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AWS Summit Berlin 2013 - Keynote Werner Vogels

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Keynote from the Berlin AWS Summit 2013

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AWS Summit Berlin 2013 - Keynote Werner Vogels

  1. 1. AWS Summit, 2nd MayDr. Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon.comNetworking Reception and Partner ExpoBreakout Tracks9:30 - 11:00Lunch and Partner Expo12:00 - 13:0013:00 - 16:2517:00 - 19:00Stephen Schmidt, CISO, AWS11:15 - 12:00Closing Statements16:25 - 16:55
  2. 2. ExhibitionVisit our Partner & Solution Expo• 2 x AWS booths at the Ground Level• 10 x Partners in the ExpoGold  Sponsor Silver  Sponsor
  3. 3. AWS CloudTalkTell us your Opinion and Needs
  4. 4. 10 AWS Architecture ReviewsSubmit your project or idea for 1 of 10 free AWS Architecture Reviews- Submit up until 30.06.2013- Link and QR Code for project submission in the Summit brochure or you can finda leaflet on your seat
  5. 5. #awssummitaws_aktuellFacebookTwi5erwww.facebook.com/awsaktuell
  6. 6. Dr. Werner Vogels@wernerCTO, Amazon.com
  7. 7. Our largest AWS Summit series, ever.AucklandOver 20,000 people registered
  8. 8. Amazon Development Center GermanyNow Open!Offices In Berlin and Dresden70+ High-Skilled JobsAWS & Machine-Learning Technologies
  9. 9. Seven years youngAmazon S3 launched: March 14th 2006
  10. 10. 33 services spanningcompute, storage, databaseand application management
  11. 11. 100,000s of customers,across 190 countries.
  12. 12. Here andabroad
  13. 13. A wide range of technologies
  14. 14. Consulting Partners Technology Partners
  15. 15. AWS Marketplace: Buy Software Pre-Configured to Run on AWSGrowth since Jan 1, 201325 categories778 product listingsActive customersUsage per customer102%53%
  16. 16. 31 PriceReductionsSince 2006EcosystemGlobal FootprintNew FeaturesNew ServicesInfrastructureInnovationMore AWSUsageMoreInfrastructureEconomiesof ScaleLowerInfrastructureCostsReducedPricesMoreCustomers
  17. 17. Customer Infrastructure Audits:Saves moneyImproves availabilityCloses security gapsIncreases performanceRecent Performance:329,000 recommendations$22M in annualized savingsAWS Trusted Advisor
  18. 18. 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012159826148249Including:AWS Oregon RegionElastic Beanstalk (Beta)Amazon SES (Beta)AWS CloudFormationAmazon RDS for OracleAWS Direct ConnectAWS GovCloud (US)Amazon ElastiCacheVPC Virtual NetworkingVPC Dedicated InstancesSMS Text NotificationIncluding:Amazon SNSAmazon CloudFrontAmazon Route 53S3 Bucket PoliciesRDS Multi-AZ SupportRDS Reserved DatabasesAWS Import/ExportIncluding:Amazon RDSAmazon VPCAmazon EMREC2 Auto ScalingEC2 Reserved InstancesIncluding:6 new Direct Connect SitesDynamoDBRDS in VPCAWS Trusted AdvisorCloudFormation in VPCAWS Storage GatewayAmazon GlacierCost Allocation TaggingCloudFront Live StreamingAmazon CloudSearchAWS MarketplaceRed Hat Reserved InstancesNew EC2 Instance TypesMulti-AZ Oracle RDSRDS SQL ServerEC2 RI MarketplaceVM ExportMultiple IPs in VPCProvisioned IOPSOracle Data PumpNew APAC Region - SydneyAWS Data PipelineAWS Pace of Innovation
