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Apresentacao kornit en

  1. 1. Complete Garment & Textile Printing Solutions Yuval Neria Corporate Marketing Director Kornit Digital From Entry Level to Mass Production www.kornit-digital.com
  2. 2. About Kornit Digital • Kornit Digital develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of industrial and commercial digital printing solutions for the apparel and fabric industry. • Leading the digital textile printing industry with its integrated pre-treatment solution and its white and CMYK inks, Kornit directly caters to the needs of designers, garment manufacturers, fashion companies and apparel decorators. • With its immense experience in the direct to garment industry, Kornit is revolutionizing the roll fabric industry by enabling printing with one ink set on multiple kinds of fabrics. • Founded in 2003, Kornit Digital is a global company with a substantial R&D center and ink plant in Israel and offices in the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific. • Kornit operates a wide network of distribution channels around the globe and serves customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. www.kornit-digital.com
  3. 3. Garment Printing Market www.kornit-digital.com
  4. 4. Garment Printing Key Market Trends • Short to mid-runs are now performed by digital equipment • Major players looking to bring back customization and on- demand production capabilities in-house • Entry level market moving toward purpose built machines • E-commerce and enhanced shopping experience puts the customer in the center of the solution • Modular machines construction become available to allow more flexibility www.kornit-digital.com
  5. 5. One Complete Solution Kornit’s ground-breaking Direct-to-Garment printing technology offers printers a complete and wide-ranging solution, enabling them to efficiently and cost-effectively reach their business goals, maximize their profitability and resume growth. www.kornit-digital.com
  6. 6. One Complete Solution 1. Kornit developed revolutionary digital printing chemistry solutions for textile applications, allowing to achieve phenomenal printing results with the largest color gamut and the highest color density in the marketplace.  CMYK water-based pigment ink  White water-based pigment ink  PreT™ Solution / Fixation Agent www.kornit-digital.com
  7. 7. Kornit Patented Chemistry Solution Kornit Digital uses a unique chemistry solution which combines its solution and special water-based pigmented ink to create a “Wet-on-Wet” printing process, allowing printing on a wet surface • Water-based pigment inks • Oeko-Tex certified standard 100 for babies ware • Heavy-metal free, formaldehyde-free and alkyl phenol ethoxyles (APE) free • Global Organic Textile Standard V.3 (GOTS 3) - an universal standard for organic and eco-friendly products • AATCC wash fastness approved www.kornit-digital.com
  8. 8. The Pretreatment Challenge All Direct-to-Garment Solutions Pretreatment Dry Print Dry Kornit Wet-on-Wet integrated PreT Solution Integrated Pretreatment Print Dry www.kornit-digital.com
  9. 9. One Complete Solution 2. Kornit integrates state-of-the-art technologies and best-of-breed components into its line of high-speed digital inkjet printing machines, by that offering a top-quality product that is engineered to last. Industrial Motion System Spectra Print Heads Kornit PreT System www.kornit-digital.com
  10. 10. One Complete Solution 3. Kornit offers the widest variety of industrial and commercial digital printing machines in the market that were built from the ground up, specifically for the garment printing industry, and designed for high- volume production. www.kornit-digital.com
  11. 11. One Complete Solution 4. With our unique application tools developed specifically for textile, Kornit printers are capable of producing high-resolution, top-quality prints on a variety of media applications and finished garments. www.kornit-digital.com
  12. 12. Kornit Direct-to-Garment Portfolio One Size Doesn’t Fit All Kornit Breeze Kornit Thunder Kornit Storm II Kornit Avalanche High performance Mid-level industrial High-level industrial Mass production commercial machine machine industrial machine machine Light garments throughput PPH 40 80 120 160 Dark garments throughput PPH 20 40 80 120 www.kornit-digital.com
