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Music video analysis

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Music video analysis

  1. 1. Music video analysisBY Aaron McGreevy
  2. 2. What I am going to doI am going to analyze a music video looking at the genreand things that are included in the video such as propsand Mise en scene. I have chosen to analyze the musicvideo Eminem – Not Afraid I have chosen this genrebecause I enjoy to listen to it and also find the videosinteresting to watch.
  3. 3. GenreThe genre of this song by Eminem is rap , I know this because there is severalelements such as the costume. In this video the costume is very distinctive as seen inthe screenshot below where he is wearing a vest and also has a silver chain around hisneck which is a stereotypical item of clothing to be worn in a rap video. Also in theother screenshot below we can see that there is a pattern between the clothing andthat is the colour both the costumes he is wearing are both black, which also fit theconventions of a rap video as it is not seen as normal to wear bright colours. Anotherfactor that tells you the genre is the performance of the artist there are manyoccasions when he is looking into the camera rapping this is a convention or the rapgenre and you can tell the genre just by watching him.
  4. 4. Setting and decorThe main setting in the music is two main one which is in a cityand in a rundown basement. The reason that he is in a basementis trying to represent that he stared off poor and then moved onto bigger things and into the city. This also fits the genericconventions of a rap video as they are often set in streets and inrundown environments. The director chose to set the video inmultiple environments because does it not only keep theaudience entertained but also tells a story.
  5. 5. CostumeIn this particular video there is two main costumes that he wearsthis is black jacket and also a black vest there is also other itemsof clothing that he has such as his trainers which is shownthrough a close up. These are the types of clothes that areexpected to be worn in a rap video and all the colour schemewhich is not bright colours. Also another point about thecostume is that he is dressed differently from everyone in thestreet and this is easily recognised when we walks past themmaking him stand out and showing the audience that he is thefocus video.
  6. 6. PropsIn this particular there are many props that are used an example of this is thepiece of paper which he then throws towards the camera this prop is alsolinked to the lyrics. Another prop that is seen this video is the chain that he iswearing around his neck this is stereotypically used is rap videos. The artistknew this and this is why he chose to use it in his video, also this may alsogive the audience the impression that he is wealthy and can afford andexpensive chain. I will need to consider this when it comes to making mymusic video and the affect that these props have on the audience.
  7. 7. Body language and movementThe movement of the artist Eminem is very different compared to the otherpeople seen In the video an example of this is towards the end of the videohe stars flying which is try to create an impression for the audience that he issuperhuman and different from everyone else. This is something that is notseen in a stereotypical rap video. Also another example is that when he iswalking down the street people shoulder barge him which shows that theyhave no respect for him. Also in the video there is not many times where he isrunning and is either walking slowly or standing still the director done thisbecause he is trying to represent the artist is in no rush to do anything and isnot violent or aggressive.
  8. 8. PerformanceThis is the most important part of the video as they are the mainfocus of the whole video and in all the shots the artists is alwaysthere. This also adds to the video as if he was not in the video itwould not have the same affect on the audience as it does. Theis a convention in rap video as the rap artist is always the mainfocus point.
  9. 9. NarrativeIn this particular video there is a narrative and that is he is notafraid of anything and is finding himself again. This is linked tothe lyrics as the title is not afraid and he is stand on the edge of askyscraper and also falls off a cliff representing that he is notfeared by anything. The artist was also taking part in thisnarrative making it more personnel for him and what this adds tothe video is making it a lot more interesting when watching it.