  19. 19. AWS Pace of InnovationJanuary February March211814Including:AWS Management Console Tablet andMobile SupportElastic TranscoderPrice reduction for Amazon EC2, globalexpansion of M3 Standard Instances,and reduced data transfer pricing.53 New Service Announcementsand Updates in Q1 of 2013Including:Amazon Redshift Available to AllCustomersAWS OpsWorksIAM Role and Auto Scaling Support forAmazon CloudWatch MonitoringScripts for LinuxAmazon SQS and SNS AnnounceLower Prices and Expanded Free Tiers- 50% price drop for SQSIncluding:New Lower Pricing for Amazon EC2Reserved InstancesAWS Free Usage Tier Now IncludesAmazon ElastiCacheAmazon DynamoDB Reduces PricesAWS Elastic Beanstalk for Node.jsAmazon RDS now supports 3TB and30,000 Provisioned IOPS per databaseinstanceAnnouncing EBS-Optimized Supportfor Additional Instance Types
  20. 20. Amazon S3: Over 2 Trillion Total ObjectsQ4 2006Q1 2007Q2 2007Q3 2007Q4 2007Q1 2008Q2 2008Q3 2008Q4 2008Q1 2009Q2 2009Q3 2009Q4 2009Q1 2010Q2 2010Q3 2010Q4 2010Q1 2011Q2 2011Q3 2011Q4 2011Q1 2012Q2 2012Q3 2012Q4 2012Q1 20131.1M peakrequests/sec
  21. 21. 01,500,0003,000,0004,500,0006,000,0005/22/20107/3/20108/14/20109/25/201011/6/201012/18/20101/29/20113/12/20114/23/20116/4/20117/16/20118/27/201110/8/201111/19/201112/31/20112/11/20123/24/20125/5/20126/16/20127/28/20129/8/201210/20/201212/01/20121/12/20132/23/20134/6/2013Amazon Elastic MapReduce: Clusters launched by customers5.5 M clusterslaunched since May 2010
  22. 22. Certification Program for AWS CloudComputing Professionals100 Countries and 750 Testing Locations WWTargeted Toward Solution Architects, Developers and SysOpsFirst Available Exam “AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Level”http://aws.amazon.com/certification
  23. 23. Amazon DynamoDBConsistent, high performance with unlimited scaleManaged non-relational database
  24. 24. Hash key Attribute 1 Attribute 2 Attribute nAttributes indexed by a primary hash key.
  25. 25. Range keys for additional flexibility.Hash key Range key Attribute 1 Attribute n
  26. 26. Hash key Range key Attribute 1 Attribute nRange keys for additional flexibility.Customer ID DateDeliverypostcodeTotal value
  27. 27. Hash key Range key Attribute 1 Attribute nCustomer ID DateDeliverypostcodeTotal valueImprove query flexibility and efficiency, while reducing read cost.Local Secondary Indexesfor Amazon DynamoDB
  28. 28. Amazon DynamoDBTransforming architectures
  29. 29. The most radical and transformative ofinventions are those that empowerothers to unleash their creativity -to pursue their dreams“”Jeff Bezos, Letter to Shareholders, 2012
  30. 30. The most radical and transformative ofinventions are those that empowerothers to unleash their creativity -to pursue their dreams“”Jeff Bezos, Letter to Shareholders, 2012
  31. 31. Transformation:What drives it?Who is doing it?What is next?
  32. 32. Transformation:What drives it?Who is doing it?What is next?
  33. 33. Economic drivers Abundance of productsIntensifying competitionGrowing consumer powerReduced customer loyaltyLimited capitalQ$DS
  34. 34. Uncertainty
  35. 35. Addressing Uncertainty Acquire resources on demandRelease resources when nolonger neededPay for what you useLeverage other’s corecompetenciesTurn fixed cost into variable
  36. 36. The benefits of cloudcomputing.
