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Savings on scale - Spot Instances with Autospotter

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Cost efficiency is an important aspect for companies of all sizes and levels of maturity, where it can become a competitive advantage. Especially on large organizations composed of hundreds of teams, it is hard to enforce initiatives that require buy-in and significant implementation effort from the various teams that often have other priorities.
In this session you will see how you can implement a cost savings initiative that provides multiple easy to use options for running at the lowest possible cost, that can be leveraged at scale with the least amount of buy-in and configuration effort from the teams. The session will explore topics such as resource tagging, centralized reserved instance purchases, automated instance terminations outside office hours and automated use of the spot market with minimal configuration changes to existing environments.

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Savings on scale - Spot Instances with Autospotter

  1. 1. Cost Efficiency at Scale Cristian Măgherușan-Stanciu @magheru_san Principal SRE at HERE Technologies AWS Pop-up Loft, Oct 2018
  2. 2. We are making sense of the world through the lens of location HERE Technologies through the lens of location © 2018 HERE Technologies2
  3. 3. On Demand Economy 9.5 B ARRobotics Quantum Computing Megacities Artificial Intelligence Sustainability Neural Networks Data Analytics Location Location Location Location Location Location Location Location Location Location Location Location © 2018 HERE Technologies3
  4. 4. HERE Technologies in Numbers © 2018 HERE Technologies4 We are HERE | November 20174 200 Countries mapped 4of5 In-car navigation systems in Europe and North America use HERE maps 30+ Years of experience transforming location technology 8,000+Employees in 56 countries focused on delivering the world’s best map and location technologies HERE Maps on board of 100Mvehicles and counting 3D data points per second per car 700,000 collecting data for our maps 400 HERE cars 28TB map data collected perday
  5. 5. Powered through the lens of location HERE Technologies © 2018 HERE Technologies5 by AWS
  6. 6. HERE Technologies and AWS We run all our backends in the AWS cloud • 100s of teams maintaining 450+ AWS accounts • Mainly EC2, S3 & RDS • 10000s of EC2 instances in 1000s of AutoScaling groups • 10s of PB of data in S3 © 2018 HERE Technologies6 Photo by unknown author, licensed under CC BY-SA
  7. 7. Our AWS spending is significant, even small savings matter a lot HERE Technologies and AWS © 2018 HERE Technologies7
  8. 8. Cost control measures Multiple layers implemented over time • Enterprise Discount Program • Centralized Reserved Instance purchases • Scheduled terminations and AutoScaling based on load • Spot market automation © 2018 HERE Technologies8 Image source https://www.bakingo.com/p/party-cake/3-tier-vanilla-cake- part0157vani
  9. 9. Enterprise Discount Program Fixed percentage applied on the final bills • Long-term contract with AWS • Applies as long as our spending is more than X yearly • ‘Hands-free’ for the product teams © 2018 HERE Technologies9 Photo by unknown author licensed under CC BY
  10. 10. Reserved Instances We purchase RIs periodically • Trying to maximize coverage while reducing waste • Allocating RIs on the fly to whoever needs them • Savings in the 40-50% range • ‘Hands-free’ for the product teams • Started with EC2, now expanding to other services © 2018 HERE Technologies10
  11. 11. Scheduled terminations and AutoScaling based on load Shut down development environments when not in use And use AutoScaling policies for those that should run 24/7 • Each team defines its on/off schedules as tags set on their EC2 instances • Lambda functions take action based on these tags © 2018 HERE Technologies11 Shut down over the week-end Shut down in the evening Turn on in the morning This saves about 70%
  12. 12. Spot Market Automation We automatically switch our AutoScaling Groups to spot instances using the AutoSpotting tool • Controlled by tags set on AutoScaling groups, such as ‘spot-enabled=true’ • Lambda function that continuously replaces nodes in enabled groups with identical spot instances • AutoScaling will revert to on-demand (often covered by RIs) on spot terminations or when scaling out © 2018 HERE Technologies12
  13. 13. Lessons learned Keep it simple and painless to the product teams They always have something of higher priority than cost savings • Try to create ‘hands-free’, opt-out or trivial to use solutions • Provide examples and clear documentation if they need to take any action • Try not to cause significant impact on their work © 2018 HERE Technologies13
  14. 14. Future Plans Extend the RI purchasing program • Purchase RIs for other services: RDS, ElastiCache, CloudFront, etc. Expand the AutoSpotting rollout • Switch it to opt-out mode on all Development AWS accounts • Work with selected product teams to set it up on Production © 2018 HERE Technologies14
  15. 15. AutoSpotting Demo © 2018 HERE Technologies15
  16. 16. Thank you Contact cristian.maherusan-stanciu@here.com