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ATMOSPHERE Webinar: Combining Clouds with Fogbow

Increasingly, users are turning to hybrid cloud computing infrastructures for the deployment of their applications. Cloud federation, cloudbursting, and cloud brokering are some of the most popular models for combining multiple cloud computing providers into a single infrastructure. This webinar we discuss how the Fogbow middleware can be used to support different cloud combination models, both from the end-users’, as well as the cloud providers’ perspectives.

Francisco Brasileiro will present the main features provided by the middleware, and how it can be easily customised to combine multiple clouds, running different cloud orchestrators. Leandro Ciuffo will talk about RNP’s (the Brazilian NREN) plans to adopt Fogbow for the federation of clouds, and to enhance the portfolio of services that RNP offers to its community of users.


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ATMOSPHERE Webinar: Combining Clouds with Fogbow

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  3. 3. 7/1/2019 3 CloudNEXT (Cloud ComputiNg EXperimental Testbed) São Paulo – Data Center da USP Recife – Centro de Dados Compartilhados da RNP ~ 50ms
  4. 4. Iguassu (high-throughput execution service) 47/1/2019
  5. 5. Cloudlab-BR project 57/1/2019 Public Clouds Cloud LSD Compute@RNP CDC RecifeUFCG USP CDC Recife
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  7. 7. Nasnuvens vision Híbrida – Comunitária* – Federada (*) Oportunística Balanceada ou Distribuída TI Corporativo Plataformas Nacionais Acervos DigitaisCientífico RNP/ Academia Global Cloud Service Providers Custom/Local Cloud Providers G O V E R N A N Ç A Nasnuvens portal (marketplace)
  8. 8. Nasnuvens portal
  9. 9. Thank you very much for your attention! Questions? Contact leandro.Ciuffo@rnp.br http://cloudlab-brasil.rnp.br https://nasnuvens.rnp.br/servico.html atmosphere-eubrazil.eu