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012. managing boss

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012. managing boss

  1. 1. 1 Managing Boss Training Leader: Mr. Md. Akbar Hassan Date: 3rd , 4th & 5th December, 2015 CREATING A GOOD WORKING RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR BOSS • Achieve your career goals and reduce your stress level. • Promote yourself by making your boss look good.
  2. 2. 2 3 Boss’ Style  Authoritarian: My way or the highway.  Manager: My job is to get the task done.  Leader: My role is to set a vision and inspire.  Leader/Manager: My role is to know when to be hands on and when to inspire. MANAGING YOUR BOSS WHY ? Your success is linked to your boss’s - you either succeed or fail together You can best meet your needs by ensuring the boss meets his/her needs A difficult, unproductive working relationship with boss is one of the greatest sources of stress
  3. 3. 3 EFFECTIVE WORKING RELATIONSHIPS TO BE AN EFFECTIVE MANAGER OF YOUR BOSS, YOU SHOULD KNOW CERTAIN DO’S AND DON’T’S _________________DO’S Learn everything you can about your boss. Find out what would further your boss’s success and help deliver it. Adapt your work style and habits/moods to those of the boss; do not expect the boss to adapt to yours. Find out what are boss’s goals and objectives at work. Always focus on the objectives when discussing problems and disagreements. Make yourself indispensable by learning what your boss needs to know. Be a good listener - rather than arguing, help your boss explore issues by asking probing, open-ended, but supportive questions
  4. 4. 4 Keep your boss informed about what is going on. Never let your boss be surprised by his/her superior about something going on, or not going on, in your area of responsibility. Communicate with your boss in the manner he or she prefers. Be attuned to your boss’s shifting needs and issues. EFFECTIVE WORKING RELATIONSHIPS ___________________ DO’S Manage your own performance - initiate regular reviews on how you are doing. Don’t assume your boss knows everything you are doing. When you do something that will further the boss’s agenda, make sure he/she knows about it. Pick your battles with the boss. Under no circumstances should you make a mountain out of every silly things and get a reputation as a complainer.
  5. 5. 5 Always remember to say “Thank You” to the boss and to your own subordinates/peers. Everyone appreciates politeness instead of rudeness EFFECTIVE WORKING RELATIONSHIPS ___________________ DONT’S Do things that your boss does not approve. Make promises that you cannot deliver Expose the boss to surprises - if there is bad news, you must deliver it yourself Go over the boss’s head to a more superior manager except in very rare situations Be defensive when criticized - instead focus on the facts
  6. 6. 6 EFFECTIVE WORKING RELATIONSHIPS ___________________ DONT’S Criticize your boss inside or outside of the organization. Never assume anything you say will remain confidential Be a “yes person”. Be frank and honest when you disagree, but focus on mutual objectives Praise the boss insincerely. The boss and your peers will see through it every time Embarrass your boss EFFECTIVE WORKING RELATIONSHIPS ************************************************ You may think your boss is not an asset to the organization. - You may think that your boss is not the brightest but he/she got to their current position because they brought something of value to organization. - You may not be aware of your boss’ strengths. In addition, he/she probably has allies in higher positions.
  7. 7. 7 You boss is not an empowering type of manager - its either his way or the highway - Look for opportunities to prove to your boss that you are competent and can be trusted. Earn trust. - Look for ways to suggest ideas to your boss in such a way that provides an opportunity for them to take credit for the idea as their own. - Remember that the boss may not always be right, but the boss is always the boss. Develop alternative approaches to achieve desired goals. Your boss often pulls rank in order to get you to do something, even if you do not feel it is in the best interest of the organization. - Are you the only person who experiences this type of behavior? If so, you need to look inwardly to determine what you can do differently to better manage your boss. - Never agree to do something that is unethical or illegal. Immediately request a meeting with your boss’s superior and/or notify the appropriate authorities.
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