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Is Platform Engineering the new Ops?

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Dev, Ops, DevOps, Platform Teams – and everybody has it’s own interpretation. But what is meant by platform engineering, actually? What’s the difference to ops? And isn’t that contradictionary to DevOps? In this talk, Philipp shows Scout24’s journey from separate dev and ops departments to platform teams and the steps in-between. You’ll see how the organisation changed and why this was necessary. On some real-world examples he explains how the platform teams now uses AWS and Docker to enable the feature teams to become faster and more productive.

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Is Platform Engineering the new Ops?

  1. 1. Is Platform Engineering the new Ops? Philipp Garbe, Scout24 @pgarbe
  2. 2. @pgarbe Living in Bavaria, Working in the Cloud Philipp Garbe
  3. 3. Our purpose: Inspiring your best decisions. We connect people, cars and homes.
  4. 4. ● Dev vs Ops ● DevOps as a role ● Engineering teams and shared infrastructure ● Platform Engineering Agenda
  5. 5. Dev vs Ops
  6. 6. Dev QA Ops
  7. 7. Dev + QA Ops
  8. 8. Conway’s Law "Organizations which design systems ... are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations." Melvin E. Conway (April 1968)
  9. 9. Architecture Monolithic application One repo One database Monolith
  10. 10. Why did we change it? ● We wanted to release faster and more often ● Different goals led to discussions ○ Ops: Optimize for stability ○ Dev: Optimize for speed
  11. 11. DevOps as a role
  12. 12. Dev Ops DevOps
  13. 13. Architecture Monolith + Swimlanes Monolith
  14. 14. ● Not every Dev became a DevOp ● Ops became not part of DevOps ● VMs were still not in control of teams ● Time to market: More speed by leveraging managed services Why did we change it?
  15. 15. Tatsu
  16. 16. Engineering Teams
  17. 17. DevOps is a culture, not a role!
  18. 18. ● Yes, it costs money ● But it is an investment ○ In your people ○ In code quality YBIYRI - You build it, you run it!
  19. 19. Architecture Self Contained Systems Microservices 20% time for infrastructure stories
  20. 20. We changed only the 20% rule ● In many teams if felt wrong doing so much infrastructure / shared services ● Teams wanted to focus on their products ● T-Shape skills often didn't match ● It doesn't scale Why did we change it?
  21. 21. Platform Engineering
  22. 22. Platform EngineeringApplication Engineering
  23. 23. Eliminate all friction from commit to customer Our mission
  24. 24. Shared Responsibility Model Cluster Services Platform Team Application Team
  25. 25. Isn’t that Ops? NO, because... ● It is a managed product ● Teams can use it or not ● Teams are responsible for their services
  26. 26. NO because... ● It’s not about hosting services from other teams ● It’s about developing products for users ● It’s about products that enable feature teams to work faster ● It’s basically a new mindset Be careful: ● Do not abstract the cloud ● You’re in competition with the cloud Is Platform Engineering the new Ops?
  27. 27. NO because... ● DevOps is not a role or team but a culture ● Platform engineering teams should be cross-functional ● Product engineering teams as well Is Platform Engineering the new DevOps?
  28. 28. Questions?
  29. 29. www.scout24.com Philipp Garbe Twitter: @pgarbe Blog: garbe.io Join us: jobs.scout24.com