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social media marketing strategies for 2022

The Essential Guide
to Selling on
Social Media
Chapter 1:
Why your business should use
social media right now
Chapter 2:
How to sell on the
Facebook Store
Did you know you can sell your products 3X faster on social media
than through a website?
Selling on social media seems si...
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social media marketing strategies for 2022

  1. 1. The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media
  2. 2. 4 Chapter 1: Why your business should use social media right now 8 Chapter 2: How to sell on the Facebook Store 13 Chapter 3: Tips to sell on Instagram + effective tools 18 Chapter 4: How to Sell on YouTube 27 Chapter 5: TikTok, Pinterest - Emerging social media 31 Chapter 6: Top 5 social media analytics tools for small businesses TABLE OF CONTENTS
  3. 3. Did you know you can sell your products 3X faster on social media than through a website? Selling on social media seems simple enough but there are a few tricks and tips that will help you sell faster than your competitors. In this ebook, we will cover - Before we begin, let us quickly cover a few tips we need to keep in mind before we sell our products on social media: Lend an Attentive Ear: Listen attentively to what your end-user is trying to tell you. Social listening not only means reading posts from some users but also finding meaningful conversations, awareness, and understanding from your mentions on the various social media platforms. You can ask questions to your customers, run contests and offer discounts for constructive feedback. Give a Prompt Response: At Instamojo, we respond to customer complaints/queries/feedbacks mentions on social media within seconds. Be it a comment on our LIVE webinars or a twitter mention, the content team promptly responds/handles the message. As soon as customers tweet comments or send an email about the products or services you provide, they will be eager to get a response. So an immediate response always gives out a good impression. According to an article by TalkWalkers over 75% of India's population are active social media users. On average, Indian users spend 2.4 hours daily on social media. INTRODUCTION 2 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media Why your business needs to prioritise social media in 2020 Different tools you need to up your social media game How you can leverage 2 most popular selling platforms - Instagram & Facebook to sell your product and improve your brand 1. 2. 3.
  4. 4. Connect With Your Audience: From within the humongous world of social media which hold millions of users reaching out to someone specific could really mean a lot. When someone communicates with you be gracious enough to acknowledge and respond. Call Out Loud: Social media is all about likes, shares, retweets, mentions, favourites and more… call them out loud. Address them by their names, ask them for feedback, thank them for any appreciation you get and keep the communication channels on. 3 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media
  5. 5. CHAPTER 1 Why your business should use social media right now
  6. 6. 5 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media Did you know India has about 350 million+ social media users? Imagine the number of potential customers you can reach via an effective social media selling plan. Starting off a business is only the first step to the multitudes that follow. Engaging your customers with the latest you have to offer can go miles in promoting your business organically. With a major population of Indian users now active on social media, it is now easier to attract more customers to your business. Image credits: https://www.statista.com
  7. 7. 6 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media Here are 5 reasons why you should be prioritizing social media: Wider global reach: Social media is an amazing tool to help reach potential customers and past customers coming back to you. Selling on social media involves marketing on the platform too. Happy customers are also likely to talk about you, making it an ideal way to grow organically. Cost-effective: Social media platforms come with the added benefit of engaging audiences globally at prices lower than traditional means. Additionally, your content can be accessed long after it’s published, thereby increasing its reach and shelf life. Encourages two-way communication: You can even collect inputs and feedback from customers easily on social media. These inputs can prove useful for product development and the overall growth of your business. Besides, it is always easier to respond immediately. Let customers know about your business: Help your customers understand your product offerings by regularly updating your information online. Talking about updates on social media allow users to read about you on their news feed. Connect with customers instantly and share links to your newsletters, blogs, and social media posts on your accounts. You can also use the platforms to let customers know about events, promotions, webinars and more that you have planned for your customers. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  8. 8. While Facebook and Twitter ensure engagement and traffic, platforms like Quora help you demonstrate your expertise. “ ” 7 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media Giving advice, providing relevant information, answering customer queries about your product or its offerings, help you become a person of authority for the business or sector you are in. Effective Tools: Instagram shop and Facebook Marketplace are two of the most commonly used platforms for businesses to sell their products or services. You don’t need to set up a website immediately. We will explore this section in further detail in the next chapters. Boost traffic and your SEO: With an effective social media marketing strategy, you can boost inbound traffic and your search ranking. Ensure you put out high quality, shareable content which is a value-add to your customers. It is essential to also optimize your page, to allow for the most through social media marketing. 5. 54% of Social Browsers use social media to research products. (GlobalWebIndex, 2018) A good social media marketing and selling strategy allows customers to find their way to your website and also shop with you. Providing seamless and secure transactions covers the last mile with easy transactions.
