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Fun and Interesting Places In Belgrade-2023.pptx

  1. Interesting Places To Visit In Belgrade Belgrade is more than just the nightlife, there are many interesting things to do in the old "Sigidinum". If you like beautiful views, historical sites, and cultural centres then this might be useful.
  2. Gardoš Tower Located in Zemun, a city in the city of Belgrade. Zemun is located at the confluence of the river Sava and river Danube. Gardoš is one of the millennium towers built by the Hungarians, in Zemun. The view from the tower or its base is splendid. You should try it at night. Zemun streets look so Hungarian. Historically, the city and its tower are influenced by the Hungarians.
  3. Knez Mihailova Street This is the fun heart of the city of Belgrade. It is the main walking street in Belgrade, here, you can find many shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and notable and historical streets. It goes from the main city center (Republic Square) to Kalemegdan (park and old fortress). Knez Mihailova is a must-see in Belgrade. Very pleasant for relaxed walks especially in the evenings.
  4. Kalamegdan Fortress Also known as the Belgrade fortress, the fortress and the park are located in the very center of Belgrade. The cliff-like ridge overlooks the Great War Island and the beautiful confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers. It is also well known for its kilometers-long tunnels, underground corridors, and catacombs. Don’t forget to take a picture of the victor monument (A Monument of Exceptional Culture). The monument was built as a symbol of victory over the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires. You can have a charming view by sitting on the wall. Perfect romantic place for lovers. Free pass to see the Roman well, Tower of Nebojsa, Clock Tower, and Military Bunker.
  5. St. Sava Temple Beautiful every time! “A true display of grandeur and Christian splendour.” it is the largest Orthodox place of worship in the Balkans and one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world. It is also visible from any height in the city. The gold- plated edifice is important for Serbian culture and history. It is also a symbol of faith and freedom. the Church of Saint Sava represents an extraordinary place of worship for Serbia and its proud people.
  6. Avalski Toranj (in Serbian) is located in Beli Potok, a suburban area that falls under greater Belgrade. It is located south of the base of Mount Avala. Entry ticket is about 300 RSD for adults and 150 RSD for students. Use The Avala Tower Observation Deck to see Belgrade. You will have the chance to see an imposing monument of the Unknown Soldier, a tribute to soldiers whose lives were sacrificed for their country in various wars. Note: You must be willing to climb! Avala Tower
  7. Ada Ciganlija This is a river Island in the capital city of Serbia that was artificially turned into a peninsula. Ada Ciganlija is the cultural and entertainment center of Belgrade, especially in the summer. Numerous events are organized in which the most famous writers, drama and entertainment artists, cultural and artistic societies, choirs, orchestras, and amateurs from various fields ad parts of the world participate.
  8. Miscellaneous Pictures Belgrade is Beautiful, You Should Visit