  37. 37. 1. Trade Capital Expense for Variable Expense$0 to get startedPay as you goSaved $34M onSmartHub app
  38. 38. 2. Lower Variable Expense Than Going it AloneHalved IT hardwarespending while reducingend-user responsetimes by 20%Estimated savings of60 – 70% comparedto previous webhosting costsReduced the cost ofinfrastructure by 50%
  39. 39. 3. You Don’t Need to Guess CapacitySelfHostingWasteCustomerDissatisfactionActual demandPredicted DemandRigidActual demandElastic
  40. 40. Typical Weekly Traffic to Amazon.comSunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  41. 41. Typical Weekly Traffic to Amazon.comSunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday39%61%
  42. 42. November Traffic for Amazon.com
  43. 43. November Traffic for Amazon.com76%24%
  44. 44. November 10th, 2010October 31, 2011
  45. 45. November Traffic for Amazon.com
  46. 46. Old World:Infrastructure in Weeks4. Dramatically Increase Speed And AgilityAWS:Infrastructure in Minutes# of Instances 1,000Instance Type M3 X-LargeAvailability Zone US-West-2bLaunchaws.amazon.com/managementconsole
  47. 47. Increase Innovation When The Cost of Failure Approaches ZeroOld world: AWS:Experiment infrequentlyFailure is expensiveLess innovationNear $0Experiment oftenFail quickly at a low costMore innovation
  48. 48. 5. Stop Spending Money on Undifferentiated Heavy Liftingso you don’t have to...We take care of...Data CentersPowerCoolingCablingNetworkingRacksServersStorageLaborbuy and install new hardwareset up and configure new softwarebuild new data centers
  49. 49. 6. Go Global In Minutes
  50. 50. 1. Trade capital expense for variable expense2. Lower variable expense than companies can do themselves3. You don’t need to guess capacity4. Dramatically improved speed and agility5. Stop spending money on undifferentiated heavy lifting6. Go global in minutesThe Benefits of Cloud Computing
  51. 51. The Foundation for21st Century Architectures
  52. 52. awsofa.info
  53. 53. Old worldDevelopmentExperimentationFlexibilityYears$$$RigidAvailability Scarce
  54. 54. Old worldDevelopmentExperimentationFlexibilityYears$$$RigidAvailability ScarceAWSMinutes$0.00ElasticPlentiful
  55. 55. Chad FowlerCTO
  56. 56. Hello, we are
  57. 57. Failing, scaling, failing,scaling with AWSChad Fowler
  58. 58. Wunderlist 2The fastest growing to-do list in the world
  59. 59. 250 K1 14135432 201918171615109876 11 22 25 2821 23 26 2912 24 27 30 31 32 33 MONTHSUSERS500 K750 K1 M1,25 M2,25 M1,5 M2,5 M3 M1,75 M2,75 M3,25 M2 M3,5 M2M 14M2.5M 20M3M 22M3.5M 26M1M 10M1.5M 12M500K 5M
  60. 60. Typical database-backedWeb API
  61. 61. #1To-Do App on Google Play, Chrome & App Store3world wide features by Apple + Google600,000new signups within 9 weeks30,000,000new tasks createdWunderlist 2 LaunchWhat we have achieved within only 9 weeks
  62. 62. Millions of hungry, polling clientsMacWebAndroid Phone & TabletWindowsiPad & iPhone
  63. 63. http://www.flickr.com/photos/fireflythegreat/2845637227/sizes/o/
  64. 64. We weren’tready
  65. 65. Where did we go wrong?
  66. 66. AWS ismore than a toolset
  67. 67. AWS ismore than just a different source of servers
  68. 68. Let’s get back to that...
  69. 69. “Legacy”
  70. 70. 1 a legacy of the wars: CONSEQUENCE, effect, upshot, spin-off,repercussion, aftermath, by-product, result.
  71. 71. 2 a legacy from a great aunt: BEQUEST, inheritance, heritage,endowment, gift, patrimony, settlement, birthright; formalbenefaction.
