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ASLA 2018 Meet the board & new teacher librarian tips

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Hear from the current members of the board, their experience and their tips for new teacher librarians.

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ASLA 2018 Meet the board & new teacher librarian tips

  1. 1. Meet the Board & Tips for new teacher librarians Webinar Series July 2018
  2. 2. ASLA PL Team members facilitating for this webinar: Margo Pickworth Kate Reid Sophie Partington Type your questions here House Keeping • Participation options • Attendee control panel • Question facility • Chat box to VIEW answers.
  3. 3. President  Head of Library at The Hutchins School, an Anglican boys’ school in Hobart, Tasmania.  Worked as a Teacher Librarian at the Australian International School Hong Kong, and Lockhart Central School, NSW. Passions & Other roles  leveraging technology to facilitate professional learning, & support students’ access to better information skills.  firm believer in school libraries role in promoting reading for pleasure Role on the Board  lead the Board of ASLA in promoting the importance of school libraries, teacher librarians and qualified library staff in supporting student achievement in Australian schools.  chair our online and face-to-face Board meetings,  send out the monthly newsletter,  liaison person between ASLA and other organisations. Kate Reid
  4. 4. Kate’s Tips My first experience in a school library was as a relief teacher, so I had no clue what I was doing! … • Learning on the job was demanding but I am so glad I persevered – I love being a teacher librarian! • Making Connections with groups of any age – you can find a complete lesson plan on www.readwritethink.org. • Read anything at all with a class and ask them to look for connections: text- to-text, text-to-self and text-to-world connections. You could even match this with Think-Pair-Square to make a team response activity.
  5. 5. Treasurer • Director of Library Services at Melbourne Grammar School for 10 years • teaches Geography and has a House Tutor Group. • Previously • Head of Library Services/IB ToK Coordinator & teacher at Carey Grammar School for 13 years. • Head of Library and a Geography teacher at Lauriston Girls’ School for ten years. Robin’s qualifications are B.A, Dip.Ed (Sec), Grad.Dip.Lib., MLib, M.Ed., D.Ed. (University of Melbourne) while working fulltime. Passions & Other Roles • combination of Education with Librarianship & the learning environment. • Importance of the Teaching role, along with involvement in school camps & sporting programs. • majors are in Geography and Psychology. Role on the board Treasurer- head of the Finance team. Robin Zeidler
  6. 6. ROBIN’S TIPS • Enjoy the flexibility of the role and getting involved in the life of the school in many different ways. • It is essential to be viewed as a member of the teaching staff by teaching a subject, research skills, literature classes, together with taking camps and sport. • This results in a rich and rewarding professional life with much to offer to the school and to receive in return. • It is important to be an active member of professional bodies, such as, ASLA and ALIA as well as education ones state bodies like SLAV as well as education ones.
  7. 7. Our Secretary Claire is a Teaching and Learning Librarian at an Independent Boys School in Sydney. • She has a Masters of Education in Teacher Librarianship, International Education & Grad cert. in Educational Leadership. • A classroom teacher before transitioning into the library role. • She has worked internationally and in Australia and has 13 years experience. Passions & other interests • Passionate about literature and reading & A CBCA Judge for 2019 Role on the Board • Runs the ASLA Social media content & enjoys posting and sourcing topical information. • Conference planning team. looking forward to working with the team to plan a fantastic 50th Anniversary Conference in Canberra in 2019. Claire Elliot
  8. 8. CLAIRE’S TIP Continue to engage in professional development; • reading articles, • watching TEd Talks, • participate in Webinars • networking with other Teacher Librarians. It is really important to be aware of the trends in education and to grow as a professional.
  9. 9. NSW Director Morag has been the Teacher Librarian at an Independent Boys School in Sydney for the last 7 years. • She has a Masters of Education in Teacher Librarianship • Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) & Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology). Passions & other roles • founded and is the President of the newly formed CBCA Eastern Suburbs Sub-branch. • had an article published in Incite Magazine based on the promotion of wellbeing using picture books. • enjoys professional development about Inquiry based learning and Information Literacy Skills. Role on the board She is looking forward to working with the Professional Development team to create exciting new webinars. Morag Tunks
  10. 10. MORAG’S TIP Join a network! I initially felt quite isolated in the job as I was the only TL in my first school and it was my second year out of Uni. Joining a network gave me some much needed support and guidance on numerous topics.
  11. 11. NSW Director June is the Library Coordinator for the NSW Department of Education. Previously she was an independent Consultant, eLearning and Libraries and an Adjunct Lecturer, School of Information Studies, Charles Sturt University. She has been a; • Teacher Quality Consultant for the Association of Independent Schools NSW • teacher at primary and secondary levels • lecturer • professional development and education consultant • Head of Department • special librarian • teacher librarian & computer coordinator in the government and non-government sectors for over 35 years.​ Role on the board • Publications June Wall
