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20° for wire or 30° for screen/felt
X=Lead in distance should be 2/3 W
Y= Lead out distance should be 1/3 W
(Where W=wire/...
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Felt & Wire autoguide bellow type

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Felt & Wire autoguide bellow type

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Felt & Wire autoguide bellow type

  1. 1. 20° for wire or 30° for screen/felt X=Lead in distance should be 2/3 W Y= Lead out distance should be 1/3 W (Where W=wire/felt/screen width) AIC-60 AIC-65 AIC-70 Type 80-160/60 140-200/65 160-250/70 Air Pressure Max 3 Kg/cm2 3 Kg/cm2 3 Kg/cm2 Air Pressure Min 1.5 Kg/cm2 1.5 Kg/cm2 1.5 Kg/cm2 Air Consumption 0.5 cfm 0.7 cfm 0.8 cfm Palm Travel 20-30 mm 20-30 mm 20-30 mm Guide Roll Movement 60 mm 65 mm 70 mm (±30 mm) (±32.5 mm) (± 35 mm) Model of Control Proportional Proportional Proportional Felt and Wire Autoguide Systems are designed to keep the wire running properly in the center of the roll over which it travels. If you loose control over your wire felt or fabric, the cost incurred in damaged clothing is high. Lost production can make such accidents extremely irritating and costly. Installing the reliable and well proven automatic wire and felt guiding system represents an easy way and inexpensive way to avoid this problem. It comprises of an actuator and pneumatic controller with ceramic coated palm assembly, the Autoguide works without sliding surfaces. 1.Avoid Fabric run off 2.Minimize fabric edge wear 3.Reach Maximum fabric wear life 4.Reduce sheet breaks 5.Optimize paper productivity 1.Immediate response to any movement of the clothing in the cross machine direction without overcompensation 2.Very few moving parts and little need for maintenance work. 3.Moving parts are fully enclosed for complete protection against water, fiber and dust 4.Extremely low compressed air consumption, normal working pressure @ 3.0 kg/cm2 5.Suited for installation in any position- horizontal, vertical, inclined or even upside down. 6.Easy to install and operate. 7.No adjustment required before start up 8.Built in manual over ride Advantages : Salient Features : Pneumatic Autoguide (Bellow Type) ABHIIndustrial Corporation ABHI Abhi Industrial Corporation D-126, sector -7, Noida - 201 301 Uttar Pradesh, India Mobile : +91-9818679021, 9910940535 e-mail : abhinavmishra13@gmail.com abhiindustrialcorporation@gmail.com info@abhiindustrial.com Web : abhiindustrial.com