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Workshop day 1

  1. Community Planning Assistance Program Maurice River Township June 26 & 27, 2012
  2. Discussion Topics Introduction Project Team Regional Activities that affect local initiatives Issues – What We’ve Heard Township Assets What We Missed/Input-Questions What Comes Next
  3. Design Team Aaron Kardon Creigh Rahenkamp Ebony Washington Michael Yaffe Jennifer Feltis Louis Joyce Kwan Hui Tom Schulze David Kutner
  4. Trending Ideas • “I'd like to see State agencies pay share of taxes!” • “It is extremely hard to open and operate a small business in MRT due to extreme levels of regulation.” • “Having an attractive restaurant with decent food, especially if it had a waterfront view, would draw tourists and help to provide economic benefits to other businesses in the township.”
  5. Regional Issues That Affect Local Initiatives
  6. Issues - Ecotourism • Limited business to capture traffic/limited time commitment of tourists • Assets not promoted effectively to non-township residents • Lack of trails and pedestrian bike networks • Lack of way-finding
  7. Issues – Ecotourism (Cont.) • Villages lack identity • Lack of ecotourism amenities • No major services
  8. Issues – Local Economy/Quality of Life • Fiscal health of municipal government • Villages lack identity • Sign regulations • Seasonal traffic congestion • No major services • Taxes are too high • Motorized recreation opportunities needed.
  9. Issues – Local Economy/Quality of Life (Cont.) • Town discourages businesses • Locations where commercial activity can occur is often state-owned • Pinelands/CAFRA regulations are limiting • Access to infrastructure
  10. Township Assets • Safe community, don’t have to lock doors at night • Close enough to resort shore towns and far enough away from resort shore towns •Everyone knows everyone else •Rural character •Natural Amenities
  11. What We Missed/Input-Questions Your Turn ?
  12. What Comes Next • Team Work session • Presentation of strategies and recommendations
  13. Community Planning Assistance Program Maurice River Township June 26 & 27, 2012