  72. 72. 1994 1996 1998 20002004 20062009successful challenged failedStandish Chaos Report
  73. 73. For business software that’s deployed, theaverage life expectancy is five years.**I made this up
  74. 74. Homeostasis
  75. 75. brain kidneyliverMetabolize toxicsubstancesBlood water level,re-absorption of substances intoblood, excretion
  76. 76. “An inability to maintain homeostasis may lead to death or adisease, a condition known as homeostatic imbalance.”
  77. 77. You are dyingright now!50 trillion cells in your body3 million die per second(this is a guess)
  78. 78. emacs “UNIX”BSDC-language toolchaingrep ApacheX-Windows Systemmake
  79. 79. SystemsSmall components
  80. 80. Organisms vs Cells
  81. 81. Systems vs Components
  82. 82. http://www.flickr.com/photos/joeshlabotnik/4991688551/sizes/o/in/photostream/
  83. 83. What is a cell?
  84. 84. What is a system?
  85. 85. tiny components
  86. 86. Kill and replacecells regularlyforces you to work with small components
  87. 87. Force heterogeneityif it’s hard to do (rewrites) do it all the time
  88. 88. Servers are replaceable
  89. 89. Add and remove at will
  90. 90. Add and remove at will
  91. 91. Measure Everything!
  92. 92. Fearless Change
  93. 93. Crash Tests
  94. 94. http://gigaom.com/2012/12/02/pinterest-flipboard-and-yelp-tell-how-to-save-big-bucks-in-the-cloud/Spot instances are killedautomatically by the system
  95. 95. AWS ismore than a toolset
  96. 96. AWS isis an architectural mindset
  97. 97. I wish yourapplicationsand your infrastructure along and healthy life
  98. 98. Dankeschön!
  99. 99. Transformation:What drives it?Who is doing it?What is next?
  100. 100. Transformation:What drives it?Who is doing it?What is next?
  101. 101. Every industry.TRANSFORMED
  102. 102. Media & AdvertisingTRANSFORMED
  103. 103. 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010$10,000$20,000$30,000$40,000$50,000$60,000$70,000Print OnlyIncluding OnlineMillions of 2012 DollarsNewspaper Advertising RevenueAdjusted for Inflation, 1950 to 2012Source: Newspaper Association of AmericaCarpe Diem Blog
  104. 104. Media and AdvertisingNew ways to monetize contentCompetitive landscape changingHighly competitiveDriven by data
  105. 105. Nikolai LongoliusCEO
  106. 106. Health Care & BiotechnologyTRANSFORMED
  107. 107. Health care & biotechnologyHuge impactRapid innovationCollaborative on a global scale
  108. 108. 1,000 Genomes Project250 TB of data~2,000 complete genomesAvailable to all, via S3
  109. 109. TransportationTRANSFORMED
  110. 110. TransportationHighly competitiveCapital intensiveDeliver better customer service
  111. 111. HospitalityTRANSFORMED
  112. 112. HospitalityRapid growthCost consciousIT is undifferentiated heavy liftingA ‘long tail’ from B&B to boutiques
  113. 113. Rapid growth and huge opportunitiesfor online engagement.
  114. 114. Focus on the customer
  115. 115. Jeremy WardSenior Vice-President Information Technology
  116. 116. The Kempinski BrandWho we are, where we come from and what we believe in, since 1897
  117. 117. Portfolio Locations•Figure includes hotels under operation plus signed deals to date
  118. 118. Kempinski DNAPassion for LuxuryCreating TraditionsPeople-OrientedStraightforwardnessEntrepreneurial Performance
  119. 119. A Rich HeritageHotel Beijing Lufthansa Centre
  120. 120. A Rich HeritageHotel Baltschug Kempinski, Moscow
  121. 121. A Rich HeritageKempinski Hotel Ajman, UAE
  122. 122. A Rich HeritageKempinski Mokuti Lodge, Namibia
  123. 123. Locations in EuropeHotel Adlon KempinskiBerlin, GermanyHotel Vier Jahreszeiten KempinskiMunich, GermanyÇırağan Palace KempinskiIstanbul, Turkey
  124. 124. Locations in MEAKempinski Nile HotelGarden CityCairo, EgyptDjibouti Palace KempinskiDjiboutiEmirates PalaceAbu Dhabi, UAE
  125. 125. Locations in AsiaSiam Kempinski HotelBangkok, ThailandHotel Indonesia KempinskiJakarta, IndonesiaKempinski Hotel Haitang BayHainan Island, China
  126. 126. Talent ManagementIncluding top and middle management12’000 new employeesWorkforce requirements by 2015:TimeEmployees
  127. 127. Kempinski and Amazon Web Services
  128. 128. The Monkey Parable
  129. 129. A group of scientists placed 5monkeys in a cage and in themiddle, a ladder, with bananas onthe top.
