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  2. Who is Karl Marx? KarlMarx wasaGermanphilosopher duringthe19th century He is the proponent of this theory. he was a highly developedcontinent where the tension ran high because of social eniquality. according to him , social inequality was a consequense of the arrival of the division of labor and moreover, was what had led to the class society.
  3. Fourpics-oneword challenge YELNIQIAUT
  4. Fourpics-oneword challenge YELNIQIAUT inequality
  5. Whatismarxistliyerary criticism • marxist literary ctiticism is the fucos on yhe analysis of money , power, and social institutions such as government, families, and religion both inside and out outside of the text. • classstruglebetweentherichandpoor,betweenthemore superiorandlesssuperior. • markstatethatthesocietyisdevidedintothreebroardclass:
  6. thethreeclasses by:karlmarx thearistocracy thebourgeosie theproletariat
  7. The aristocracy category includes traditional notion of nobility of a fuedal society with kings and queen their power is built up through the acquisition of land control over political structures and the labor of thre working class.
  8. Individuals who built their power through theacquisition of capital , they controlfactories,businesses, and other enterprises. This is probably the social class wisethe most power and money. Example: Donald Trumpand the Kadarshians gaining wealth from hotels, reality television and clothing stores,both of these clasestend to recieve: "THE UPPERCLASS" • Special treatment and priveleges • Control over government, media,and overall culture • Exploit the working class
  9. They do not control institutions or political stuctures like the aristocracy. EXAMPLE: Your summer job is folding t-shir in forever 21. • You do not own any part of the company part of the company you only recieve an hourly wage for your services rather than experiencing the main profits of the business or any power that could come from it.
  10. In this illustration this reflects economics, politics, and the people in their society and where they live in.
  11. one of the best example of literary piece injected with marxist theory is the 1997 movie titanic. the movie makes the class struggle obvious,itportaysdifferenceclassesamongthem.
  12. TITANIC As the two main characters, Rose and jack are complete opposite. Rose is a rich young women who has everything she could want. on the other hand, Jack has nothing. At the beginning of the film he is trying to win third class tickets in a poker game. The way the different classes are treated the bourgeoisie or the middle class is obvious in the scenes depicting the sinking of the ship where the ruling class orders that the third class passangers are to be locked in the lower decks while the first class passanger have achance to get a board and lifeboats.The ship itself represent the class srtuggle, showing the first class passanger on the upper deck and the third class passanger unable to reach the higher decks.
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