  9. 9. CHAPTER 2 How to sell on the Facebook Store
  10. 10. Image credits: https://www.statista.com Despite Instagram being the more preferred choice of social media platform for users in India, Facebook is still the most popular platform for businesses to sell their products. The Facebook Store now allows you to sell your products and services online, reaching a potential 241 million customers in India. With social media becoming a leading way to sell, here’s all you need to know about how to sell using Facebook as a medium. Recently, Facebook crossed the 2 billion mark, in terms of the number of active monthly users in the first quarter of 2018. 9 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media
  11. 11. 10 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media Can you imagine the number of customers you can now reach out to, via the Facebook Store? Here, is a comprehensive guide to creating a business page and understanding the nuances of how to use the Facebook Store for your business. Need more reason to sell on Facebook? We scouted through a few numbers from Hootsuite, and these are some findings: How to sell on Facebook: India ranks #1 as the country with the most number of Facebook users, surpassing countries like America, Brazil, and Indonesia. “ ” The average price for an ad on Facebook decreased by 4% in the second half of 2019. Facebook users spend 38 minutes on an average just browsing through the platform. Over 300 million users view Facebook stories daily Over 90 million small businesses use Facebook! Create a Facebook store – list products, set up an online shopping cart to collect payments. Use an e-commerce platform to create an online store and automatically link your products to your Facebook store page.
  12. 12. 11 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media How to Create Facebook Store: To open a Facebook Store, you need to have a Facebook Business page. What is it? It is an ideal place to market your products or services and reach out to customers. It is highly recommended for businesses looking to venture into the digital domain. Log into your personal account Click on ‘Settings’ (Tab on the top-left side of the page) Click on ‘Create Page’ Choose the on ‘Business or Brand’ option, click on ‘Get Started’ Select the relevant ‘Page Name’ and ‘Category’ under which it falls. Upload a ‘Profile Picture’ and ‘Cover Picture’, which best describes your business Your Business Page is now LIVE on Facebook.
  13. 13. 12 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media Note: Make sure your profile and cover images are uploaded and are explanatory to the type of business you run. Step 3: You will now see an option to either redirect your customers to an online store or external website or allow them to shop on your Facebook page. You can either redirect them to your Instamojo free online store or share an Instamojo payment link for the products on your Facebook shop. How to Sell Products on Facebook? Step 1: Now that your Facebook Business Page is ready, create a ‘Shop Now‘ button, which will enable customers to directly shop using Facebook. Hover over the right side of the cover picture which has a Call to Action (CTA) button. Step 2: Click on the CTA button and select the ‘Edit’ option. Under ‘Which button do you want people to see?” select “Shop with you or make a donation” Select “Shop Now”
  14. 14. CHAPTER 3 Tips to sell on Instagram + effective tools
  15. 15. Home-based businesses are thriving on Instagram, especially right now. Instagram business tools – free or paid are modified to help businesses sell and scale without a website. So, it becomes a necessity to know how to optimize your Instagram marketing algorithm and get your brand beyond noticed by customers. You need to get them to buy from you too. Marketers today work smart - when the internet gives you free tools, use it. Also, customers want to feel engaged, valued and important. How can we make that happen on Instagram, without getting swallowed in the void of a million other businesses? Instagram business hacks to boost your brand Optimize your Instagram Link in Bio: If you have a business account on Instagram, you know that the only place Instagram allows you to add a link is in your bio. As a business, you will tire of constantly telling customers to check ‘link in bio’, for every product or update. We recommend using Linktree, a tool that allows you to add multiple links in one parent link. You get a shortened URL that you can share on your bio without cluttering your profile header. 14 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media
  16. 16. Pahartah - a brand that primarily sells on Instagram, keeps a clean, simple bio with linktree Once you click on the link tree in the bio, this appears: The CTA buttons are all clickable and will lead to individual links. This is very useful for businesses that do not have a website. 15 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media