  13. 13. And It’s Getting Even More Complex… • I want faster throughput • What about a mix of dark and light garments • Dealing with different substrates • Multiple machines configuration • Labor, space, operational considerations • Multiple locations – points of sale, fulfillment centers • Dynamic production optimization • Matching peak time production needs • Sampling and proofing • Many other requirements… www.kornit-digital.com
  14. 14. Utilizing Kornit Product Portfolio • Upgrade to faster production machine • Move from single to multiple units configuration • Add more machines on a need basis at production peak times www.kornit-digital.com
  15. 15. Kornit Avalanche DC Pro The Ultimate Digital Printing Solution for the Fashion Market Printers seeking to enter the fashion industry can now print on dark garments without the usual white layer of ink that creates a "thick" feel on the design. With its two additional print heads, a discharge chemical is applied to remove the dye molecules of the dark garment, providing a smooth base for CMYK and White printing and allowing a great hand-feel of the finished product. Benefits and Advantages: • Great hand feel- the perfect solution for fashion printers • Dark garment printing without the use of pre-treatment • Unparalleled flexibility over amount and use of discharge • The ability to combine white ink with discharge • Includes all other advanced features of Kornit Avalanche www.kornit-digital.com
  16. 16. The New Kornit Paradigm Digital Add-on Station for Screen Printing Carousels ****New Model **** • The only solution for combined digital & • Polaris print heads, 512 nozzles/head screen applications together in one job! • Improved motion control • Flock, Foil, Metallic, Glitter, High-density, • Better jetting accuracy Plastisol & more, combined with a photorealistic / multicolored digital image • Produces multiple colors and shades at one station only • Prints on various substrates and finished garments • Prints on both light & dark garments • Automatic computer-to-printer process, requires no set-up • Capable of handling exceptional variable data applications • Repositionable between carousel stations www.kornit-digital.com
  17. 17. Kornit DTG Advantages • The only company that develops and manufactures printers and ink • The only company with one complete solution for dark and light garments • The only company with wide products range from entry level to mass production • The only company that provides its customers with an infrastructure for continuity & growth www.kornit-digital.com
  18. 18. Textile Printing Market www.kornit-digital.com
  19. 19. Pigment Market Share in Conventional Textile Printing www.kornit-digital.com
  20. 20. Pigment Market Share in Digital Textile Printing Kornit Digital Managed to Overcome All the Technological Barriers… 0% Providing Our Customers with the Best Digital Pigment Printing Solution for Textile Introducing www.kornit-digital.com
  21. 21. Allegro’s Unique Solution Proposition Single Step Solution • Our patent protected unique chemical solution eliminates the need for external process steps; making the Allegro an entire printing line in one step www.kornit-digital.com
  22. 22. Allegro’s Unique Solution Proposition Single Step Solution An Entire Printing Line in 7m www.kornit-digital.com
  23. 23. Allegro’s Unique Solution Proposition Multiple Fabric Types • With the best pigment ink in the market, only the Allegro can print with the same ink on multiple types of fabric And much more… www.kornit-digital.com
  24. 24. Allegro’s Unique Solution Proposition Environmentally Conscious • By using our 100% bio-degradable inks and eliminating energy and water consuming process steps – the Allegro is the most eco-friendly solution in the textile printing industry www.kornit-digital.com
  25. 25. In Conclusion  The market for on-demand custom-made garments continues to grow  Short to mid-runs are now performed by screen printers that are utilizing matured & faster digital equipment  Customer focus is moving from technology and product cost to business requirements and solution operation  From entry level to mass production, Kornit Digital continues to lead the markets with its fast developing wide-solution portfolio matching customer’s needs in all segments and tiers  We aim to become the best solution provider for pigment digital printing on textiles www.kornit-digital.com
  26. 26. Thank You Kornit Digital Ltd Kornit Digital Corporate Offices Europe GmbH 12 Ha`Amal St., Afek Park, Halskestrasse 29, Ratingen, Rosh-Ha`Ayin 48092, Israel D–40880, Germany Tel: +972.3.908.5800 Tel: +49.2102.579.4075 Fax: +972.3.908.0280 Fax: +49.2102.166.3538 Email: kornit@kornit.co.il Email: kornit@kornit.co.il www.kornit-digital.com