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APIdays Paris 2019 - How Supper Apps are leveraging APIs to become tomorrow’s ecosystems? by Hugo Hache, Fabernovel

  1. How Super Apps are leveraging APIs to become tomorrow’s ecosystems?
  2. 76 % 83 % 95 % 98 % What is the penetration rate of WeChat in China ?
  3. 76 % 83 % 95 % 98 % What is the penetration rate of WeChat in China ?
  4. WeChat is the largest community of users and consumers in Asia. In only 9 years, WeChat has become a key player on the global tech scene: 433 Days To reach 100 million users vs. 1,650 days for Facebook Sources: CAICT, WalkTheChat, Statistica, eMarketer 83% Penetration rate in its first domestic market - China vs. 68% for Facebook in the US 34% Of total mobile network traffic in China vs. 14% for Facebook in the US. 22.4M Jobs WeChat helped to create in 2018 +2.3M Mini-programs since the launch in 2017 vs. 2.1M for App Store Main social media communities in Q2 2019 ranked by MAU MAU(Million)
  5. What’s inside the box?
  6. WeChat is leading the “super app revolution” in Asia. Our phone VS 3 main ingredients of a Super App: 1. A unique access point 2. Seamlessly integrated ecosystem 3. Its own payment solution The promise of a Super App is clear: One tap away from everything Super apps mix and match a bunch of seemingly unrelated services together in one application” Connie Chan General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz SUPER APP SUMMIT A Chinese one “
  7. Enabling seamless experiences by shortening the path to services. • Go to an app store • Download Mobike’s app (cross fingers for internet connection) • Delete apps or content to have more space • Open Mobike’s app • Create a user account • Login • Add your credit card • Scan the bike’s QR code • Enjoy your ride • Be billed • Open WeChat • Launch the mini-program (or scan a QR code) • Scan the bike’s QR code • Enjoy your ride • Be billed 10 min Use the service Mini-programs are a game changer in WeChat’s mobile strategy: it is basically an app-store within an app which transforms WeChat into a mobile operating system. Mini-programs since the launch in 2017 vs 2.M apps for App Store DAU of mini-programs as of April 2019 10 sec Use the service In the West Meanwhile in China
  8. Colombia US-based but operating in Africa mostly Singapore Indonesia China South Africa India Japan Kenya Spain Argentina Brazil Hong Kong Dubai USA The super-app is a booming model that is not known in the West. *Not exhaustive list Super-apps* spread in mobile-first countries.
  9. Service account Subscription account Mini program
  10. 2 services for 2 purposes Service accounts appear as friends and can send 4 push messages per month. For companies that aim to offer a wide set of services : customer service, e-commerce, games, etc. Subscription accounts appear in a specific folder and can send 1 push message per day. For companies for which content is the core service provided to customers
  11. Standalone E-Commerce - More control over branding and data but difficult to drive traffic Marketplaces - High organic traffic but competitive, high fees and many requirements International Retailers/Brands Mobile Apps - People don’t want to download brand’s mobile apps for low-frequency purchases Official Websites - Official brand websites take time and money to maintain and it’s difficult to drive traffic Official accounts - Service and subscription accounts WeChat Mini-Programs - Brands can set up a low-cost, accessible e-commerce mino-program store within weeks and drive traffic by creating interactive, shareable promotions WeChat App - Selling through WeChat, China’s most popular messaging app with > 1 billion users
  12. And this channel is used by hundreds of million people +250 MAU for mini programs +680 MAU for mini programs +400 MAU for mini programs
  13. Slow webviewFast mini program It’s all in the experience. It’s all in the experience.
  14. Developers can therefore implement app-related methods while coding in a web environment: WeChat minimizes complexity for devs to make mini programs OS-agnostic User side: devs can leverage the potential of the device by giving access to smartphone features UI guidelines for better coherence in the UX showTabBar, showToast, showModal, showActionSheet Access to phone features getConnectedWifi, etBluetoothDevices, startAccelerometer Methods specific to super app getUserInfo, requestPayment, sendCustomerMessage WeChat offers an optimized, simplified connection between the mini programs and the OS. Through custom API, WeChat harmonizes UI and leverages its super app. WeChat example of methods for mini program:
  15. 20 years ago, you had to choose to create a website, at the risk of cannibalizing your physical store Tech through disruption. 10 years ago, you had to choose to go on mobile, at the risk of cannibalizing your website And tomorrow, you’ll have to choose to join a super app, at the risk of cannibalizing your mobile app 2000s 2010s 2020s
  16. This is the secret of so many Chinese companies: sharing their user base and sharing their traffic to retain mind share and relevance” Connie Chan Partner at a16z “ Through APIs, companies can give external businesses access to dedicated functionalities and assets. But WeChat goes beyond that: it shares its existing user base with brands and businesses.
  17. Get user identity transparently Pay in one click Benefit of the performance from the super app infrastructure
  18. Three main requirements 1 A service with key value strong enough to support a galaxy 2 Solid partnerships with your ecosystems backbone partners 3 A large user pool you agree to share. Becoming a super app
  19. Discover the by