  17. 17. Show off Using Instagram Stories: Yes, just like an account, everyone posts Instagram stories. But how do you get your brand noticed? We have a few tips: If your customer has tagged your brand, repost the story with a thank you message. Testimonials are the key to a nervous customer’s heart, it builds trust and guarantees a purchase. Add to Highlights. Keep separate categories for your Instagram stories, so that customers can come back to your page and go through your stories. You can also make use of design tools like Canva to add an attractive cover image for your story highlights. This helps customers to flip through your story highlights like a brochure. Vilvah - An eco-friendly cosmetics brand, shares all the Instagram stories their customers tag them in. 16 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media
  18. 18. 500 Daily active Instagram Stories users increased from 150 million in January 2017 to 500 million daily active Stories worldwide in January 2019. (Statista, 2019) Million Instagram Tools Your Business Needs to Stand out And Sell Faster Sell on Instagram LIVE: Instagram LIVE has jumped by 70% since the year commenced. Confined to their homes, everyone has taken to talking to people/customers on Instagram LIVE. As a business, it’s important to use Instagram LIVE to answer customer’s queries, conduct interviews with experts and maybe have a takeover with a customer. If you sell products, conduct an Instagram LIVE to test your product out yourself. For example, if it is a cosmetic brand, show how it works. This can work as a follow-up to an Instagram poll. Ask a few questions to your customers, work your answers into your LIVE. 17 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media
  19. 19. CHAPTER 4 How to Sell on YouTube
  20. 20. 19 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media YouTube is the second most-visited website on the entire web. “ ” People watch over 5 billion YouTube videos daily. Is using Youtube for small businesses effective marketing strategy - how do you stay relevant on a platform that has 30 million daily users? The video giant is more than just a platform for makeup vloggers and funny cat fails. Over 1.9 billion logged-in users visit Youtube on a monthly basis. That is more than half the internet, and they watch over billions of Youtube videos. How will this help your business? According to Hootsuite, since 2016, twice as many SMEs are now advertising on youTube. If you have a business that incorporates a video marketing strategy to get customers and generate leads, chances are you have chosen youtube as an effective marketing tool for it. Since youtube is a free platform, everyone uses it. Why and How Does YouTube Marketing Work for small businesses? YouTube was formed in early 2005 and has grown rapidly since. Every minute, people around the world upload more than 300 hours worth of video footage to YouTube.
  21. 21. 20 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media The first-ever Youtube video was published in 2005! According to an article by Impact, it is estimated that by the end of this year, 80% of all web traffic will be claimed by video. Video is still one of the best forms of content marketing strategy with regard to engagement. YouTube and Small businesses in India: YouTube has completed over 10 years in India. Over its time, the video marketing platform has penetrated to over 80% of India’s internet universe. India has over 30 million small businesses, and YouTube has over 225 million monthly active users on the platform, from mobile devices alone. 65% of Indian viewers are subscribed to YouTube channels. Therefore, uploading Youtube videos is a good way for your business to collect leads and interact with your customers. Image credits: https://www.scatter.co.in
  22. 22. 21 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media Read more: How you can create an effective YouTube channel in under 5 minutes! How to use YouTube for small business: Creating a business account: You must have a Google account, in order to engage with videos by either liking, sharing, subscribing or commenting on them. Your Google account could be your Gmail account. What kind of videos should you share? The length of the average YouTube video is 4 minutes and 20 seconds. But video length can range from short to long videos over 20 minutes in length. Based on your business, create videos that form a part of your audience. Split your videos into playlists, like ‘How to’ videos or customer stories etc. Indian Entrepreneurs Shaping the Future of Business -
  23. 23. 22 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media Define your marketing strategy. Write down specific targets you wish to achieve using youtube to grow your business: Once you get started: Clicks/traffic Engagement Reach/subscriber numbers Talk to customers in the comments of your videos to gain their trust. Invite customers to subscribe to your channel for updates. Slowly, collaborate with top YouTubers to publish sponsored video content about your products on their channels. Tips to use YouTube for Small Business: YouTube for your small business is more than just a video-sharing platform. It is an elaborate glossary that carries everything your company wishes to market and inform your audience. Besides this, you can adopt these short, sure-fire tips to up your Youtube game: Take your YouTube mobile: A mobile ad on YouTube attracts your customers’ attention 83% of the time. According to a study by over 50% of YouTube’s video views occur on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Video consumption on mobile devices doubles every year, based on numbers from YouTube.
