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  1. A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Brand Owned Social Media on Social Media Engagement and Sales Do owned social media pay off? How can we maximize this impact?
  2. Brand Social Media Owned Social Media Social Media Engagement Sales • Firm-initiated content shared on social media • Consumer reactions to firm-initiated communication such as likes, comments, shares, retweets, and posts on brand-controlled channels • Sales, the number of categories sold, sales rank, etc.
  3. Are Owned Social Media Effective? 1. Yes, owned social media do create social media engagement 2. But the elasticity for sales is even larger (p < .001)! .137*** .353*** Social Media Engagement Owned Social Media Sales Social media generate engagement but do not necessarily lift sales Popular belief Key findings
  4. Which content to use… …to stimulate social media engagement? Emotional content is more effective than other types of content, most likely because it creates emotional arousal that fosters message liking and sharing …to affect sales? Informational content is more effective than emotional and deals content, as it aids consumers in their purchase decisions Key finding Key finding Popular belief Popular belief Communicating deals are one of the top three reasons for firms to use social media “End your posts with questions” and other social content advice can help secure social media engagement
  5. Does Context Matter? Brand Industry Platform Country The effect of owned social media on sales is stronger in smaller brand communities than in larger ones Implications Key findings It is more important to focus on the quality rather than quantity of followers. This helps managers to better address consumer needs and create more authentic interactions The effect of owned social media on sales is stronger for new products than mature products Managers can benefit from creating content about new products on social media Owned social media are weaker on microblogs for social media engagement than on social networks given closer ties Managers need to address the platforms that are most appropriate by, for example, relying on social networks (Facebook) to stimulate social media engagement Owned social media are more effective for sales in countries with higher mobile phone penetration and higher power distance Because many platforms are international, using one global social media strategy is tempting, but managers cannot count on the same type of response across countries