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AVANI Brochure for CSR (corporate social responsibility)

The Challenge: Protecting India's At Risk children while developing responsible citizens of tomorrow. All children have a role in India's future. All children have a role in the world's future.

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AVANI Brochure for CSR (corporate social responsibility)

  1. 1. *7 . ’‘‘Q I 1.-. ‘- 1.-. -‘ — I 1 I») Protecting India's At Risk children while developing responsible citizens of tomorrow. ALL Children have a role in lndia’s future. And that’s what AVANI is all about. ’/ "j1 AVANI Children’s Home . ~7—. r7*: v-f "4"! "’¢, '.'l»’ E1’! -"A. .-4.. .,, - ’— , $~A§_
  2. 2. Treat a child as she is and she will remain as she is. Treat a child as she can and should be and she will become as she can and should be. GOETHE. WRITER 8: STATESMAN oP1>12EssIoN: > " E ‘z’rL1.r'r£12AcYz Hpovzrzrvg Qsuppnzssronfi l> U
  3. 3. It . I‘ . ' A . u.. . 0 AVAN I is committed to protectin 9’ child laborers in India today, over 40,000 of them work in the Kolhapur district of Maharashaa. Many of these children have been sold or forced into hazardous occupations and into commercial sex work. Girls suffer the most. It is our purpose to work alongside children from the homeless, migrant and nomadic communities. We do this by conducting surveys to identify children at risk, rescue those children in need, and provide them with food, clothes, shelter, healthcare, rehabilitation and an education up to standard 10 and beyond.
  4. 4. 1:’ I‘i': '=‘'‘'? f_I: ‘t~ ll. ‘II »"'~"~e t", ,I. ‘-. ".". .tI". _'I ; _.; IjHLi _: e.I_I. iI2:’. :u2', =I _1". I.I'~“‘f~‘- ‘-. "I. _lL. ‘l_I. _l" '-"~1f"fi . A Ilr‘ Iv“: ': '*. _II‘ I U‘ »': _; / HI‘. Il‘, A‘« II T I I . In‘ Iv‘I. ef*.1I" I mi‘: I‘ , :I, ¢-i, ‘(q-i, l1.L- v -’ ii 111-‘ H 4;. The AVAN I Organization works toward the prevention of child labor, child traf- ficking, and female infanticide by pro- viding exploited, abandoned, and the poorest children in the Kolhapur Dis- trict of India with proper nutrition, clothes, safe housing, and a quality edu— cation. — fliirlig‘ ‘ Child Labor Rescue Program AVANI coordinates the rescue efforts of chil- dren from such work locations as con- struction sites, domestic work, retail shops, hotels and lodges. Also, minor children have been rescued from street begging, the bondage of brothels, and from exploitation by their own families. Before the rescue operation takes place, we conduct our own surveys, paperwork must be filed, coordination of the involved government departments must be approved, and reports and court
  5. 5. protecting clliltlren PrO‘lLIll1g eclucation improving Ii‘es hearings must be conducted following a rescue operation. Once rescued, these children are sent to the District Child Welfare Services (CWC) where they are housed and decisions are made as to the rehabilitation process. Brickyard Schools Program Nomadic families migrate to the many Kolhapur brickyard worksites for a period from October—May each year. The families live in very small, unhealthy dwellings without proper nourishment and cloth- ing. All family members work for the brick kilns mainly paying the interest on loans owed to the brick owners. In recent times, the AVANI has rescued the exploited children of these families and provides teaching at or near the brickyard locations. Neither the govern- ment nor the brick owners provide fund- ing or shelter for teaching. Avani relies on makeshift tents or the shade of a tree Protecting Children 66 Our message will always be rooted in the belief that long-term change and growth can only be accom- plished by encour- aging people to educate and do for themselves. " if constructed sheltered cannot be bor- rowed from close-by facilities. However, at the end of the six months, all children receive a record of progress to carry to the school of attendance in the alternate six-month period. I
  6. 6. I - W-2’ I I -~-mu Imm . . “pm. i.. 01 K r. .. B. .. . ; aillliuiiiullitull. ill? '-aamiltir HOME FOR RESCUED CHILD LABORERS. In 2005, a group of migrant laborers requested that Anuradha Bhosale create a special children’s home just for migrant children who were at risk of child labor. She accepted and helped create the AVANI Children’s Home, initially run out of a hut made from mud and cow dung lacking electricity or running water. ~ I I _ -. .. . . :J'‘’‘‘‘_' I We use a value education based system of AVAN I is committed to providing [eachjng aimed at developing the complete human being who should be , _ _, psychologically, socially, and spiritually in . . » . 1’-’ .
  7. 7. 66 I threw my cup away when I saw a child drinking with his hands. " DIOGENES. GREEK PHILOSOPI-{ER harmony with the needs of a society and not simply a cog in the industrial wheel of the nation. In many cases, children who are victims of exploitation and child labor suffer from psychological, emotional, physi- ological, and social damage that must first be overcome before they are ready to learn. Bridge Program Following the admis- sion of a child, a major function of AVANI is the bridgework that is an ori- entation to a new future of growth and development. This involves an appraisal of the well being of a child emotionally, nutritionally, behaviorally, socially, and academically. Based upon the general assessment of the child’s needs, the bridge process may take up to six months. Providing Education Many of the children are first generation learners; many will be older than their age-appropriate standard peer group. Education can alienate poor children from their families. After they partici- pate in a residential program, they are ashamed to go back to their homes and live in poverty and squalor. The AVANI Children's Home focuses on repairing the psychological, emotional, and social damage afflicting the children with the assistance of professionals from the local community volunteering their expertise. Education starts at home. Our idea of basic education seeks to involve parents and other siblings in the process of voca- tional training for children. We not only prepare children for the next step in their education, but train them in a vocation that will keep them
  8. 8. You can easily judge the chraracter of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him. GOETI-IE , WRITER 8: STATESMAN II out of the brickyards, sweat shops and dangerous factories. A community of students, teachers, and families insure each child has access to daily support and encouragement. The AVANI Children’s Home allows stu- dents to develop interests and relation- ships. Over time, the children will develop a love of learning and a desire to become socially, emotionally, and intel- lectually prepared to succeed. Most importantly, they will finally have access to the childhood they deserve. The AVANI Children’s Home operates not out of pity but out of empowering compassion. We do not receive government funding and could not exist without local com- munity participation and much needed donations. I Providing Education Everyday, AVANI has serious issues to solve and we need serious people and serious organizations to help us in order to accom- plish our mission. A mission to: 0 protect children 0 provide education 0 improve lives

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  • ShelleyFritz

    Jul. 24, 2017

The Challenge: Protecting India's At Risk children while developing responsible citizens of tomorrow. All children have a role in India's future. All children have a role in the world's future.


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