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Mobile, Local and Real-Time Search - Greg Sterling

  1. Greg Sterling Sterling Market Intelligence/Opus Research April 29, 2010 ‘ Mobile, Local and Real-Time Search’ (mostly mobile)
  2. Faster . . . And Faster We know something's happening, and we're beginning to sense what it is. We're speeding up; our technology is speeding up; our arts and entertainment and the pace of invention and change -- it's all speeding up. James Gleick, Faster (1999)
  3. How Many Smartphones in This Room? Or should I ask . . . Who doesn’t have a smartphone?
  4. Local, Mobile, Social, Real-Time Converge
  5. Geotagged Tweets on Maps
  6. Foursquare ‘Tips’ on Bing Maps
  7. Quick B.G. on Local
  8. Your Customers Are Digital
  9. Millennials More Tied to Internet, Tech Source: Pew Internet & American Life (2/10) 93% of Millennials are online 63% of 12-17 yr olds online at least once a day 68% of adults 18 - 29
  10. Hitwise: Top 20 Real Estate Sites Source: Hitwise, April 17 2010
  11. Google ‘Verticalizes’ Local for Real Estate
  12. The Social Media ‘Firehose’ (where the RT data come from)
  13. Mobile (finally)
  14. Projection: Mobile Bigger than PC by 2014 Source: Morgan Stanley Internet Update 4/2010
  15. Comparing Populations: US, Online, Mobile Source: Opus Research, comScore, CTIA, Nielsen, US Census Bureau (2009) 4 Major US Carriers: 250M subs approx. Mobile Internet: 73M 4.1B texts DAILY Daily Internet access between 30% and 55%
  16. Segments: SMS, Mobile Web, Apps SMS: Least “sexy,” broadest reach, platform “agnostic” Apps: Richest experience, smaller audience Mobile Web: Tiny version of site; should be optimized Reach Engagement
  17. Source: Nielsen, Q1 2010 Projection: US Smartphone Growth
  18. US ‘Smartphone’ Share Source: comScore, 3/10
  19. SMS vs. Mobile Internet Source: comScore, Pew Internet & American Life Project (March, 2010) Among US smartphone owners frequency and penetration are greater. Total mobile Internet users in US approaching 75 million on way to 100 million this year
  20. Activities: Touchscreen Smartphone Users (iPhone/Droid/BlackBerry Storm) Source: Opus Research, 3/10 (n=105 touchscreen smartphone users, total sample 1,300)
  21. “ Over the last 12 months, how often have you engaged in the following activities?” Source: Opus Research, 3/10 (n=393 smartphone users, total sample 1,300) 38 44 62% at least weekly mobile Internet users 53% of smartphone owners report using mobile Internet “ at least once a day ” 90%+ of iPhone users access the mobile Internet Opus Research, 3/09; Nielsen (2009)
  22. Source: Nielsen, 12/09 Data from Jan – Sept, 2009 Nielsen: Top Mobile Sites 2009
  23. Source: Opera Software (3/10) March, 2010 Opera Mini Usage in US Opera: Top Sites
  24. Mobile + Real Estate
  25. Zillow’s Mobile Future Source: Zillow, August, 2009 “ There is a future where the majority of Zillow usage will come from a mobile device. Quite literally, launching this app has changed the way we are thinking about the future of our business and how people will get their real estate information.” --Amy Bohutinsky, VP Zillow
  26. Mobile Marketing & ROI
  27. The Paradox of Choice
  28. Sophisticated Targeting: Mobile ‘PRIZM’
  29. Consumer Attitudes & Response
  30. Source : eConsultancy 4/09 n=1,400 US adults “ I Hate Advertising on . . .” Numbers here are the lowest/most receptive I’ve seen based on survey data
  31. % AGREE Source: Opus Research/I2Go, 4/09, n=611 Mobile Internet Users More Receptive
  32. In research conducted through the holiday season with three brands 65% of consumers that opted-in to follow a brand made a purchase as a result of receiving messages based on place and time. -- 1020 Placecast re ShopAlerts (3/10) Conversion for Opt-in SMS Campaigns
  33. Respondents Mobile N = 47,658 Online N = 513,973 Source: InsightExpress, 2009 Mobile Display Outperforms Online InsightExpress campaign data
  34. Questions?