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EP integration

How to integrate your EP into your LC

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EP integration

  1. 1. EP Integration
  2. 2. Objectives • Introduce initiatives OGX and TM are collaborating on on a national level for integration • Explain timeline of support material launches • Gather input and feedback to enhance strategy
  3. 3. Why EP integration? • Push integrated experiences • Stronger membership base • EPs appreciate and understand AIESEC more • LC more invested in ensuring quality NPS
  4. 4. • Ambassador Program • TM involvement in OPS • EP LEAD • Newsletter • Reintegration • Miscellaneous Integration Strategies
  5. 5. Ambassador Program AIESEC Sydney Promotional Support AIESEC Melbourne  Showcase
  6. 6. Program value • To connect and engage better with AIESEC • To provide an opportunity to fully maximise the impact and value of their AIESEC exchange • To give EPs an opportunity to get involved with AIESEC LCs alongside the exchange program
  7. 7. During the Program - Working on their GCDP program - Working with the LC/MC on specific functional area - Document the experience (videos, photos, report) Possible Incentives: - Give ambassadors a discount on their exchange
  8. 8. TM and OPS – Delivery of Content • General Purpose • General AIESEC related session • Opportunities after exchange (focus on the value) – Membership – Ambassador
  9. 9. Timeline (Now – OPS) Septemb er October Novembe r Select TM responsible in each region Prepare OPS session with Shiang OPS
  10. 10. Objectives • Generate an EP engagement prior-during-after exchange experience • Co-delivery strategy to improve the quality of the experience • Provide short and intense TMP/TLP experiences to our Eps • An opportunity for the EPs to gain skills, apart from what they are going to develop during the exchange experience
  11. 11. Strategy Some topics Spaces • Members going on exchange to bring GCPs • EPs with high potential to become a members Target Audience • OPS • EP Newsletter
  12. 12. • EP LEAD from OGX side. Ensure to include: • Preparation before they leave. – Which kind of activities do you do before they leave? – Which kind of communication/agreement do you have with your hosting entities? (if you have one) • During the internship. – Which kind of support do you give them for their leadership development? – Do you suggest the “EP journal” as self development tool? • After the internship. – Which kind of check out do you do with your EPs? – How do you showcase their leadership experience?
  13. 13. EP Newsletter • An EP newsletter is for all the ‘raised’ EPs • Increase matching efficiency • Share and showcase experiences • Will be send out fortnightly • First newsletter will be out next Monday 12th August
  14. 14. • Main Content – Culture Shock • Country Partner TNs – China TNs, Poland TNs • Education – Matching Webinar, • Travel Tips and Interesting Facts – Preparation Kit • Showcase Story – Testimonials • Reminder – OPS, Matching Mania, Survey Tracking Contents
  15. 15. Building EP identity • Want EPs to have a stronger connection to the organisation – not just as the means for why they are abroad • Should be accomplished through previous initiatives • Other means – EP Swag – Preliminary interest August, LCPs would receive at SPM
  16. 16. Reintegration • Content on reintegration will be delivered to next VPs at WANCon • Dinners and BBQs  more formalised event to highlight stories • Looking at coordination of regional events
  17. 17. • Complete preliminary resources for Ambassador Program • Gather GCPs about EP LEAD • Create outlines for potential EP LEAD sessions • Gather interest for EP swag order • Release first EP newsletter
  18. 18. Questions, ideas, input?