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  3. ABOUT  Shilparamam is a unique crafts village, created amidst metro hubbub with retro crafts, arts, culture, folklore and celebrations.  As a distinctive crafts village, Shilparamam has been the best confluence of venues to host events of individual people, IT corporate firms, and many prominent business organizations.  All the venues of Shilparamam are conscientiously fashioned to address the event needs of large sections of people. Each venue is embodied with environmental architecture and timeless aesthetics
  4. INSIDE SHILPARAMAM 1)AMPHITHEATER :-  The state-of-the art Amphitheatre at Shilparamam has a whopping seating capacity of 1,500. It can host cultural performances, dance dramas, art related workshops, art events, etc.  The amphitheatre is equipped with sound and lighting systems and well maintained green rooms.  The performances at the amphitheatre are dominated by the folk and tribal art. This provides unique opportunity to the less privileged rural folks who can come here, participate and meet the popular artists. The dance forms popular here are Koya of the hunting class; Dhimsa; Dappulu, and Veera Natyam.
  5. 2) ROCK MUSEUM:- The natural formations stand unswayed in a scenic form in Rock Museum. This Rock Museum adds a fantastic ecological dimension to Shilparamam. 3) SCULPTURE PARK :- The concept of a sculpture park is itself very new in India. And for a fact, the sculpture park at Shlparamam is the first of its kind in the country.  Open air spaces that are conceptualized and created specifically for the outdoor presentation of sculpture are very common in the countries of Europe and North America.
  6. 4) VILLAGE MUSEUM:- Village Museum at Shilparamam is a unique cultural destination in the backdrop of village. 5) RECREATIONAL AREA :-  Shilparamam is the real ensemble of arts, crafts, culture, tradition and naturalistic celebrations.  When you walk into the Recreational Area, you can witness the sculptures that are carved with finesse and detailing, rock structures that stand tall showing the distinctive imagery, specially groomed landscape arrangements, lush carvings encircled with traditional rangoli designs, gracefully laid podiums to organize dance and art performances, naturally designed make-shift waterfalls, and so on.
  7. PLAN
  9. 1) AMPHITHEATRE (OAT) :-  The O.A.T. provides the perfect ambience for the people to relax and enjoy a variety of cultural programs, including classical music, dance folk art performance every weekend. This amphitheatre having 1,000 people capacity. 2) GRAMEENA(FOODCOURT) :-  It is a pure vegetarian restaurant with an ethnic feel. 3) SAMPRADAYAVEDIKA:-  It is multifunctional hall provided for the family functions like marriages etc with the capacity of 2,500 people. 4) KONASEEMA:-  A picturesque lakeside setting for private parties for between 150 and 200 people. It is a replica of the lush delta of coastal Andhra Pradesh. An coconut trees which give nice feeling of coastal areas.
  10. 5) LANDSCAPE FEATURES :-  Implication of the graphics and sinages systems is done throughout the site. 6) mAINLAWN :-  The hitec city is dominated by tall concrete structures, the green lawns in complex are a welcome change for everyone.  This lawn dotted by ethnic motifs, terracotta Sculptures. The main lawn is also being the centre stage of action for performing folk art form, or nomadic tribal. 7) MOUNTAINHEIGHTS :-  It is popular for evening parties. Landscaped gardens, waterfalls and fountain cascading, and most important the lighting is particularly which creates an almost magical glow around the area. It is provided for the capacity of 2,000 people.
  11. SERVICES  Water supply is ensured by Hyderabad metro water board, 2 large bore wells, natural lakes which is used for boating.  Spilt air conditioning in office, centralization air conditioning facility in auditorium was provided.  Already existing service lines for the drainages.  Control room was provided for OAT.  Four transformer are provided in complex.  Services provided specially in SHILPAKALAVEDIKA :-  A separate car parking is provided for 500 cars and 700 two wheelers.  Orchestra pit, acoustic false ceiling, sound system of bose (25,000 watts)  Multilevel and multifunctional stage lighting zoom follow sports and cyclorama.  Well-designed water supply with dispenser and chillers.  Access for disabled.  Easily accessed seating areas.  Reserved car parking areas.
  12. ROOFING DETAILS  L- steel section were used to support roof. Bamboo used as batten over that bamboo mat was used. These mats were covered with dried grass.  For the larger span steel column and trusses are used to support roof. To improve Aesthetic quality structural members are cladded with bamboo slates.  In the village museum some of the structure are in mud walls and some of walls constructed with clay pots and mud used as a plaster.
  13. NATURE OF OPEN SPACES WITH BUILT SPACES An office area which seems like residence Spill over of shops Built spaces are closely related to nature Open space for exibhits near food court Pathway for exi Dinning area is spill over to open space
  14. CIRCULATION PATTERN  There are mostly single storey building units in the site, the circulation pattern Horizontal that it forming pedestrian movement or pathways.
  16. MERITS  Because of the concept of ethnic architecture building looks prominent in the surrounding.  Good segregation between recreation areas, shopping areas, office area, family Entertainment areas etc.  Separation of pedestrian and vehicular moment.  A good service road.  Enough width of pathways which can be used for multifunction like for exhibits, some food stalls during melas.  Its justifies the to site by using natural lakes for boating.  Well use of contours to the design.  Rock gallery which has many exhibits in natural rock formation.
  17. DEMERITS  Dormitories are not enough for the craftsmen.  Maintenance of thatch roofs.  Parking is not enough during melas.  Open Air Theater (O.A.T.) is not oriented according to the wind direction.