  130. 130. Every time a monkey went up theladder, the scientists soaked the rest ofthe monkeys with ice cold water.
  131. 131. After a while, every time a monkey went togo up the ladder, the others jumped onhim to stop him
  132. 132. After some time, no monkey dare to goup the ladder regardless of thetemptation.
  133. 133. After a week the scientists then decided to replace one of themonkeys. The first thing the new monkey did was to go upthe ladder.Immediately the other monkeys jumped on him.
  134. 134. After being jumped on several times, the newmonkey learned not to climb the ladder eventhough he never knew why.
  135. 135. After one more week another new monkey isintroduced, when he goes for the banana ALLthe monkeys (including the new one) jump onhim
  136. 136. After one more week another new monkey isintroduced, when he goes for the banana ALL themonkeys (including the two new ones) jump on him
  137. 137. Eventually after five weeks, there are none of theoriginal monkeys left but any monkey that goes forthe banana gets jumped on
  138. 138. Soon no monkeys go for the banana, yet none ofthem ever got wet and they’d all happily jump onany new monkey that went for a banana
  139. 139. “If you could ask them whythey don’t try and eat thebananas”
  140. 140. “That’s the way it’salways been”
  141. 141. Kempinski Hotels S.A28, Boulevard du Pont dArve1205 Geneva, SwitzerlandT + 41 22 809 8890F + 41 22 809 8800Jeremy WardSenior Vice President - IT
  142. 142. Financial ServicesTRANSFORMED
  143. 143. Financial ServicesExtreme competitionNew products and instruments dailyRapid development and deliveryRapid experimentation
  144. 144. Stringent regulatory, complianceand security requirements.
  145. 145. EnergyTRANSFORMED
  146. 146. Energy, oil and gasHuge organizationsStrive for agilityHundreds of developersIT is a fundamental component
  147. 147. Nest.
  148. 148. Transformation:What drives it?Who is doing it?What is next?
  149. 149. Who is your customer really?What do people really like?What is happening socially with yourproducts?How do people really use yourproduct?
  150. 150. Big DataThe move to real time informationDeeper integrationVertical application of analyticsHadoop will become invisible
  151. 151. Amazon RedshiftFast, fully managed, petabyte scaledata warehouse service.
  152. 152. Amazon RedshiftFast query and IO performanceEncrypted data and backups. Supports VPC.Compatible with existing SQL and BI tools.24 spindle instances for parallel data access.$999 per TB per year.
  153. 153. Now available in Europe.Amazon Redshift andEC2 High Storage instance types.
  154. 154. Connected DevicesIncredible data generatorsDevice and content are independentIncreasing workforce mobility
  155. 155. Security & Privacy
  156. 156. Readily available encryption servicesto protect your customers.
  157. 157. Continually extend oursecurity options.
  158. 158. The most radical and transformative ofinventions are those that empowerothers to unleash their creativity -to pursue their dreams“”Jeff Bezos, Letter to Shareholders, 2012
  159. 159. Thank you.werner@amazon.com
  160. 160. Bronze SponsorsSilver SponsorsGold Sponsor