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Villas in Kochi-Villas in Cochin-Abad Luxury Villas in Kochi

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The Abad villas in Kochi is one of the famous projects in Kochi by Abad builders. The luxury villas in Cochin by Abad builders have many luxury features. Get the villas in Cochin from top builders in Kochi. Book the luxury villas in Cochin by Abad builders.

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Villas in Kochi-Villas in Cochin-Abad Luxury Villas in Kochi

  1. 1. Villas in Kochi - Villas in Cochin Abad Builders Luxury Villas
  2. 2. Villas in Kochi Orchard County Villas in Kochi ABAD Orchard County villas in kochi presents twelve limited edition luxury designer villas of 3 BHK and 4 BHK options ranging from 2219 to 3231 sq ft in one of Kochi’s rapidly evolving residential areas, Tripunithura. Each of the exclusive villas in cochin has been carefully planned to provide premium fixtures of top brands with elegantly designed interior and finishes for its residents. www.abadbuilders.com
  3. 3. Villas in Cochin Springfield Villas in Aluva ABAD Springfield is an exotic garden villa project snugly cocooned in the tranquil and green corner of Aluva. The project fuses the beauty of nature through its landscaped gardens and Koi ponds, while still giving residents easy access to all the urban comforts of Kochi. Amidst the spacious greenery of Springfield Garden, residents can find a piece of the country-side within the city. www.abadbuilders.com
  4. 4. Gated community with main entrance gate 24 Hr round the clock security provision Swimming pool with change rooms Multi recreation hall and Indoor games room Paved drive way with street lighting Full - fledged Health Club Landscaped areas (Outside / within the Villa) Visitor's Car Park CCTV for common areas Intercom facility with telephone for common areas Open well and Central Overhead Tank with Online filtration system Villas in Kochi-Specifications www.abadbuilders.com
  5. 5. CONTACT   US 8th FLOOR, NUCLEUS MALL & OFFICE, N.H.49 (Kundannoor-Petta Road), MARADU, Poonithura, Maradu, Kochi, Kerala 682304