  24. 24. Use Subtitles in your videos: India has over 100 languages. however, a third of the country speaks basic English, therefore, it is important to enable subtitles in your videos. Simply turn on auto-captioning and edit the output for accuracy. Over millions of hearing-impaired users appreciate captions, and they are optional, so those who do not need it can disable it. Leverage your content: Avoid over-promoting. Integrate visuals and mentions of products discreetly and naturally. The video shouldn’t come across as one big sales pitch. So, steer clear of hammed-up dialogue. It can alienate viewers. Besides this, optimise your content. Enter relevant and useful titles, descriptions and keywords that are clear from the beginning and helps your audience find your videos through search engines. 23 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media
  25. 25. 24 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media The most popular YouTube channels are those that have a good volume of consistent and frequently updated content. “ ” If your business conducts webinars, break it up and post them as a series of videos. For infographics, you can re-purpose them into explainer videos, or create short tutorials or product demos. Tell your audience more about your brand story, your staff and your goals. Invest in the right equipment: This might sound expensive, but it is an investment too. Buy quality filming equipment to record your videos. Your camera should produce crisp and clear images. Set aside a budget for your video marketing, invest in a good camera, mic and tripod. Trim your video content down to the essential bits. Keep your videos short, as much as possible.
  26. 26. Talk to your customers: Use the ‘Community’ tab (located in your channel’s main page) to post images, GIFs, and video previews, as well as to poll your subscribers. Reply regularly to comments and feel free to feature your customers on your channel. Do not forget to monitor channel analytics using the free Youtube Keyword Research Tool. Businesses on YouTube have access to analytics about views, subscribers, demographics and more. This helps you keep out a watchful eye and see where you can improve with regard to your content. How Instamojo facilitates payments through YouTube: We use the video-sharing platform too! You can find a plethora of ‘How-to’ videos on Instamojo YouTube channel, along with snippets of our company culture and customer stories. Also, we allow our sellers to collect payments from YouTube! How? Simply copy/paste your payment link onto your YouTube video description page and your customers will be redirected to the payment gateway page. 25 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media
  27. 27. 26 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media Instamojo Smart Links: Do more with payment links -
  28. 28. CHAPTER 5 TikTok, Pinterest - Emerging social media
  29. 29. 28 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media While Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are top social media channels for most businesses, it’s always best to be an early adopter on a new platform. Being an early social media channel adopter allows you to: Therefore, we took a look at some emerging channels that the world has been thringing to during the lockdown. Explore a new channel Become a potential influencer on the channel Set trends and gather massive following on the social media channel TikTok: Tiktok, the short video-sharing platform has over 1.5 billion downloads. Most of India’s generation Z is on the platform and its popularity has been shooting through the roof. You might ask how would you use this channel to amplify your business? TikTok is a great tool to market your brand. Here are some tips you can use to start marketing your business on the platform: Create your own, interesting story-like videos on the platform with topical trends or just share-worthy material Curate videos that resonate with your product / service on TikTok, use hashtags to discover similar content and start curating them Use influencers to talk about your product or services in their videos. For a complete guide to using TikTok for your business, read this blog.
  30. 30. 29 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media Think of Pinterest as a user-friendly version of Google search engine. - Kyle Francis, Social Media Strategist, via Business2Community.com “ ” Pinterest: For the longest time, Pinterest has been used by businesses to show off product catalogs, visual content like infographics and more. This channel is not just a collector’s board anymore. India is the second largest market for Pinterest with 67 million users and about 80% of the users are female. The platform’s user base also grew 26% last year! If you’re in the arts, crafts, food, lifestyle, and content industry, Pinterest can play a crucial role in helping boost your marketing efforts. A little known fact about Pinterest is that it is a massive SEO booster. The platform can become a huge contributor to referral traffic for your website or blog with just some efforts. Here are a few tips to get your Pinterest game right: Start your pinterest account and keep adding fresh visual content to your account - create boards and organise them product or theme-wise Use guided search for the title and description of your pins to help search engines and customers find your content Repin as much as you can to stay relevant and appear in feeds
  31. 31. Pinterest is also adding quite a few commerce options - the shop option is already available in the US and may soon make its way into India. It could become a thriving marketplace for business when it does happen. 30 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media
  32. 32. CHAPTER 6 Top 5 social media analytics tools for small businesses
  33. 33. As a small business marketer, where do you turn to for meaningful social media analytics? Small businesses know the importance of social media marketing - to boost sales and get more customers. But how do you go about tracking social media analytics for your campaigns? In this blog, we will explore some of the top social media analytics tools - both free and paid, that your business can use to track metrics set in your social media marketing plan. Let’s begin with: What is social media analytics? Small businesses should view social media analytics as - gathering data from social media to inform marketers and guide their marketing strategy to achieve goals. When you pay close attention to your social media analytics, it becomes easier for you to see what is working for your social media goals. To make this happen, you have social media analytics tools. Social media analytics tools are used to measure performance and analyze your strategy. Do not confuse it with social media management tools - these exist to help you plan and schedule your social media content. 32 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media
  34. 34. 33 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media Social Media Analytics Tools for Small Business Marketers to know: The most popular social media analytics tool for small businesses. Google Analytics is ideal to analyse website traffic. You can also track social media. How can you do this? Google Analytics allows you to track social media as a marketing channel and source of traffic. Click Acquisition > Overview > Social, and you can check many visits your site receives from each of the major social networks. You can use the numbers and statistics provided here to tie it to your conversion goals for social media. Google analytics -
  35. 35. 34 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media Google Analytics is not purely meant for social media analytics, but you can use the below-mentioned features for free: You can also use Google analytics with your Instamojo account. Check it out here. Social referral traffic Traffic flow – organic Social conversions 3 reasons to use Google analytics: Track which platform users are interacting with you most. Analyze social media’s value as a channel using conversions. Check how your customers landing on your site using UTM parameters
  36. 36. 35 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media Quintly - If Facebook is your primary social media tool, this analytics tool is perfect for you. Quintly helps you track analytics for your Facebook Page and allows you to access analytics for up to three Facebook pages. It provides you detailed insights on prominent engagement metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and followers. Quintly quantifies the strength of your social media pages and profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It illustrates data through maps, graphs and charts as you select accounts to monitor.
