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Dr. Greenwell Matchaya_2023 AGRODEP Annual Conference

  1. ReSAKSS ESA Coordinator Recap From Day 2 Greenwell Matchaya
  2. • . Session/Presenter Discussion issues Dr Paul Guthiga- AKADEMIYA2063 Dr Paul Guthiga- Recap of Day 1- summarized day 1 proceedings Plenary Session IV: Climate Change and Resilience Dr. Marco d’Errico, Economist, RIMA Team Leader, FAO Chair and Moderator: Dr. Getaw Tadesse Director of Operational Support, AKADEMIYA2063 -The Chair: Dr Tadesse: introduced the session on Resilience In his framing remarks Dr Marco d’Errico, the following emerged: Crises countries increased to 36 in 21 A further 20 countries experienced other crises – with as much as 25 million people affected climate change is affecting food systems Recent example: Freddy hit Malawi , Mozambique and Madagascar killing 100s of people Climate change, Fragility, conflict and violence must be addressed to transform agriculture and achieve sustainable development Climate change fighting efforts are there …including $25 billion by AfDB and $31 billion by WB Organization and partnerships eg fao are working agrifood systems resilient to shock FAO proposes integrated approaches Resilience measurement Networking on resilience FAOs strategy on climate change Challenges still remain in building climate resilience Including policy, etc , coordination of efforts, poor data to guide interventions Concrete actions: Storing water- Water Storage Technologies Adopting CSA techniques (policy, markets, AI, IoT etc) Crop diversification- Restoration of forests as play a key role in building climate resilience
  3. • . Session/Presenter Discussion issues Parallel Session IVa: Presenters: Tewodros N. Kahsay Mekonnen B. Wakeyo Manzamasso Hodjo Moderator: Prof. Raphael Babatunde Presentations: Tewodros N. Kahsay – Economic impact of climate change in Ethiopia Mekonnen B. Wakeyo – Drought and climate change in pastoral areas of Ethiopia Manzamasso Hodjo: Identifying resilience thresholds and food security in Nigeria and Ethiopia Parallel Session IVb: Presenters: Carren Pindiriri Francis M. Mwaura Moderator: Prof. Ayalneh Bogale Carren Pindiriri: Financing green projects – is climate change budget tagging the panacea for enticing climate change Francis M. Mwaura: Informal sector growth nexus
  4. Session/Presenter Discussion issues Plenary Session V: Trade and Markets Session Framing Remarks 15 min Dr. Ismael Fofana Director, Capacity and Deployment, AKADEMIYA2063 | AGRODEP TEAM Chair and Moderator: Ms. Tsitsi Makombe Director of External Relations, AKADEMIYA2063 -AK2063- active on markets – Tsitsi Makombe e.g. impact of Covid-19, impacts of Ukraine crisis Dr Fofana: in his framing remarks: Increase in commodity prices in 2020 and increased more than in 2022 This is important because primary commodities weigh more in exports baskets of African countries Both in total imports and total exports Negative ToT in 2020…were oil producers etc. because export prices went down during pandemic Negative ToTs in 2022, changed in favour of oil producers because oil prices and energy benefited including Mozambique, Nigeria, Angola etc. These of course have wider ramifications in economy through current account balance Nigeria Ghana Mozambique, Benin, South Africa, improved export index Malawi, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, cote d, Kenya, Uganda, Tunisia , Tanzania …deteriorating ToT Compare no crisis scenario vs Ukraine crisis scenario The countries with better ToTs have very small impacts on GDP growth, in 2022; But countries with deteriorating ToTs, GDP decline is highest For mozambique, coal , petroleum , aluminium, gold are the ones that have dominated growth and are not as labour intensive Impacts are heterogeneous and depend on structure of the economy
  5. Session/Presenter Discussion issues Parallel Session Va: Presenters: Emmanuel Orkoh Saadatou A. Sangaré Moderator: Dr. Nicodeme Nimenya Presentations: Emmanuel Orkoh: Inclusive trade through online presence Saadatou A. Sangaré : Gender development and trade liberalization and agricultural development in Niger Parallel Session Vb: Presenters: Mbouandi N. Mouhamed Olayinka Idowu Kareem Moderator: Prof. Johannes Tabi Atemnkeng Mbouandi N. Mouhamed: Trans-atlantic food safety Olayinka Idowu Kareem: Smallholder self-sufficiency in Kenya
  6. Session/Presenter Discussion issues Plenary Session C: Introduction to the AGRODEP new website Dr. Babacar Ceesay Senior Manager, Information Systems, AKADEMIYA2063 Chair and Moderator: Dr. Layih Butake Director, Communications and Outreach, AKADEMIYA2063 Dr. Babacar Ceesay - New website for AGRODEP - Useful to - Important for information sharing - Opportunities - Trainings - Funding - Models , models selection tools Suggestions from AGRODEP members Members proposed that a chat section should be there online to help researchers exchange help and ideas Babacar says said it is possible and will work on it Adding a search button would be useful Have an e-Learning platform would also be useful Plenary Session D: Brief introduction to the Brown Bag Session This peer learning session will give AGRODEP members an opportunity to engage informally Dr. Paul Guthiga Senior Scientist, Department of Knowledge Systems AKADEMIYA2063 | AGRODEP TEAM Mbouandi , institutional quality and trade openness Teodoros: Grande Renaissance dam : The cost of delay for the Renaissance dam - Ethiopia Henry okudow: modelling climate change impact on Nigerian economy ….with Ismael Fofana Evance Osabuohien. talked about the two book projects - two books published one on Covid-19 impacts in Africa