  12. 12. JUNE’S TIPS • The position of teacher librarian can be isolating but also the most intellectual and exciting position in a school. • You need to be open to new ways and new ideas at all times. • Take risks, try different teaching methodologies, don't think of the job as literature and information literacy only - it is much more than that. • Show passion about your own learning to the students, share your excitement and discoveries, but above all have fun with being a lifelong learner.
  13. 13. NSW Director Kerry is a qualified Teacher Librarian with wide experience in State, Independent and Christian Schools. • Currently Head of Library Services at Toongabbie Christian College, NSW. • Nationally certified Highly Accomplished Teacher ( HAT) • Regularly presents at Local, National and International Conferences Passions & Other roles • Keen to promote higher levels of Accreditation for Teacher Librarians and support those interested in achieving at these levels. • building strong networks between Teacher Librarians, enabling us to connect, share and learn from each other. Role on the Board • National Certification Team • Conference Team Kerry Pope
  14. 14. KERRY’S TIPS • Learn to prioritise well. Keep focussed on the important things! • Build a strong professional learning network of Teacher Librarians who will support you, encourage you and enable you to grow. • Position your Library on a local, national and international level. • Join our Professional Associations at all levels. This will keep you in touch with ‘what is going on’ in school libraries in Australia and across the world.
  15. 15. VIC Director • Currently TL in ELC to Year 12 school. • been a Library Leader & TL in Melbourne Metropolitan independent & government schools in both co-educational & single sex schools & multi-campus environments. • Secondary Geography & Sport Teacher, Home Group /Mentor • IB Extended Essay Research Program over 20 yrs • Has been a Presenter & workshop leader at conferences in Asia and Australia Passions & other roles • Awards received – ASLA TL of the Yr 2017, IASL School Librarianship Award 2008 for services to international school librarianship & The John Ward SLAV Award 2008 for services to school librarianship in Victoria • Proud of Kilvington Reads festival now embedded into school culture and the calendar Role on the board • Membership team • Awards team Jane Viner
  16. 16. JANE’S TIPS READ! • Be positive • Change is an opportunity • Collaboration is your secret to success • Don’t waste time on low impact tasks! • Be visible • Inspire others • Innovate • Integrity and honesty are key • Student and staff feedback
  17. 17. SA Director • Teacher Librarian in rural South Australia. • 10 + years in English and Humanities teaching • curriculum coordinator for English and History prior to parental leave. • Graduate Diploma in Library and Information Management at the University of South Australia • worked and volunteered in a number of school libraries Passions & other roles • committee member of the School Libraries Association of South Australian since 2015 • excited about working with the ASLA team in 2018. • Recently inspired by the work of Donalyn Miller and Nancie Atwell to promote reading in classrooms. • has a strong interest in helping young adults read for leisure. Role on the board • ACCESS journal team Kate Sautner
  18. 18. KATE’S TIPS  Relationships. Get to know your colleagues and be an outstanding customer service provider.  Relationships. Take every opportunity to network with other Teacher Librarians in your district or state and visit their schools to learn from their successes.  Relationships. Start ‘What are you reading at the moment?’ conversations with your students and colleagues to build a strong community of readers.
  19. 19. NSW Director  Currently TL in K-6 boys setting  Has completed Masters in Teacher Librarianship and E-Learning, Highly Accomplished level of accreditation.  Mentors and supports other teachers in accreditation, has opened many opportunities Passions & other roles  Interests in the incorporation of technology, Guided inquiry, encouraging a love of reading and the belief that TLs perform vital role in the teaching and learning process Role on the Board  ASLA Professional learning Team, supports professional Webinars  Supporting TLs in higher levels of accreditation  Coordinator of 2019 Conference Team next yearMargo Pickworth
  20. 20. MARGO’S TIPS  Communicate with your Principal - keep them up to date with what you are doing, what you are planning, regular meetings if possible  Volunteer to be involved in as much around the school as you can, particularly curriculum and IT related  Read! Attend professional learning, especially face to face conferences!
  21. 21. POST-WEBINAR INFORMATION Certificate of attendance, notes and slideshare link will be emailed soon. The PowerPoint presentation will be available at http://www.slideshare.net/ASLAonline Membership information is available at http://www.asla.org.au/membership.aspx Future Webinars http://www.asla.org.au/Professional-learning/webinars.aspx Follow ASLA on Twitter https://twitter.com/aslanational Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ASLAOnline
  22. 22. KEYNOTES Dr Margaret Merga Tracey Ezard Morris Gleitzmann @ National Library