  37. 37. 36 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media What Quintly measures for your social media: Shares, replies and retweets for your posts User growth base - how are you gaining/losing followers The response rate - how fast a user shares/checks your social media posts and answers questions. Buffer - Unlike Google analytics, Quintly is not free, although there is a trial period. Each price tier gives you unlimited data, plus features such as data exportation to Excel and PowerPoint. The plans are mainly divided by how many profiles you can track. Why should small businesses use this tool? Your business can benefit from using Quintly mainly to track other businesses social media activities.
  38. 38. Buffer works as both a scheduling and social media analytical tool. The tool comes as both Free and paid, depending on what plan you opt for. Buffer suggests the best time for marketers to schedule or publish their social media posts. The tool also highlights the best performing post when a particular post exceeds average performance. It also allows the user to track and analyse performance across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. What Buffer Measures for your social media: Instagram Stories analytics Posting strategy recommendations Create professional reports in as few as two clicks Hootsuite - 37 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media
  39. 39. Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management and analytical tool used by marketers today. The tool shows you what type of content is working best for your plan. Besides this, it also helps to improve and to increase the reach of your posts through ads. What Hootsuite does for your social media: With Hootsuite, you can enjoy all their features for 30 days for free! Simplify360 - Small businesses want to quickly identify trends and measure their brand power against competitors. For this, Simplify 360 is definitely the tool you need. Customizable reports with data taken from 200 metrics with a PDF, Excel/PowerPoint export format feature. Measure your customer care team’s response and resolution time on Facebook and Twitter. 38 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media
  40. 40. The tool allows you to analyse what your customers are saying about you and allows you to work on a response. With Simplify 360, you are aware of your brand’s social image on major social networks. Audience intelligence What Simplify 360 measures for your social media: Speaking of analytics, small businesses can get in-depth insights into their customers’ traits using the Instamojo pro analytics feature. With this app, you can boost your analytics section to get more detailed reports about your paying customers, visitors to your links/store/products and a list of users (with their email and phone number) who dropped-off before completing their payment. Industry trend monitoring Demographics Engagement and influence scores Performance comparison of different social media accounts Real-time performance tracking of posted content Traffic volume from various sources 39 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media
  41. 41. CONCLUSION: Start, Manage, and Grow Your Business with Instamojo. Do not ignore Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora or any other social media platform when it comes to rebranding your business. The power of social media lies in how well you use it to build and sell your products and services. Invest in these free tools to market your brand and it becomes easier to sell your products. Social media platforms today are becoming more business-friendly. It’s your news platform, your gallery, your testimonials page, your store and you can also collect your payments using social media. You can do all that and more with Instamojo. Collect payments on social media with a shareable URL 100+ payment modes available Build your own online store with 20+ customisable, DIY themes Buy domains and mailboxes for your business Get deeper customer insights and CRM tools Discover a host of growth and marketing business tools Shipping and logistics services with doorstep pickup to over 24000 PIN Codes 40 | The Essential Guide to Selling on Social Media
  42. 42. 3 | 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020 Grow your business with Instamojo www.instamojo.com/blog www.instamojo.com Powering over 1,000,000+ businesses like yours in India More than just a payment gateway, Instamojo offers you marketing analytics tools and apps to help grow your business. Check them out in your Instamojo App Store.