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A Strategic Approach to Social Media Intelligence

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According to a CMO study by Forrester, 89% of social data has influenced their decisions. Having a strategic approach to social media intelligence increases marketers ability to solve problems in the digital age. Casey Knox, Communications Director for AREA203 Digital, has been studying best practices of social media intelligence for the past two years.

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A Strategic Approach to Social Media Intelligence

  1. 1. A Strategic Approach ToSocial Media Intelligence Presentation by: Casey Knox, Communications Director AREA203 Digital
  2. 2. Social Media Intelligence Defined the listening, collection and analysis of data, from social media sources, for business value. or… Turning social media data into actionable insight.
  3. 3. Social Intelligence Data – Uses/Agency Experience •  Crisis identification Client Experience: Tourism, Non-Profit •  Competitor Marketing Tracking/Forecasting Client Experience: Financial Services •  Respond to Real-Time Marketing & PR Opportunities Client Experience: Non-Profit, Technology •  Campaign Development and Optimization Client Experience: Non-Profit, Consumer Packaged Good (CPG) •  Marketing Strategy Examples: Creating buyer personas
  4. 4. CMO Study: The State of Social Intelligence 89% of social data has influenced their decisions. Over 82% believe that social data has a measurable impact on brand awareness. 83% of social data was most effective when indicating discernible trends or patterns that may impact the business. 81% listed consumer demographics and/or psychographics as the most effective way to leverage social data. According to a Forrester study titled “The State of Social Intelligence, 2012” by Zach Hofer-Shall
  5. 5. Where Social Media Intelligence “Fits In” Strategy Structure Management Measurement Listening People Teams Campaign Impact Content Processes Business & Brand Tools Impact Engagement Partners Skills Customer Insights Integration Social Intelligence Measurement
  7. 7. Social Intelligence Methodology LISTEN SYNTHESIZE REPORT SHARE For: Approach Daily Dashboard Analytics Industry buzz KPIs Weekly Briefing Business Brand mentions Data Categories MoM Development Audiences Timing Ad hoc R&D Competition Strategy Media With: Executives/ Social tools Leadership Organic tools Client Outside resources overlay
  8. 8. Social Intelligence Methodology: Deep Dive APPROACH KPIs SYNTHESIZE DATA CATEGORIES TIMING ›› ›› ›› Buyer Behavior Model Sentiment Strategy Trends Customer Journey Influence Tactics Seasonality Text Analytics Media Type Cyclical Share of Voice Campaign Irregular Impressions Shares Likes/Follows Clicks Posts Donations Volunteers Purchases Downloads Subscribers
  9. 9. Social Intelligence Methodology: Deep Dive Media SHARE Business Development Position: Manager of Media Planning Position: Sales Execs and Account Directors •  Day-to-day data collection/mining/synthesis •  Prospect-specific business opportunities •  Campaign planning/strategy/optimization •  Digital audit analysis R&D / Analytics Strategy Position: Analytics Manager, Project-specific Leads Position: Director of Digital Strategy •  Big Picture data collection/mining/synthesis •  Go-To-Market Strategy •  New product/service development •  Persona development •  Data synthesis Executives/Leadership Client Position: President, COO, CCO Position: Group Account Directors, Account Execs •  Operational impacts •  Client-specific business opportunities •  Real-time marketing opportunities •  Competitive intelligence (beyond digital campaigns)
  10. 10. Social Intelligence: Final Thoughts 1.  With quality data, social intelligence can influence business decisions. 2.  Social Intelligence works for B2B and B2C companies. 3.  Integrate and overlay social data with other data sources. 4.  Compare to find the best social listening tools: http://bit.ly/GBTool
  11. 11. FIND US ONLINE, ASK QUESTIONS or HIRE USAREA203.comAREA2oh3.com@AREA203Digital@CaseyMaeKnox Presentation by: Casey Knox, Communications Director AREA203 Digital