMENTED THEM.
  12. CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT AND SERVICE AI is being adopted in the customer engagement and service operations of many companies. These systems can resolve 80 percent of routine customer interactions.
  13. At a multinational technology company, an AI system with natural-language processing analyzes and handles simple customer e-mails, passing complex cases to human agents. Some companies have overhauled their complete customer service approach, moving toward anticipating issues. For example, advanced AI systems can accurately predict equipment failure, so executives can take proactive measures. THE OUTCOME Increased customer satisfaction from businesses, who can run their operations on schedule, without costly shutdowns. CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT AND SERVICE IN ACTION 30% increase in capacity. Faster resolution and
  14. CONTENT MANAGEMENT For many online and e-commerce firms, AI is an effective, efficient mechanism for monitoring posts, detecting obscene or illegal material or off-brand content, and flagging counterfeit goods.
  15. IN ACTION CONTENT MANAGEMENT One online company worked with Accenture to develop AI models that learned from large amounts of image data. The system now tags and categorizes products based on detailed attributes and also identifies inappropriate content. The AI-augmented process performs at an order of magnitude faster than the manual processing, and enhances the customer experience.
  16. FINANCE & ACCOUNTING For financial accounting systems, AI can perform general entry and reconciliation and is moving toward being able to identify and resolve audit issues in real time.
  17. AI systems are helping banks to reconfigure processes on the fly, enabling the continual changes that are required to meet evolving regulations. These outcome-based systems operate on general guidelines for account data, and are designed to focus on accountability, fairness, and transparency. IN ACTION FINANCE & ACCOUNTING
  18. Implementing advanced AI systems remains a challenge, requiring a change in mindset as well as investments in key areas.TO DO
  19. A NEW PERSPECTIVE Focus on an AI outcome-driven approach, informed by best practices and business expertise. LEVERAGING THE RIGHT DATA AI can improve your enterprise’s ability to fully leverage information, if you ask the right questions. Uncover the needs and objectives of different business units and operations, and IT can collect the right data. COMBINED SOLUTIONS AI alone won’t solve business challenges. Combine knowledge- driven approaches with data-driven methods, and mix machine learning with machine reasoning. TECHNOLOGY FOR PEOPLE Aim for well-designed AI systems that adapt to people, for effective human and machine cooperation. IMPROVED OUTSOURCING Rethink the structure of outsourcing relationships. Move toward outcome-based approaches with agreements based on the business value created by the work. TRANSITION REQUIRES…
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